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Reddit Presentation


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Reddit Presentation

  1. 1.  Quantcast USA Monthly Unique Visitors: Estimate, Dec 01, 2011 – Dec 30, 2011: 14,294,134. Alexa Traffic Ranking: #115 What is “Reddit”: Source for whats new and popular on the web.  Users provide all of the content and decide, through voting, whats good and whats junk .  Links that receive community approval bubble up towards #1, so the front page is constantly in motion and (hopefully) filled with fresh, interesting links. Registered users: (also referred to as redditors) may subscribe to individual reddits (called "subreddits”) — communities created around specific areas of interest, or subscribe to no individual reddits and have a general front page displayed.
  2. 2. Topic of Interest, Specific Posting, Voting,Comments.
  3. 3. Each category’s main page gives users an option toclick on subcategories. Some topics have more subcategories thanothers like Music. Music “Subreddit”
  4. 4. An informal expression of Reddits communityvalues as written by the community itself. eddiquette
  5. 5. Commonly used abbreviations specific to Reddit.
  6. 6. Not appointed by Reddit. Used to remove the off-topiclinks, and ideally to teach the submitters what is appropriate to post withintheir specific “subreddit.” If you create a reddit, you willautomatically become its moderator. If youd like to become a moderator of anexisting reddit, ask one of the communitys moderators.  They configure parameters for the community, like what its description should be or whether it should be considered "Over 18".  They set the custom logo and styling, if any.  They can mark their own links or comments as the community moderators submission, which just adds an "[M]" and turns their name green.  They can remove links and comments from their community if they find them objectionable or off topic.  They can ban a spammer or other abusive user from submitting to their community. (This has no effect elsewhere on the site).  They can add other users as moderators.
  7. 7. The number next to a username is called that users "karma." It reflectshow much good the user has done for the reddit community. The best way to gainkarma is to submit links that other people like and vote for, though you wont getkarma for self posts.