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  • Example – legal barriers but not examples:Linux driversIIS Specific Fixes to WordpressSQL Server Driver for PHP, PHP Azure, FastCGIWhy Open Source Foundation – similar to Apache
  • Microsoft WebsiteSpark & Windows Platform Installer

    1. 1. Microsoft WebsiteSparkProgram Overview<br />George Kanellopoulos<br />Architect Evangelist<br /> - <br />© 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.<br />
    2. 2. Who Am I?<br />A bad designer .<br />A software professional.<br />A Web specialist.<br />A user/consumer/customer.<br />
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Agenda<br />Background<br />Pigs Fly or is Hell Freezing Over? – Microsoft and the Open Source Community<br />What’s New Web Platform Installer <br />Tools to Get you Started<br />Programs to Support You<br />
    5. 5. Hell Freezing Over ? <br />Microsoft and Open Source Community<br />Legal barriers being removed<br />Working with the PHP Community<br />Windows Specific Testing and Bug Fixes<br />PHP Installer Fixes<br />Testing PHP Release Packages<br />Working with PHP App Communities<br />PHP Apps in the Microsoft Web App Gallery (Add Yours !) <br />IIS Specific Fixes Submitted to WordPress<br />IIS Specific fixes submitted to SilverStripe<br />New Open Source Foundation (<br />5<br />
    6. 6. PHP on Windows Progress<br />The Windows version of PHP now exposes a set of constants prefixed PHP_WINDOWS_*. A list of these constants and their usage can be found at<br />Warning Support for the ISAPI module has been dropped. Use the improved FastCGI SAPI module instead. <br />Note: A new dedicated site for PHP on Windows is now available, including downloads, release candidates, and snapshots in various flavors (thread-safe/not-thread-safe, VC6/VC9, x86/x64). <br />User Contributed Notes<br />“Well worth the effort to set up fast cgi on windows. No more lockups with php or 40 procs running...and 1 killing IIS. Some PHP INI vars can&apos;t be overriden in your php files, so read up (like timeout). 8 months and no more locked up iis.“<br />“Fast CGI is available for IIS6. Reading the IIS website (which is more appropriate since it is server specific) yields plenty of results regarding PHP setup under the fastCGI module. They even have an entire domain associated with PHP.”<br />6<br />
    7. 7. Web Platform Installer?<br />Make it Easy to Install and Configure<br />Make it Easy to Find the App You Need<br />Make it Easy to Get Your Open Source Application on the Web Platform Installer<br />
    8. 8. PHP Applications in the Web PI <br />8<br />
    9. 9. DEMO<br />Installing PHP with Microsoft Web PI<br />
    10. 10. Details <br />PHP in the Web Platform Installer<br />Drives the standard PHP Installer<br />Downloads the installer from<br />Always the latest 5.2.x release<br />PHP 5.3 will be offered soon<br />10<br />
    11. 11. DEMO<br />Installing Wordpress and other PHP Apps<br />11<br />
    12. 12. Details <br />PHP Apps in the Microsoft Web PI<br />Applications are hosted on their own web sites.<br />The package includes a manifest file that tells the Web PI what to do:<br />Copy Files<br />Set file access permissions<br />Create a database user<br />Create a database schema<br />Launch the application’s install page.<br />12<br />
    13. 13. Resources<br /><ul><li>How WinCache makes PHP run faster</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Using WinCache Extensions for PHP </li></ul><br /><ul><li>Changes Made to PHP 5.3 to Support Windows</li></ul><br /><ul><li>Migrating from PHP 5.2.x to PHP 5.3.x</li></ul><br />13<br />
    14. 14. Info at : and <br />Web PI Summary<br />Configuring PHP Applications on Windows is easy.<br />PHP Apps on Windows are fully functional<br />You Can Add Your App to the WPI<br />WinCache offers a significant performance gain<br />Customers report up to 3X throughput improvement<br />14<br />
    15. 15. Help Me Get Started!!!<br />
    16. 16. Web Pros are small professional Web development and design companies—developers, designers, and IT generalists who have Web competencies and use both Linux and Microsoft Windows® platforms.<br />Primary Audiences<br />Web Pros<br />Hosters are companies that provide infrastructure and network support for others.<br />Qualified Hosters that enroll WebsiteSpark are called Hosting Partners.<br />Hosting Partners<br />Network Partners<br />Network Partners are the ecosystem around Web Pros, including:<br /><ul><li>Education firms
    17. 17. Hosting Partners
    18. 18. Government agencies
    19. 19. Incubation companies</li></li></ul><li>You!<br />Primary Audiences<br />Web Pros<br />Hosting Partners<br />Network Partners<br />More… to come<br />
    20. 20. WebsiteSpark Offer Details<br />For Web Pros<br />1<br />Drive new businessopportunities<br /><ul><li>WebsiteSpark Marketplace, a site coming later this fall where Web Pros can showcase their capabilities and be found by customers
    21. 21. Partner Recruiting Portal, a resource on the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) for finding partners with complementary skills
    22. 22. Web App Gallery, a resource to find and publish Web applications</li></ul>Benefit from professional support and training<br /><ul><li>Two professional support incidentsper program membership for break-fix issues
    23. 23. Unlimited access to technical managed newsgroups on MSDN
    24. 24. Unlimited program support for non-technical issues
    25. 25. Broad communitysupport through partners and peers</li></ul>Receive software and solutions for development and hosting<br /><ul><li>Design Tools/Development Tools/Testing Tools:
    26. 26. Visual Studio® 2008 Professional Edition – 3 user licenses
    27. 27. Expression® Studio 2 (or 3) – 1 user license
    28. 28. Expression® Web 2 (or 3) – 2 user licenses
    29. 29. Windows Web Server® 2008 (or R2 when available) – 3 user licenses
    30. 30. SQL Server® 2008 Web – 3 user licenses
    31. 31. Production Hosting Licenses (if self-hosting)
    32. 32. Windows Web Server 2008 R2 (when available) – 4 processor licenses
    33. 33. SQL Server 2008 Web Edition – 4 processor licenses
    34. 34. Premium Web site control panel (DotNetPanel)</li></ul>2<br />3<br />
    35. 35. Qualifications<br />Web Pros<br />Web Pros who meet the following qualifications can participate in WebsiteSpark.<br /><ul><li>Professional firms whose primary business is providing Web development and design services for their customers, regardless of existing membership in the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).
    36. 36. Web Pro firms must have ten or less employees (including owners, employees, and contractors).</li></ul>In addition, Web Pros must be willing to:<br /><ul><li>Develop and deploy at least one new Web site using Microsoft tools and servers every six months after enrollment, and report it and other new sites to Microsoft.
    37. 37. If not already a member, enroll in the MPN as part of program participation. </li></li></ul><li>Want to Join? <br /><br />Obtain a nomination from a Hosting Partner or a Network Partner.<br /><ul><li>Don’t have a partner? Visit the program Web site to find a Hosting Partner.</li></ul>Enroll via the e-mail that contains your nomination.<br />Electronically sign the WebsiteSpark agreements.<br />Enjoy the benefits of WebsiteSpark!<br />
    38. 38. Product/Info Resources<br /><ul><li>
    39. 39. Web Platform Installer
    40. 40. Free downloads of Visual Studio Express Editions
    41. 41. Online
    42. 42.
    43. 43.
    44. 44. MSDN</li></li></ul><li>Q & A<br />
    45. 45.<br />Thank you<br />
    46. 46. Microsoft<br />George Kanellopoulos<br />Architect Evangelist<br /> - <br />