MozCamp wrapup 2011


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Presentation covering Mozilla's MozCamp events in November 2011 in Berlin and Kuala Lumpur.

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MozCamp wrapup 2011

  1. 1. MozCamp 2011 review
  2. 2. What are MozCamps ? MozCamps aim to energize, inform, andengage core contributors with an intensive multiple-day summit featuring keynote speakers, workshop trainings, breakout/brainstorming sessions, and social activities.
  3. 3. Goal for 2011Organize MozCamps in Europe and Asiawith 400 volunteers and staff trained and synched on vision, strategy and go-to- market tactics.
  4. 4. Theme for 2011 The overall theme for both camps was"Many Voices, One Mozilla" to celebrate the diversity of our regional communities and reinforce that were united as Mozillians. 
  5. 5. MozCamp participants Core Contributors
  6. 6. Regional Interpretations•Europe:  The aim was to provide a nod to the legacy of Mozilla Europe and underscore its critical role in a global, One Mozilla.  •Asia: The aim was to forge deeper ties between the young and old Mozilla communities in Asia in order to share best practices and foster collaboration.
  7. 7. TRACKS Product & TechnologySessions focus on the product vision and roadmap for desktop and mobile, services Engagement & RegionalizationSessions in this track focus on our engagement efforts and how to best bring Mozilla to the world.Skills Development & Community GrowthSessions for this track focus on professional skills, best practices in terms of building and growing communities and more.
  8. 8. Kuala Barcelona Prague Berlin Lumpur 25-26 Oct 3-4 Oct 12-13 Nov 19-20 Nov Date 2008 2009 2011 2011 Total 120 180 270 150attendees # of 38 36 81 38 sessions# countries 29 39 36 17
  9. 9. EU attendees from 36 countries/regions
  10. 10. Asia attendees from 17 countries/regions
  11. 11. Europe Country breakdown
  12. 12. Asia Country breakdown
  13. 13. Overall participant satisfaction EU 99% Very satisfied/satisfied (99 res.)Asia 95.6% Very satisfied/satisfied (67 res.)
  14. 14. Overall understanding of Mozillas technology and product initiatives EU 94% Strongly agree/agree (99 res.) Asia 97% Strongly agree/agree (67 res.) EU ASIA
  15. 15. Overall understanding of engagement efforts EU 99% Strongly agree/agree (99 res.)Asia 91.1% Strongly agree/agree (67 res.) EU ASIA
  16. 16. What worked well for 2011 design & theme were perfect nomination process broad representation of staff great keynote presentations hybrid Q&A (gathering questions over weekend + answering live) community introductions & community quilts AirMozilla & heroic work by IT (Zandr & Shyam)volunteer support (KL) and local community kick-off event being able to re-use key set pieces at both events
  17. 17. What we learned for 2012 and beyond need more time to plan/execute follow up emails because of spam folder problems more preparation time with staff participants dedicated WiFi vendor for MozCamps more collaborative approach for the schedulesmoother communication with participants upon arrival X% of nominations for next MozCamp need to be new MozCamp was not as template-able as we had hoped
  18. 18. Interesting themes + learnings:Lack of insight on how decisions made
  19. 19. Communications: Need for greater and frequent communicationsNot wanting to hear info second hand (frequent problem)
  20. 20. Getting involved:We make it hard on contributors to get involved High zest/eagerness to learn more
  21. 21. Heros of MozCamp 2011 Havi Hoffman Laura Forrest Dave Berz Zandr Milewski & Shyam Mani Paul Rouget Greg Jost Lee Tom & Sean Martell Atul Varma & all participants & speakers
  22. 22. MozCamp 2012Latin America is planned for 2012 Q1 or Q2 location TBD
  23. 23. MozCamps are brought to you by the Contributor Engagement Team