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2011 07 Malaysia Open Source Conference


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Gen Kanai of Mozilla presents to the 2011 Malaysia Open Source Conference.

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2011 07 Malaysia Open Source Conference

  1. 1. The power of the OpenWeb in MalaysiaMalaysia Open SourceConference 2011Penang
  2. 2. Gen Kanai Community Engagement Team Hello.I work on Mozilla’s community engagement team focused on the Asia region.
  3. 3. I was last at this conference in 2009.
  4. 4. SomeContext
  5. 5. Mozilla is…This is a wordle image of Mozilla’s mission statement.
  6. 6. FOX Business (2009)Firefox: MOST POPULAR SEARCH ENGINE AFTER MICROSOFT & APPLE (wait, what?!?!)
  7. 7. FOX Business (2011)GODZILLA OF SEARCH ENGINES (what, what?! Not again!?!?)
  8. 8. PromoteChoice and Innovation on the InternetMission
  9. 9. Seriously.
  10. 10. That’s it.
  11. 11. • Mozilla project started in 1998 within Netscape• Mozilla Foundation started in 2003• approximately 350 paid staff in 20 countries• ~40% of code contributed by volunteers• Testing community of 60,000+• More than 400 million users• Global browser market share 25~30%Facts
  12. 12. the Mozilla world
  13. 13. a photo of some of Mozilla’s core contributors in 2010
  14. 14. from desktop to web
  15. 15. the web platform is maturing;more desktop applications are available via the web
  16. 16. online HTML5 image editor
  17. 17. scribd.comconverts PDF and Flash documents to HTML
  18. 18. slideshare.netuses WebSockets for chats and webcasting
  19. 19. | popcorn.jsOne cool example of that is Butter which is a visual interface on top of the PopcornJavaScript framework that allows you to build interactive presentations with HTML5video.
  20. 20. Canvas and SVG JS library for charting
  21. 21. diagramo.coman HTML5 editor for flowcharts and diagrams
  22. 22. aloha-editor.orgAloha Editor is a browser-based what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor which can beembedded into your own website and can allow a developer to edit a website instantaneouslyin the browser.
  23. 23. - OpenGL for the web. 3D for the web.
  24. 24. a beautiful web
  25. 25. the web platform is innovative
  26. 26. nikebetterworld.comunique interface
  27. 27. beautyoftheweb.comMicrosoft’s showcase of cool new sites
  28. 28. 20thingsilearned.comGoogle’s great example of showcasing a book on the web
  29. 29. car showcase: only HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  30. 30. webowonder.orgMozilla’s own showcase of HTML5 and related technologies
  31. 31. pluginscome and go
  32. 32. • Java applets• VRML• Real Player• Quicktime• iPix• Shockwave• Adobe Air (now unavailable on Linux)do you remember these?
  33. 33. but web standards remain
  34. 34. popular websites from 1998
  35. 35. tools forweb dev.
  36. 36. appmator.appspot.comAppmator is a service that takes a web service and packages it up for Google’s web
  37. 37. build.phonegap.comPhonegap is a new service that compiles mobile apps for various platforms in the cloud
  38. 38. mediaqueri.esMedia Queries showcases websites that use media queries to provide users variable-sizedwebsites based on whether they are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  39. 39. is a very helpful tool for web developers who need to check browser support forany given html, css, or svg, including both popular desktop browsers as well as leadingsmartphone browsers.
  40. 40. modernizr.comModernizr is a powerful JavaScript library that allows web developers to check which browserssupport which features and provide advanced features to some users and falls back tosimpler features for those users who have older browsers.
  41. 41. is a powerful web service which converts videos from various formats to all of theformats that are used in the major browsers. This means will serve the right videoformat to the right user, be they on different desktop browsers, or tablets or smart phones.
  42. 42. information is free
  43. 43. documentation on web standards is plentiful
  44. 44. html5doctor.comhtml5doctor is a great site covering HTML5
  45. 45. diveintohtml5.orgDive Into HTML5 is Mark Pilgrim’s free book on HTML5, available on web. Pilgrim works forGoogle and is a long-time web standards advocate.
  46. 46. html5boilerplate.comhtml5boilerplate gives a web developer a quick way to get started with HTML5
  47. 47. developer.mozilla.orgI should not forget to promote our own Mozilla Developer Network, which is one of theleading sites for information about current web standards. MDN’s JavaScript documentationis considered some of the best on the web today.
  48. 48. still, we must persevere...
  49. 49.
  50. 50. Mozilla inMalaysia
  51. 51. 2010 2011 Internet Explorer 43% 32% Firefox 37.4% 32% Chrome 14% 27% Safari 3.6% 6.6%• NetApplications, June 2011browser share in Malaysia
  52. 52. does Malaysia need a BM Firefox?
  53. 53. community-malaysia list
  54. 54. more from Mozilla
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Firefox Rapid Release (6 week cycles)
  57. 57. pdf.js(experimental)
  58. 58.
  59. 59.
  60. 60. DNT
  61. 61. Instruct your device or application toaccompany all network requests with anindication that you do not want to be tracked.Service providers need to react to suchexplicit requests.•First, to all networked devices andapplications•Second, to all types of tracking and•Third, to all purposes of tracking.Do Not Track
  62. 62. Neelie Kroes, the Vice President of the European Commission responsible for the DigitalAgenda for Europe. She told the Online Tracking Protection and Browsers Workshop inBrussels that “we should collectively pay more attention to the emerging ‘do-not-track’technologies,”
  63. 63. Thunderbird 5 with Conversations 2.0
  64. 64. Thunderbird Conversations
  65. 65. …someThoughts
  66. 66. Whynon-profit?
  67. 67. gen@mozilla | @gen
  68. 68. Thanks! Pascal Finette, Chris Heilmann Rob Nyman, Thomas Setiawan Alex FowlerMozilla communities worldwide all content CC-Attribution