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Race Day Rituals


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Published in: Sports
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Race Day Rituals

  1. 1. Race Day Rituals<br />
  2. 2. Thinking efficiently<br /><ul><li>Prep your release form in advance. Print/copy 20 or 30
  3. 3. Park as CLOSE to pits as possible
  4. 4. Register FIRST THING upon getting to race site
  5. 5. Pin your skin suit FIRST, prep your race kit
  6. 6. Think who can help you on race day (Pits, start line, etc). Beer works well to bribe. So do your kids.
  7. 7. WATCH THE WEATHER! Think ahead. </li></li></ul><li>Packing and prep<br /><ul><li>Pack the night before. Save stress day of your race.
  8. 8. Warm up stuff = closest reach in car.
  9. 9. Two of EVERYTHING (shoes, kits, helmets)
  10. 10. Essentials:</li></ul>-Trainer/road wheel<br />-Cheap fold-able chair (embro-ing, pinning, sitting)<br />-Apres race clothing (warmth!!!)<br />-Towels for you/rags for bike<br />-Your own water supply (know the venue’s limitations!) <br /><ul><li>DEPEND UPON NO ONE! (This includes driving to races)</li></li></ul><li>Eating & Drinking<br /><ul><li>Think lean and skinny. Don’t get the bloat.
  11. 11. Eat 2-3 hours before race time. Be slightly ‘hungry’ at the line. You will not bonk.
  12. 12. Drink but don’t over drink. Aim for one clear pee & you’re feeling empty and lean.
  13. 13. Bump up with Gu at the line.
  14. 14. Think fast.
  15. 15. Think fast.
  16. 16. Think fast. </li></li></ul><li>Warm up<br /><ul><li>Get YOUR place in the pits (Fast in/Fast out)
  17. 17. Determine early if ANYONE can help you (preferably PM before)
  18. 18. Think about course recon *and* time on trainer (3 laps/20 min) before call ups.
  19. 19. If crappy: Wear your EXTRA kit/shoes (give yourself extra time to change)
  20. 20. If cold: Stay WARM. Tear off pants (e.g. Vermarc’s) are invaluable.
  21. 21. HYDRATE! Pee before call ups</li></li></ul><li>Start line – Time to race!<br /><ul><li>No call up? BE SMART! Position smartly amongst the massed waiting to get in YOUR spot
  22. 22. Helper or Bag: Have someone collect your stuff OR carry a small bag in your pocket pack your coat/tear off pants and toss to course edge
  23. 23. Gu-up/top off liquids
  24. 24. TIME TO HUP, BUTTERCUP!</li>