Art Of Networking


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It is about who you know! Learn the steps to building successful relationships no matter what your personality style. Being connected is 80% of the battle.

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Art Of Networking

  1. 1. THE ART OF NETWORKING Gregory J. Victory Founder and Principal Consultant Leading2Victory [email_address]
  2. 2. WHAT IS NETWORKING? <ul><li>The ability to connect with others in relation to care development </li></ul><ul><li>The most effective way to meet potential employers and uncover unadvertised job opportunities </li></ul>
  3. 3. PURPOSE <ul><li>To meet and talk with people with similar career interests </li></ul><ul><li>To obtain information about various careers and job settings </li></ul><ul><li>To get an insider’s scoop which may offer a more realistic portrayal </li></ul><ul><li>To expand the number of contacts within your field </li></ul>
  4. 4. WHY IS IT EFFECTIVE? <ul><ul><li>Most employers want to hire people who have been recommended </li></ul></ul>
  5. 5. WHO ARE NETWORKING CONTACTS AND HOW TO DEVELOP <ul><li>Compile a list of friends, family, neighbors, alumni, faculty, former employers, clergy person, doctors, supervisors, administrators, roommates, etc </li></ul><ul><li>Ask to use name upon referral </li></ul><ul><li>Conduct Informational Interviews </li></ul>
  6. 6. HOW TO PREPARE <ul><li>Set goals </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Information to prepare for a career field </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Expand your networking contacts </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Attempting to uncover job opportunities </li></ul></ul>
  7. 7. HOW TO PREPARE <ul><li>Research Employers </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Find out what employers hire people with your major, skills, qualifications or interests </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Web pages (Vault and other sources) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Information available at the career center </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Articles, trade magazines, newspapers etc. </li></ul></ul>
  8. 8. HOW TO PREPARE <ul><li>Resume </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Always have an updated version of you resume available and ready to go </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Develop a brief introduction </li></ul><ul><ul><li>A quick introduction that highlights your background </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Clearly define your career objectives </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Cite specific accomplishments, be positive </li></ul></ul>
  9. 9. QUESTIONS TO ASK <ul><li>Occupational environment </li></ul><ul><li>Occupational requirements and experience </li></ul><ul><li>Benefits and frustrations </li></ul><ul><li>Personal views </li></ul><ul><li>Outlook </li></ul><ul><li>Advice </li></ul>
  10. 10. WHERE TO NETWORK <ul><li>Informal Interviews </li></ul><ul><li>Career Fairs </li></ul><ul><li>Employer presentations and information sessions </li></ul><ul><li>Conference, workshops, seminars (Present information;poster sessions) </li></ul><ul><li>Parties, family gatherings, churches, organizations, gatherings </li></ul>
  11. 11. FOLLOW-UP (Even after you obtain a job) <ul><li>Send a thank you note </li></ul><ul><li>Call </li></ul><ul><li>Update on your career status </li></ul><ul><li>FIND A WAY TO STAY CONNECTED! </li></ul>
  12. 12. TRACK CONTACTS <ul><li>Dates contacted </li></ul><ul><li>Important details </li></ul><ul><li>Referral names </li></ul><ul><li>Dates to check in with </li></ul><ul><li>Use an excel database to keep you on target </li></ul>
  13. 13. POINTS TO REMEMBER <ul><li>Be prepared </li></ul><ul><li>Confidence </li></ul><ul><li>Communication skills </li></ul><ul><li>Give them a reason to want to help you </li></ul><ul><li>Give them the kind of information to feel good about recommending you </li></ul><ul><li>Cultivate your contacts </li></ul>
  14. 14. ADDITIONAL POINTS TO REMEMBER <ul><li>Learn some personal things about the other person </li></ul><ul><ul><li>helps to find some common ground </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>can help you to write a thank you note that will differentiate you from others </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Make sure that you are honest about your intentions </li></ul>
  15. 15. ADDITIONAL POINTS TO REMEMBER <ul><ul><li>Take time to cultivate the relationship </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Think globally not just about a job or yourself </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Person may still be interesting and you could help someone else </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>These people, by nature of the conversation may become your advisors/mentors </li></ul><ul><ul><li>You may want to become more than just a person because they have experienced the same </li></ul></ul>
  16. 16. ADDITIONAL POINTS TO REMEMBER <ul><li>Follow up: Keep in touch </li></ul><ul><ul><li>First once, then one month, and finally once a year </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Send a Christmas card to remind people of your success and their importance or impact on your life </li></ul></ul>
  17. 17. Questions?? <ul><li>Gregory J. Victory </li></ul><ul><li>Founder and Principal Consultant </li></ul><ul><li>Leading2Victory </li></ul><ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul>