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HP CMS Solutions Guide

  1. 1. HP Communications & Media Solutions Products and solutions guide December 2009 Technology for better business outcomes
  2. 2. Table of contents The experience makes the difference 4 RealTime Business Support Digital Media 56 System Solutions 35 Media Control Service Delivery Infrastructure & Revenue Intelligence HP Control Room 57 Applications 6 HP CentralView 36 HP Traffic Control 58 Subscriber Data Management 7 Investigations Media Workflow HP Home Location Register Consolidation 8 HP Media Workflow Master 59 Data Retention & Interception HP Backup HLR 9 HP DRAGON 38 HP Media Storage 60 HP Unified User Profile 10 Policy and Charging Services and Products 62 Service Delivery Framework 12 HP SNAP 40 Services HP SDP - Service Governance Framework 13 HP RealTime Charging 42 Solution Consulting Services 63 HP SDP - Storefront Portal 15 HP Internet Usage Manager 44 Solution Delivery Services 64 HP SDP - Service Orchestration Manager 16 Solution Management Services 65 HP SDP - Service Enablement 17 Next Generation Operations Partner Program 66 Support Systems 46 HP Mobile Device Management 19 Products 66 NGOSS Assurance 47 HP Testing and Certification 22 HP OpenCall Home Location Register 67 HP Service Quality Management Solution 49 Value-Added Services 24 HP OpenCall Home Subscriber Server 68 HP Performance Reporting Solution 50 HP Network IVR 24 HP OpenCall Profile Manager 69 HP TeMIP 51 HP Next Generation Intelligent HP Virtual Identity and Profile Broker 70 Network Solutions 26 NGOSS Fulfillment 52 HP Equipment Identity Register 71 HP Next Generation Messaging 28 HP Service Activator 54 HP Intelligent Network Server 72 Business Services 30 HP Order Management 55 HP OpenCall Media Platform 73 HP Video Surveillance Solution 31 HP OpenCall Service Controller 75 HP Aggregation Platform for HP OpenCall Service Access Controller 76 SaaS solutions 33 HP OpenCall Universal Signaling Platform (HP OC-USP) and HP OpenCall Internet Protocol Signaling Transfer Gateway (HP OCIP-STG) 77 HP XML Document Management Server 79
  3. 3. HP Communications & Media Solutions Blueprint Connecting strategic agenda and portfolio Create a Manage and Transform operations Enable new smarter network monetize content and management business models TRANSFORM THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Solution Consulting Services Solution Delivery Services Solution Management Services Service Delivery Infrastructure & RealTime BSS Next Generation OSS Digital Media Applications Value-Added Services Policy and Charging Assurance Media Control Service Delivery Framework Revenue Intelligence Fulfillment Media Workflow Subscriber Data Management Investigations Business Services Industry-specific products 3
  4. 4. The experience makes the difference Give the people what they want Only HP addresses the complete communications and media services lifecycle— Design, Build, and Run. From acting as a trusted advisor to designing and Simple, transparent, engaging, and always available—that’s what consumers implementing solutions and critical capabilities, to operating and managing expect their communications services to be. In homes and businesses around the completely outsourced solutions, HP CMS can engage with you at exactly the level world, consumers are carefully watching their spending, while putting a premium of interaction you need. on the ability to enjoy a consistently outstanding and intuitive user experience. Build success on four pillars HP Communications & Media Solutions (CMS) is uniquely positioned to help you To help our customers compete in the evolving marketplace, HP CMS addresses deliver that consistently rewarding service experience to your customers—quickly, four imperatives: cost-effectively, and with demonstrable return on investment. Drawing upon HP’s global leadership in communications and media, HP CMS is an integrated ● Infrastructure transformation—standards-based computing offers enhanced business unit that delivers industry focused solutions based on unique software and flexibility and lower costs; service-oriented architectures (SOA) enable you consulting assets and capabilities, combined with leading partnerships and go to to rapidly develop, deploy, and manage converged digital services. HP market agreements. These offerings mitigate risks and enable you to compete and CMS leverages a unique blend of information technology architectures and thrive, even in highly-competitive markets. We bring a depth of industry knowledge communications networks experience to make this transition seamless and non- and best practices that control costs and cut the time-to-market for new and disruptive to existing operations. enhanced services. ● Operational excellence—detect and resolve issues faster, and eliminate performance bottlenecks that hinder your agility and damage customer satisfaction. HP Get exactly what you need CMS delivers integrated, automated end-to-end capabilities for service fulfillment and assurance, as well as comprehensive data and content management and distribution In today’s dynamic marketplace, it’s not enough to compete solely through price enterprise-wide. You’ll save money while improving security and compliance, and you’ll or service quality. You need both. The entire customer experience—every touch make it easier for your customers to access the rich services they demand. point—offers opportunities to stand out from the crowded field. ● Real-time customer insight—know your customer and profit as never before. HP CMS has the right tools and technologies needed to improve user satisfaction HP CMS gives you the means to quickly recognize and react to shifts in services and drive new revenue. We’ll enable you to offer a broad portfolio of rich services, consumption, using a comprehensive, real-time view of your customers’ activities. improve infrastructure performance across the enterprise, and help you to quickly You’ll make better, faster decisions with HP business intelligence solutions, resolve problems before they reach the end user. Additionally, HP CMS can empower improve the accuracy of marketing campaigns, and be able to deliver the kinds of you to adopt new business models to quicklycapitalize on emerging opportunities. personalized experiences that reduce churn and drive additional revenue. 4
  5. 5. ● Service innovation—be ready for innovation, no matter where it comes from. HP ● HP RealTime BSS solutions—offer real time customer insights that lead to CMS solutions and services support the “open garden” services model with SOA- better customer experience, greater loyalty and higher revenues. HP RealTime based service delivery platforms and infrastructure. Third-party independent software BSS is composed of industry-leading solutions encompassing policy and charging, vendors (ISVs) and service developers can securely access and use network elements revenue intelligence and investigation, addressing both traditional and next and service enablers, so you can bring exciting new services to market faster and at generation services with a common approach. HP RealTime BSS products and lower cost. There’s less risk, because HP safeguards network integrity and consistently services help in the areas of service enablement, monetization, analysis, and enforces policy management. Rich capabilities from an industry leader. compliance across traditional and next generation IP-based services. ● HP Next Generation Operations Support System (NGOSS) solutions— Rich capabilities from an industry leader cutting the time-to-market for new services and control the costs of OSS ownership and operations. HP CMS offers comprehensive consulting services The pages that follow highlight the broad and deep portfolio of capabilities for any size OSS project, along with a rich portfolio of solutions and delivered by HP Communications & Media Solutions. These capabilities are built capabilities for fulfillment and assurance. These draw upon commercial-off-the- upon the experience and innovation of HP and our solutions partners, customized shelf (COTS) applications, and a standards-based, integrated application suite for the precise business model and marketplace, and implemented quickly and that enables you to reap the benefits from your service-oriented architecture. efficiently with unmatched global scale.. HP CMS provides comprehensive ● HP Digital Media Solutions—meeting the evolving needs of today’s media capabilities—design, test, install and support—for engagements of all sizes. companies, these capabilities combine field-proven hardware, software, and services to enable you to automate and accelerate the complete digital workflow This brochure features offerings from HP’s solution and service domains, from content creation through distribution. They capitalize on HP’s record of encompassing: success in the digital media marketplace, and offer a low-risk, cost-effective path ● HP Service Delivery Infrastructure & Applications (SDI&A) for continued network evolution. solutions—featuring modular, standards-based capabilities designed to deliver ● HP CMS products and services—delivering effective answers for today’s rich converged services with fast return on your investment. HP Service Delivery challenges, while providing investment protection and solid return. HP industry- Infrastructure & Application solutions bridge communications and media services specific products and consulting, delivery, and management services, bring with IT domains, enabling you to address new business models and services together people, processes, and technology to implement the capabilities you ecosystems. They enable you to better serve critical market segments such as need quickly. With a proven legacy of successful customer engagements, HP business and enterprise, while providing a flexible foundation for future network CMS products and services lower the risks and timeframes for engagement at evolution. an affordable price. 5
  6. 6. Service Delivery Infrastructure and Applications Consumers and professional users are embracing rich, personalized services, drawn location and device information, preferences, online behaviors, and other in large part by the ease of use and transparency with which these services are profiles to improve the customer experience and enforce policies. They enable delivered. Your ability to consistently provide these engaging services—whenever you to simplify management of third-party relationships and improve your and wherever your subscribers want them, and on their devices of choice—is a subscriber knowledge, so you can deliver better service, increase service uptake, major differentiator in a tightly contested marketplace. control churn, and drive revenue. HP Service Delivery Infrastructure & Applications (SDI&A) solutions give you the ability ● Service Delivery Framework—fully leverage your SOA technologies by to compete and thrive, with a comprehensive portfolio of capabilities designed to drawing upon third-party content and services. The HP Service Delivery cost-effectively deliver rich converged services and with a predictable return on your Framework allows simple, secure, and manageable third-party innovation, so investment. HP takes a modular, standards-based approach to infrastructure and you can launch engaging services faster and at lower cost, supported by device application modernization, which saves money and protects your investments. management and testing capabilities. The need to adapt to the dynamic marketplace has driven the transition to service- ● Value-Added Services—reduce the costs of core voice services, while oriented architectures (SOAs) and Long Term Evolution(LTE)/IP Multimedia Subsystem capturing new business potential in new multimedia features and services. The (IMS) technologies. As these enabling technologies themselves continue to evolve, HP Value-Added Services portfolio features solutions for Next Generation HP solutions and services address the emerging challenges, from services testing Intelligent Network (NGIN) and call management, Network IVR and call to governance to management and quality across the network, IT and Web-based completion and messaging Next Generation Messaging. These solutions are services. Privacy, identity management, and integration of the service delivery designed to consolidate your infrastructure, generate revenue, and improve platform (SDP) into the enterprise-wide SOA are all enabled and supported by HP service acceptance while helping you evolve to future network technologies. capabilities and those of our partners. ● Business Services—consistently capture more revenue from enterprise and HP Service Delivery Infrastructure & Applications solutions encompass Subscriber small-to-mid-sized business (SMB) customers for years to come with proven Data Management, Service Delivery Framework, Value-Added Services, and services that address your specific strategy and marketplace realities. In Business Services. this space, HP IP Contact Center, HP Self-Service IVR, and HP Video Surveillance are examples of standalone services that offer cost-effective revenue potential. ● Subscriber Data Management—deliver a single customer view to improve They can also be provided by as part of an aggregation platform for Software operational efficiencies, enrich the subscriber experience, and open new as a Service (SaaS) offerings that allow you to aggregate services, including revenue opportunities. HP offers market-leading tools for leveraging identity, those from other SaaS providers, for genuine marketplace differentiation. 6
  7. 7. Subscriber Data Management Overview The mobile experience is evolving in response to subscribers’ expectations for anytime, anywhere access to the content, communities, and personal connections they demand—regardless of the network or device they’re using at the time. The core network environment too, is shifting as the integration of new and faster technologies introduces additional levels of complexity into an already intricate network ecosystem. The HP Subscriber Data Management solutions helps to answer these challenges by correlating and managing subscriber data, including identity, status, preferences, behavior, and social profiles through the use of sophisticated, network-ready enablers, products, and complete solutions. These help simplify network management and improve the customer experience by building a single view of the subscriber across domains. This single view enables mobile network operators to better know their subscribers, apply policy decisions that lead to a higher levels of service that help to reduce churn, and generate new revenue opportunities. 7
  8. 8. Subscriber Data Management - Mobility Management: HP Home Location Register Consolidation Solution description HLR Consolidation HP Home Location Register (HLR) Consolidation incorporates HP OpenCall HLR, HP OpenCall Protocol stack layer Intelligent Network Server (INS), and the HP NonStop platform. Delivered along with services and installation, this efficient, highly-scalable HLR solution is less expensive to operate and manage, and MAP (C, D, Gr) IMS (Cx, Sh) RADIUS Web 2.0 SOAP / XML offers extensive configuration options that enable seamless integration into any network. In addition to the traditional scope of an HLR (managing subscriber transient and static data) for ANSI, GSM, GPRS, and UMTS networks, HP HLR Consolidation supports the next-generation subscriber profile and identity Application layer front ends with an integrated Home Subscriber Server (HSS). HP Virtual Identity HLR HSS AAA Profile Broker Solution value ● Reduces time-to-market for new services through network-wide deployment of new software versions ● Cuts maintenance costs by reducing the number of HLRs to maintain Native API Native API GMI JDBC ● Enables a “greener” HLR with reduced environmental costs for floor-space, electricity, and cooling Application layer front ends ● Provides high availability, scalability, and reliability ● Decouples the data layer to facilitate the move towards a unified user profile strategy Why HP? HLR View HSS View AAA View Database Layer ● #1 HLR provider in North America ● Offers a clear mobility management evolutionary path to 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE), wireless broadband (WiMax), and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) with a unified profile strategy ● Proven, quantifiable experience in deploying and supporting massive Tier 1 subscriber networks (up to 100 million+ subscribers) ● Globally-available services personnel with direct experience in HLR migration and consolidation Solution components Application Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services HP OpenCall HLR HP OpenCall INS HP NSK HP NonStop servers Installation, migration, maintenance 8
  9. 9. Subscriber Data Management - Mobility Management: HP Backup HLR Solution description Solution value In today’s mobile environment, any service outage means lost revenue and unhappy ● Protects against a complete system-wide HLR outage customers. Legacy infrastructure with subscriber information stored across scattered ● Features sizing based on the maximum anticipated failover for all systems is unable to meet expectations for fast problem resolution. The HP Backup provisioned subscribers Home Location Register (HLR) incorporates the HP OpenCall HLR, HP OpenCall ● Deploys on the field-proven and scalable HP NonStop platform Intelligent Network Server (INS), and the HP NonStop platform in a unique configuration to improve service availability of non-HP OpenCall HLRs in the event Why HP? of an outage. Delivered along with services and installation, the HP Backup HLR ● Offers proven interoperability with multiple vendors; can mimic proprietary allows mobile network operators to store subscriber data for all HLRs in the network messaging between the Mobile Services Switching Center (MSC) and HLR on a single, centralized system, which can act as a routing path should the linkset(s) ● Delivers a single HLR solution for backing up all ANSI, GSM , GPRS, to non-HP OpenCall HLRs go out of service. UMTS subscribers ● Demonstrated experience in providing reliable performance in a mobile network HP Backup HLR Local HLR HLR HLR 0 HLR 1 HLR 2 15 ADS SS7 HP HLRs MSC Traffic rerouted to HP HLRs during failure MSC Solution components Application Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services HP OpenCall HLR HP OpenCall INS HP NSK HP NonStop servers Installation, migration, maintenance 9
  10. 10. Subscriber Data Management - Unified Profile: Unified User Profile Solution description Solution value Coupling a detailed understanding of subscriber preferences, context, and behavior, ● Supports any subscriber data management strategy, including: with the agility to respond with tailored subscriber experiences, can significantly o Federation -- presents to an application a virtual aggregation of the data as impact a service provider’s competitive positioning. HP Unified Profile provides a if it resides in a central store, while keep that data secure in its current location and structure single view of personal, contextual, and behavioral information about a subscriber – o Data consolidation -- eliminates database redundancies by migrating the data e.g., personal profile elements, applications, preferences, activities, devices, interests, they contain to a central store data security controls, and user-generated content. These can be used to support, o Replication – using dynamic copies of existing data, supports centralized enhance, and influence subscriber experiences and behaviors, while also serving a (single-source) provisioning (hub-and-spoke), multi-way data synchronization service provider’s general business interests, Operations, revenue generation, data (multi-master), and centralized data caching (enterprise service bus security and integrity, business partnerships, market and business agility, and market architecture) leadership can all benefit from this subscriber insight. HP Unified Profile enables o Any combination of the above approaches across data stores a richer subscriber experience by enabling this information to be leveraged by ● Provides immediate use of dispersed subscriber data via a “use-in-place” applications and services within and beyond the mobile operator’s domain, including approach (federation) leverage by external Web-based services. ● Features data release governance for central control, release, and policy application point The solution takes a holistic approach which minimizes the impact on application ● Provides multiple protocol support operations across the network while supporting key master data management ● Includes identity aliasing capabilities that enable applications to access initiatives. This enables faster delivery of new service to market and the subscriber data across multiple stores development of new applications that leverage profile information obtained from ● Delivers rich data management, which supports central creation, hosting, and disparate data sources. distribution of subscriber data ● Enables dataless applications The solution includes HP Virtual Identity and Profile Broker (HP VIP Broker) and HP ● Allows for multiple virtual data models OpenCall Profile Manager, as well as consultation and implementation services. ● Improves real-time response through embedded cache capabilities ● Delivers a fully-modular service-oriented architecture ● Opens opportunities for new revenue models ● Simplifies the subscriber experience across contexts, applications, environments, and devices Solution components Application Operating Systems Hardware HP Services HP VIP Broker Red Hat Linux HP C7000 CMS Delivery HP OpenCall HP NSK HP NonStop servers CMS Delivery Profile Manager HP BladeSystem servers 10
  11. 11. Why HP? HP Unified Profile architecture ● Unique market innovation and technological leadership as Integrated Profile Graphic demonstrated through the practical application of both virtual and physical data access and management technologies Abstracted view of the ● Field-proven 99.999% availability and reliability in data HP OpenCall Applications SOAP/XML Profile Manager Data Model repository capabilities, using HP OpenCall Home Location presented to Register (HP OpenCall HLR) and HP Service Delivery northbound clients Platform technologies and experience ● Immediate, cost-effective leverage of dispersed subscriber HP OpenCall data through virtual aggregation (use-in-place brokering), Profile Manager API’s with the flexibility to undertake more complex data migration and consolidation initiatives VIP-Broker Users ● Offers outstanding flexibility and ease of adaptation to the Agnostic Access specific service provider network through multiple access interface and database options, including XML, LDAP, RMI, and/or JDBC access to virtual and physical aggregations of data ● Decouples the application-facing presentation of multiple HP OpenCall External Data Repositories virtual data models from physical data models, whether holding federated data Profile Manager Meta Configuration existing or new consolidation-driven models ● Global experience and a legacy of success worldwide HP OpenCall offering design, delivery, and maintenance of complex Profile Manager a Dat subscriber-data initiatives HLR HLR ● Reduces risks through HP migration best practices in using IT AAA Data AAA platforms for network subscriber data management HSS Data HSS HP OpenCall Profile Manager Profile/Service Data data repository that has been consolidated into the HP OpenCall Profile Manager data repository 11
  12. 12. Service Delivery Framework Overview HP gives you the tools to consistently and cost-effectively deliver rich services to eager consumers. The HP Service Delivery Platform (SDP) was built to optimize service innovation and monetize network and partner assets. It enables end-to-end governance, policy control, and management of converged services, no matter where they come from—internal, third-party developers, or advanced consumers. The increasing complexity of mobile services and device proliferation requires the adoption of a holistic approach to mobile device management and testing and certification to ensure a rapid return on investment, reduce service launch risks, and deliver more enjoyable user experiences. ● HP Service Delivery Platform—Unleash the power of Web 2.0 to create and monetize service innovation, and empower third-party partners to easily generate targeted, converged services that drive revenue. The HP SDP is a standards- based solution designed to enable the development, delivery, and management of converged network and subscriber services. It leverages the flexibility of a service- oriented architecture (SOA), and the optimized convergence of IT, networks and Web 2.0 to bring governance, management, and quality to service delivery. Solution areas include service enablement, service orchestration, service governance, and a developer ecosystem. ● HP Mobile Device Management—Grow revenue while cutting operational expenses with standards-based capabilities for device configuration and management, diagnostics, profile-based customization, and much more. These services can be provided directly through HP CMS delivery, or as an outsourced service via EDS, an HP company. ● HP Testing and Certification—Based on HP industry standard business technology optimization (BTO) products and partner products, these solutions allow you to cut days, weeks, or even months off the testing process for internal and third-party offerings, as well as for new devices. We address component validation, service governance, change management, and every part of the overall customer experience. 12
  13. 13. Services Delivery Platform - HP Service Governance Framework Solution description Solution value Improve the speed of new service creation, monetize assets, and contain and manage ● Speeds new services to market, enabling service providers to quickly and service delivery costs, with the HP SDP Service Governance Framework (SGF). By consistently open additional revenue streams, seize emerging opportunities, and applying seamless and holistic service governance, HP SGF enables new applications serve niche markets to be more rapidly developed and deployed, and better managed across service ● Harness the revenue potential generated by the proliferation of services using the delivery channels, Operations Support Systems (OSS), and Business Support Systems HP SDP Revenue Management Module, a simple revenue sharing system (BSS). Through the framework, outside developers can securely access and use simple including an E-wallet that can be integrated into existing billing solutions service enablers to create more sophisticated applications and services—without ● Cuts operational and capital expenses (OpEx/CapEx) required for developing, needing to have a detailed knowledge of the underlying systems. This capability has delivering, and managing new rich services through standardized service become even more vital as service wholesalers and advanced consumers increasingly development processes and workflows, service element reuse, reduced complexity of service validation, and automated change management use these service building blocks to create their own service mash-ups. ● Helps to attract new customers, including the Web 2.0 community, by securely HP Service Governance Framework exposing existing internal and third-party services as common Web 2.0- supported formats RUNTIME MANAGEMENT ● Provides the means to capitalize on new business models, including advertising- supported services, using comprehensive capabilities for enablement, Runtime management Partner management Service governance, and scalability of Web 2.0 services brokering Application/user & policy Service management ● Enables the quick creation of multiple application offers, such as offers tied to interaction model policy decision points within the SGF, including cross-selling opportunities, Lifecycle Policy evaluation and policy Service discovery privacy, promotions, and advice of charge enforcement management model ● Enhances the customer experience by enabling the offering of a vast service Policy processing Manageability Service group framework policy management portfolio—without sacrificing control—as new services can be quickly developed, Multimodal context and model tested, published, managed, and retired Access management channel integration EUS ● Broadens the developer base by opening the telecom environment to non-telecom policy Auditing, fault and model developers with the HP RESTful (Representational State Transfer) gateway which CoS management performance metrics automatically translates Web services into an application programming interface Alerts, notification, EUS management that is widely used in the Web 2.0 community. CDR, and reporting POLICY MODEL Service Policy repository Service repository registry REPOSITORIES SDP : SGF 13
  14. 14. Services Delivery Platform - HP Service Governance Framework continued Why HP? ● HP has a long record of success in implementing innovative, field proven solutions for major customers such as Telefonica, Telecom Italia, and Telenor. ● As a SDP thought leader, HP applies the latest in proven technologies to deliver ● One of the world’s largest software companies, HP is a long-term player in the cost-savings and revenue-generation, such as Web 2.0 support. marketplace. ● Our 30+ years of Telco experience offers proven delivery performance bringing ● HP delivers end-to-end solutions featuring consultative design, integration, and SDP solution know-how, software IP, and verticalized SOA IT products for the support, all delivered by experienced personnel on the ground worldwide. CMS market. Solution components Application Partners Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services Service Governance Oracle Fusion HP SOA Policy Enforcer Red Hat Linux HP BladeSystem servers HP CMS Delivery Middleware HP SOA Systinet Oracle 10G HP ProLiant servers Database & RAC Red Hat Oracle Access Manager Oracle Web Logic Server Red Hat Directory Server SGF binaries, Admin Portal, Partner portal, SGF caching RESTful Gateway N/A SGF software binaries Red Hat Linux HP BladeSystem servers HP CMS Delivery HP ProLiant servers Revenue Management CMS IUM product SGF binaries and optional Red Hat Linux HP BladeSystem servers HP CMS Delivery Module license, IUM software HP ProLiant servers integration OCSG v4.1 connector Oracle SGF binaries Red Hat Linux HP BladeSystem servers HP CMS Delivery HP ProLiant servers 14
  15. 15. Services Delivery Platform - HP Storefront Portal Solution description Why HP? Providing the right environment to harness creativity allows service innovation to be ● Independent of device and application store vendors with service providers accelerated across the development community. The HP Storefront Portal provides interests driving development developers with community services, search, blogs, forums, as well as API descriptions, ● Combination of IT and telecommunications expertise blended to produce tools mash-ups, widget creation tools, cookbooks, sample code, and an application for the converged world showcase where applications can be posted, tried, and rated. It is built on a two- ● HP is constantly evolving the SDP in order to meet the latest challenges in the tier architecture. The first tier consists of a baseline platform of common features market, such as the emergence of applications stores and Web 2.0. such as user profile, authentication, authorization, repository, lifecycle management, ● Empowering the 3rd party community with SDP3.0 assets will accelerate the and administrator functions, etc. The second tier offers functional modules such as a proliferation of services that more closely meet the subscriber requirements. community section, developer environment, and a storefront widget and application ● Years of experience working with Tier 1 service providers creating gallery for users to access and rate applications. By empowering the developer developer ecosystems community, the solution helps to create a potentially massive pool of rich, self- HP Storefront perpetuating convergent applications that can provide marketplace differentiation. Portal Subscriber Developer Admin Solution value ● Enables, in just weeks, the creation of a live Web 2.0 community of developers Access Gateway and end users ● Unites the developers with a trusted infrastructure vendor and clear Portal Gallery SDK business models ● Provides a Web-based “sandbox,” encouraging the widest possible involvement of developers looking for a platform-independent aggregator Advertisement API Mash-up Tool ● Subscribers can browse the services on offer and even try them out. ● Privacy can be carefully managed and applications can be implemented Widget framework independent of device and offered across platforms, PC or mobile. ● Allows service providers to become aggregators of third-party applications Next Gen Portal and services Testing HP SGF Monetization Solution components Application Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services HP Storefront Portal JBOSS Enterprise Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers CMS Delivery Portal 15
  16. 16. Services Delivery Platform - HP Service Orchestration Manager Solution description ● HP is uniquely placed with the right combination of capabilities and experience, as well as system integration expertise in the converged services marketplace. Defining new composite services or deploying services involves multiple interactions with network, IT, and BSS systems. Simple, flexible workflow engines make these ● An intrinsic part of the SDP 3.0 package of solutions, all designed to attract interactions quick and easy. HP Service Orchestration Manager (SOM) offers service innovators from within the developer community prepackaged service composition tools for the SDP, along with off-the-shelf revenue- ● Experience gained through deployments with leading service providers generating services such as premium short message service (SMS) that can be hosted worldwide on the service delivery platform for third-parties to use. By aiding in the creation of ● HP offers complete system integration support for SDP components to ensure a more personalized services, HP Service Orchestration Manager can help broaden rapid route to revenue. the appeal of services to specific target segments of the subscriber base. HP Service Premium Age Blacklist Solution value Orchestration SMS Check ● Delivers services that can be easily tuned to be even more relevant to Manager the subscriber Service creation environment ● Improves service adoption rates, drives network traffic and revenue generation, and helps enhance stickiness ● Greater contextualization translates to less money spent on retention and churn Service bus while customer acquisition is made easier and cheaper. ● Defines business or composite services workflow but also provides off-the-shelf Policy rule engine revenue generating services, such as premium SMS ● Provides an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface with drag-and-drop capabilities such as items, nodes, adapters to quickly create a skeleton Process orchestration engine service flow Message store and broker Why HP? ● Built on tried and tested HP IP-based infrastructure that has been in service Connectors delivery since 2001 LDAP J2EE SNMP BSS Solution components Application Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services HP Service Orchestration JBOSS SOA Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers CMS Delivery Manager Platform 16
  17. 17. Services Delivery Platform - HP Service Enablement Solution description HP Service Delivery Platform (HP SDP) Service Enablement provides service The HP Service Delivery Platform Service Enablement layer consists of three elements: enablers to be used as building blocks by HP SDP to create cost-effective revenue 1. Off-the-shelf feature servers, which provide a predefined set of capabilities, such streams on a Web-based platform. These enablers include location, messaging, call as Oracle Presence Server, messaging servers, and HP OpenCall Video control, conferencing, device profile, content download, digital rights, presence, Conferencing Server notification, and user profile. Service enablers provide an abstraction layer on top of network assets to simplify service development; they are offered to applications 2. Application servers (AS), such as Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) AS, with and are used to build more sophisticated end user services. Network gateways multiprotocol support and a service creation environment translate various network capabilities and protocols into common, simplified API sets for service development, interaction, and deployment. Third-party independent 3. Service gateways, such as PARLAY X gateway and Oracle Communications software vendors (ISVs) may be granted secure access to these service enablers, Services Gatekeeper (OCSG) access to which is managed through the HP SDP Service Governance Framework. Solution components Application Partners Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services Parlay X Gateway Oracle (OCSG) Java EE Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery HP BladeSystem servers SIP Application Servers Oracle (OCCAS) Java EE , Java SE Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery HP BladeSystem servers Feature Servers N/A CMS Video Conferencing Red Hat Linuax HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery Server HP BladeSystem servers Feature Servers Airwide Messaging Gateway Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery HP BladeSystem servers 17
  18. 18. Services Delivery Platform - HP Service Enablement continued Solution value Why HP? ● Provides the building blocks that drive new business models and differentiation in ● Long experience and expertise deploying successful service enablement solutions a crowded marketplace lowers costs, timeframes, and risks. ● Expands operator business models from walled garden to partners and the long ● HP offers end-to-end solutions, complete with consulting and integration, and tail of Web 2.0 communities to generate incremental revenues support from core network to the edge to the consumer. ● Exposes existing assets, such as location, messaging, and call control, using ● Standards-based interfaces used by HP integrate quickly and easily with mobile consistent standard interfaces, such as PARLAY X gateways networks. ● Enables innovative service development using new feature servers, such as ● HP pre-tests and pre-integrates solution components to ensure interoperability and conferencing or presence servers, and using application servers, such as SIP AS simplified deployments. ● Features robust network access controls that enable service providers to add ● Broad and deep partnerships with industry leaders enable HP to implement best- services and increase revenue without risking network assets and integrity of-breed solutions. HP Service Enablement Applications Common Framework including Service Governance Framework Service Enablers Location Messaging Conferencing Device Data Device Profile Presence Single Sign-on management synchronization Identity Notification Content download Browsing DRM OSS - Service Delivery, Assurance Parlay SIP BBS - Service Usage Gateway Gateway Network Assets RADIUS WAP GW MMSC SMSC GGSN ... server 18
  19. 19. HP Mobile Device Management Solution description HP Mobile Device Management (HP MDM) solutions help mobile operators increase Device configuration: enables the operator to send the appropriate configuration revenue by enabling the delivery of value-added content and services while decreasing settings for the subscribers to access mobile data services the operational expenses associated with providing new services. HP MDM is a complete end-to-end solution, encompassing everything from device configuration Device diagnostic: provides tools to query, in real time, the end user’s phone, spot to firmware OTA, integrating standards-based hardware with best-in-class partner any potential issues, and suggest appropriate actions to correct issues or show the end software. HP MDM covers the specific needs of consumer and business subscribers, user how to use the phone by taking control of that phone with the end user’s consent and can be offered as an outsourced service via EDS, an HP company, or as a direct project via HP CMS Delivery. Software and firmware management: provides operators and handset manufacturers with device software component management to remotely manage the HP MDM solutions include: software and firmware of the handsets over the air, or via point-of-sale tools (U)SIM management: manages operator and subscriber data stored on the Device customization engine: enables mobile phone user interfaces, such as Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card menus and background, to be customized based on end-user profiles and device Automatic device detection (ADD): real-time network component that is able to profiles in order to improve the usage experience and encourage the maximum take-up detect when subscribers are changing their device and to trigger external systems like a of mobile data services Device Configuration system with up-to-date triplet (IMSI/IMEI/MSISDN) Service quality manager: enables operators to retrieve, through the use of an Direct messaging platform: creates a bi-directional SMS tunnel between the agent on the (U)SIM or on the terminal itself, the real-time data related to either end-user network and the device/SIM to deliver the settings to the devices detected by the ADD, interactions or radio network quality or to reduce the time required to execute a large over-the-air (OTA) SIM campaign, or to improve the interaction between the end user and a back-end server for dynamic, SIM Device data synchronization: gives subscribers the ability to save, add, edit, and tool kit-related, value-added services delete data via a friendly Web-based mobile user interface Unified Device Capability Repository (UDCR): allows operators to analyze their Security and enterprise: provides enterprise customer IT managers with the correct device population based on features criteria and to centralize all device profiles data tools to scan device content, lock devices, and erase data remotely, among other into a single repository features Advanced device management engine: enables the creation and automation of device management tasks based on business rules CMS Universal MDM Platform: When ADD is combined with UDCR, it creates a real-time inventory of which devices are being used by which subscribers. This means Campaign manager: enables the creation and execution of a predefined set of it can support a full-blown Equipment Identity Register (EIR) and become the central MDM tasks campaign for a large number of subscribers/devices platform to manage devices. 19
  20. 20. HP Mobile Device Management continued Solution value ● Improves adherence to service level agreements (SLAs) by allowing operators to ● Extends operator reach, enabling the remote establishment of user settings based activate agents/probes on the mobile devices to retrieve service quality on services requested by individual subscribers, and the phone models they use information from an end user perspective ● Enables scheduling of OTA device provisioning, OTA SIM, or a firmware OTA Why HP? campaign for specific phone models and/or customer segments at a particular date and time ● HP intellectual property and knowledge collected via vast worldwide experience in the device management area has given HP a broad range of software assets that ● Saves time and costs by enabling operators to manage software inventory on the are highly applicable to this space. phones and remotely update a software stack on handsets to address bugs or enable new functionalities ● This broad and deep portfolio of targeted, standards-based solutions is integrated with partner solutions and products to create highly-targeted solutions for every ● Increases customer satisfaction by empowering call center representatives to marketplace. query phones in real time, retrieve a rich set of phone and SIM information, spot inconsistencies, and help subscribers correct errors and better utilize their phones ● Global delivery and implementation services help cut the time, costs and risks of via remote diagnostic capabilities deployment. Device Management Future use Marketing Social Community Support retail M2M OS penetration 4th screen Network address book Top 20 device models Transfer devices content WIMAX Share user generated data Features penetration Find suitable device LTE Download B&R client Diagnosis device Synchronize content Update firmware Device Management Customize device Corporate/SME Device settings Applications, widgets Detect new device and themes IT Manager console Apply Theme - Send settings User data Asset mgt - Fleet mgt Download widgets Update firmware Device firmware update Data protection Provision applications 3G connectivity device drivers Remote control Send bookmarks Device capability database Enable productivity tools ISP settings Apps Store Protect data Call Center End user Automatically provision Lock & unlock device Download widgets, Wipe data native and java applications Diagnostic issues faster Full backup of data Send bookmarks Help subscribers Restore data on new device Customer Self-service Promote new services We of device access Enable new services 20
  21. 21. Solution components Application Partners Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services (U)SIM management Gemalto Gemalto GemConnect OTA HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers & Support services Direct messaging platform None HP Direct Messaging Platform HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers & Support services Automatic device detection None HP OpenCall Automatic HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery Device Detection Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers & Support services Unified device capability None HP Unified Device Capability Red Hat Linux HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery repository Repository (UDCR) HP ProLiant servers & Support services Advanced device None HP Advanced DM Engine Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery management engine & Support services Campaign manager None HP Campaign Manager Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery HP Itanium servers & Support services Device configuration WDSGlobal WDSGlobal Ltd DCE HP-UX HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery mFormation mFormation MSM suite Red Hat Linux & Support services InnoPath Device diagnostic mFormation InnoPath iMDM suite HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery InnoPath mFormation MSM suite Red Hat Linux & Support services Software and firmware mFormation InnoPath iMDM suite HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery management InnoPath mFormation MSM suite Red Hat Linux & Support services InnoPath iMDM suite Device customization None HP Device Customization Engine Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery engine & Support services Service quality manager mFormation mFormation MSM suite HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery HP SQM Red Hat Linux & Support services Device data Gemalto O3SIS Gemalto LinqUs Phonebook Backup HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery synchronization O3SIS UMD – Living Address Book Red Hat Linux HP ProLiant servers & Support services Security and enterprise mFormation mFormation MSM suite HP-UX HP Itanium servers HP CMS Delivery InnoPath InnoPath iMDM suite Red Hat Linux & Support services 21
  22. 22. HP Testing and Certification Solution description ● Services Experience Testing, which automates the operator’s service and device Service quality is critical to service adoption and customer satisfaction. Before services testing process and addresses the following key use cases: can be offered to consumers, they must be tested and validated for quality, security, - End-to-end service monitoring scalability, and functionality across a range of digital devices. Traditional testing and - Service testing on devices validation uses manual processes, delaying certification and service introduction. - Device testing and certification The CMS Testing and Certification Suite of solutions, based on HP industry standard ● Services Quality Testing, which helps operators define service quality processes business technology optimization (BTO) products and partner products, automates across both traditional telecom and new SOA/SDP environments for internal and and accelerates the overall testing process for the launch of new services and devices. third-party services. The solution addresses the following testing areas: The suite provides validation for service components, service governance processes, - Application testing, an automated testing platform for both functional and and all elements that impact the total customer experience. In addition, the overall regression testing of applications solution addresses services lifecycle management, including change management for - Service enabler testing, which validates and exercises services, service applications and services. enablers, and services brokered through the SDP - ISV applications self-certification, for automating certification of ISV services Three modular, pre-integrated components comprise the suite; each can be implemented against SOA best practices, security, and development standards individually or as part of a comprehensive offering: ● Services Performance Testing, to reveal how each element of a service will scale and how those elements will work together, before the service ever reaches the end user. It is aimed at SOA/SDP implementations and, for example, performs stress testing on service enablers. Solution components Application Partners Enabling Software Operating Systems Hardware HP Services Service Quality Testing HP Systinet Microsoft Windows HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery HP Quality Center Red Hat Linux Services HP Quick Test Pro HP Service Test Service Experience Testing DeviceAnywhere HP Quality Center Microsoft Windows HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery Nexperience HP Quick Test Pro Red Hat Linux Services Service Performance HP Performance Center Microsoft Windows HP ProLiant servers HP CMS Delivery Testing HP LoadRunner Red Hat Linux Services HP Diagnostic 22
  23. 23. Solution value ● Addresses the complete services management lifecycle, including change ● Shortens time-to-market for new services up to 75%, by automating the testing management for telecom applications and services and certification process Why HP? ● Improves customer satisfaction by helping services to work as intended, no matter what digital devices the consumer uses to access the service ● Based on industry-leading, standards-based software from HP BTO ● Lowers operational expenses while increasing quality by automating service ● HP supports this comprehensive, end-to-end service and device testing solution testing processes for reduced development costs, and minimizing the number of with a vast range of HP capabilities. calls to customer care centers ● Solution technologies from HP allow for testing new and existing services on ● Mitigates risks and costs of service failure by gathering and analyzing diverse network infrastructures and end-user devices, including all supporting performance indicators from all application tiers, servers, and components, to processes and workflows. help consistently deliver high-quality services to consumers at lower costs CMS Testing and Define - Requirement Covering the full test lifecycle Test Planning and Strategy Certification Suite Test Process definition Service Experience Testing Validation of services and Test planning functionalities on devices Manage Defect Usability management testing Design - Service Modeling Test design monitoring Test Cases End-to-end and Date Testing Business Acceptance process Service Quality Testing testing testing Certifying third-party ISV services and validating the quality of operator services Validation Performance testing testing System testing Functional Device testing testing Deployment / Service Performance Testing Optimization Run and Analyze Validating services and Test Results infrastructure performance 23
  24. 24. Value-Added Services Overview Value-Added Services - HP Network IVR HP Value-Added Services solutions power today’s most used interactive Solution description telecom experiences, from network IVR to visual voice mail and VPN. Cut operations costs and give subscribers greater control over their service experience, Deploying a cost-effective set of voice services based on consolidated with HP Network IVR, a front-end interactive voice response (IVR) solution for service interactive voice response (IVR) platform with open and flexible interfaces, providers, contact centers, Intelligent Network, Prepaid and self-service systems. It supporting multi-network architectures leverages the industry standard HP OpenCall Media Platform (HP OCMP) with Voice Extensible Markup Language (VoiceXML) and service creation environment capabilities HP Network Interactive Voice Response solutions can reduce the cost of to replace legacy IVR components. your current IVR services. Prepaid IVR, customer self-service IVR, voice portal, and ring back tone services can be deployed on a common, open, Foe Contact center, it decouples the IVR from the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) by standards-based IP/Time-Division Multiplexing (TDM) platform. Creation using specific “connectors” that integrate the OpenCall Media Platform into any contact of VoiceXML-based services and traditional intelligent network (IN) center vendor equipment including offerings from Avaya, Cisco, and Genesys. applications is supported within the same architecture. As a result, you can safely migrate IVR and IN services to a next-generation IP-based network. For Intelligent Networks (IN) proliferate, it manages the transition of aging IVR systems towards a more cost-effective IN-friendly solution. HP Intelligent Network IVR is an HP Next Generation Call Completion and Messaging solutions enhance intelligent peripheral announcement server using the modern VXML-enabled SRF module user experiences while maintaining voice revenues. Visual voice mail to enhance, scale, or migrate Intelligent Network services. attracts users who prefer more personal and intuitive messaging. Personalized notification offers more options for completing missed calls. It also replaces end-of-life prepaid IVRs and increases capacity for growth, while 3G video messaging enriches user experiences. All of these services providing better user experiences for prepaid applications such as account inquiries can be deployed on common infrastructure using standard software and and recharging—and reduces operational expenses at the same time. servers. Solution value HP Next Generation Intelligent Network (NGIN) solutions enhance ● Replaces siloed, application-driven model with a standard IT-based model real-time, value-added services based on session control platforms. ● Saves up to 30–50 percent of operating expenses for voice and video services These include solutions to enable individual subscribers to set policies via an IVR platform based on standard hardware (HP ProLiant servers) and for incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, and convergent software (Linux) virtual private network (CVPN), providing private numbering plans with ● Reduces the cost of Intelligent Network services development using a abbreviated dialing, self-provisioning, and multiple closed-user groups. standard-based common media platform ● Cost-effective and competitively priced 24