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Going serverless with azure functions


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Introduction to Azure Functions and other Serverless services in Microsoft Azure.

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Going serverless with azure functions

  1. 1. Going Serverless with Azure Functions Giulio Santoli, CSA
  2. 2. Why Serverless?
  3. 3. it’s just a matter of EVOLUTION
  4. 4. from IaaS to FaaS (Function as a Service) Docker Swarm Mesos Kubernetes Function App Cloud Foundry
  5. 5. PaaS vs FaaS with framework (PaaS) without framework (FaaS) PaaS = Platform as a Service FaaS = Functions as a Service
  6. 6. FaaS ≤ Serverless FaaS = Functions as a Service
  7. 7. Serverless Reacts to events Autoscales Pay-per-use
  8. 8. OpenFaaS Kubeless Fn Project OpenWhisk Azure Functions AWS Lambda Functions Google Cloud Functions
  9. 9. The three musketeers of Serverless Event Grid Serverless Events Logic Apps Serverless Workflow Functions Serverless Compute Storage (Queue, Table, Blob)
  10. 10. Event Grid Backbone of event-driven computing High reliabilityNear real-time Massive scale-out
  11. 11. Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) in partnership with Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle and others
  12. 12. Logic App workflows
  13. 13. Azure Functions ➢ Charge by GBs + Executions ➢ Limited to 5 mins (up to 10 minutes) ➢ Stateless
  14. 14. Author functions in C#, F#, Node.JS, Java, and more CodeTrigger/Inputs React to timers, HTTP, or events from your favorite Azure services, with more on the way Outputs Send results to an ever-growing collection of services Triggers & Bindings
  15. 15. Local development and debugging Visual Studio Code Azure Functions Extensions Visual Studio CLI
  16. 16. Every 15 minutes Clean tableFind and clean invalid data
  17. 17. Photo taken and Webhook called Stored in Blob Storage Produces scaled images
  18. 18. File added to Blob Storage CSV Transform CSV to data rows PowerBI Charts
  19. 19. Excel File saved on OneDrive Microsoft Graph analyzes content PowerBI Charts
  20. 20. Supported Languages Language Runtime 1.x Runtime 2.x C# GA Preview JavaScript GA Preview F# GA Preview Java N/A Preview Python Experimental N/A PHP Experimental N/A TypeScript Experimental N/A Batch (.cmd, .bat) Experimental N/A Bash Experimental N/A PowerShell Experimental N/A
  21. 21. PowerShell Example
  22. 22. Durable Functions ➢ Programmatic Orchestration ➢ Stateful Singleton ➢ Human Interaction ➢ C# (GA) and JavaScript (Preview)
  23. 23. Functions Chaining Fan-Out Fan-In
  24. 24. Deployment
  25. 25. o Continuous Deployment Bitbucket, Dropbox, Git local/external, GitHub, OneDrive, VSTS o Command Line Tools PowerShell, Azure CLI, Functions CLI o REST APIs PowerShell, Bash, any software o IDE Integrations Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ
  26. 26. ✓ Each function has a folder containing function.json ✓ Dependencies are usually local to each function ✓ One global host.json Directory Tree Structure
  27. 27. Deploying a Zip File with Azure CLI
  28. 28. Deploying with REST APIs
  29. 29. beware of cold starts
  30. 30. Local Azure Fuction Runtime (preview) ✓ Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 Creators Update ✓ Needs a local SQL Server instance ✓ Two roles: Managent and Worker
  31. 31. Summary ➢ FaaS is a further abstraction over PaaS ➢ Serverless concerns compute, events and workflow (and storage) ➢ Serverless adopts a pay-per-use model ➢ Azure Functions is a FaaS solution, supporting a powerful on-prem development experience
  32. 32. Thankyou
  33. 33. Books FREE
  34. 34. Productive + Hybrid + Intelligent + Trusted