Use of unifier with primavera


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Using Oracle Primavera Unifier and Oracle Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Managenent together can help you deliver much more effective (time and cost) outcomes in all manner of projects

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Use of unifier with primavera

  1. 1. Use of Unifier with PrimaveraPresenter – Greg Macpherson - Co-Author – Ahmed Arif and Ba DangNational Primavera & Unifier Practice ASG
  2. 2. BackgroundGreg Macpherson, Ahmed Arif, Ba Dang – National Primavera/Unifier - ASGASG Group – $150M IT services organisationUnifier – a very worthwhile new product from Oracle PrimaveraExplore the realities of using P6 and Unifier now/futurePrimavera P6 EPPM – strengths in scheduling, resources, risk and moreUnifier – strengths in contracts, workflow, real estate, facilities and moreThere is a considerable amount of development going on with bothWhat are the opportunities, challenges and realities – now/futureAct now or wait?Exploration
  3. 3. Oracle Primavera UnifierThe addition of Unifier presents some interesting opportunities for bothnew and existing user of Primavera.Improved integration (Cost, Schedule, Portfolio)New applications – Real Estate, Capital Assets, FacilitiesWorkflow, audit functions, reporting and moreExploration
  4. 4. Oracle Primavera UnifierMany organisations who want to use Unifier are already using Primavera P6What are the implications of using both productsWhat are the benefitsWhat are the downsidesThe future – speculationWhat should I do
  5. 5. Oracle Primavera UnifierUnifier Application SetsNeed to consider what parts of Unifier to adopt, when and how they fit with P6Quick overview of Unifier for those of you who have yet to see itCapital PlanningCost ControlReal EstateManagementFacilitiesManagementProject DeliveryManagement
  6. 6. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is Unifier ?Cloud based solution for managing projects and facilitiesParticular emphasis on contracts, workflow, assets, real estateCustomers include many large organisations – Oil, Gas, CommercialAvailable cloud based or on premiseIntegrate Enterprise Systems , Finance, Asset Management, SupplyCombine with Primavera P6 EPPM for a complete life cycleLong–range planning and delivery of programs and projectsConsiderable overlap with Primavera P6Unifier + P6
  7. 7. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is Unifier Workflow ?Unifier offers a much improved and simplified workflow.Easy to set up, manageOracle BPM/SOA in the future versions?A must have to control business processesNote that Workflow in P6 is still BPM
  8. 8. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is in Unifier Capital Planning?Top-down and bottom-up views – plans and projects (P6 overlap)Manage cash flow over the life of the project – (P6 overlap)Multiple scenarios, linked to projects (P6 overlap)New views of project/portfolios (P6 overlap)Document management, dashboards, and reports ( P6 overlap)Can be adopted now – but consider overlap with P6 EPPM
  9. 9. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is in Unifier Cost Control ? NEWEasy to use tools to view, management control costs, cash flow, and funds.Automation, flexibility, analyse complex cost control, cash flow, and funds analyses.Configurable cost management – define your business process/workflowOne way integration from P6, cost and schedules in Unifier can be fully alignedOne of the outstanding benefits of UnifierStrong case for early adoption – regardless of P6 interaction
  10. 10. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is Unifier Project Delivery Management?Workflow/phase gate controls – Simple, easy to useIntegrates with P6, MS Project – Allows integration with non P6 schedulesWho did what/when – audit logs – Necessary for modern systemsDocument management with version Control – overlap with P6Communication and CollaborationConsider when to use. NOW if eg MS Project is your planning/scheduling tool
  11. 11. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is Unifier Facilities Management? NEWSignificant new functionalityWhat properties/where – leased, ownedMetrics on costs, utilisationConsistently collect, analyse, and report on facilitiesA very strong case for early adoption if you are exposed to property
  12. 12. Oracle Primavera UnifierWhat is Unifier Real Estate Management? NEWMeets specific requirements of Landlords and tenantsManage site/property acquisitions, dispositions, lease renewals.Evaluate alternative sitesTrack/manage critical dates, CommissionManage repairs and maintenanceVery strong case for early adoption if you have exposure to property
  13. 13. Oracle Primavera UnifierIn-house or Cloud DeploymentHas been available as SaaSAlso consider in house or (e.g.) dedicated Amazon, Rackspace etc deploymentNote OBIEE in the diagramNote no Webcenter in the diagram (yet)Based on Unifier9.11 Version
  14. 14. Oracle Primavera UnifierPrimavera EPPM and Unifier IntegrationBased on Unifier9.11 Version
  15. 15. Unifier Public Cloud DeploymentElastic LoadBalancerM1-xLarge Ec2Primavera Node 1SG1M1-xLarge Ec2Primavera Node 2SG2Cust 1 - HACustomerNetwork via VPNor DirectPrimavera webapp for mobileWWW WWWEBSEBSEBSEBSEBSEBSBackupSnapshots to S3Arch LogsVPCWWW access toPrimavera Web AppVPC Subnet 1 VPC Subnet 2Cust 2 – Non-HAElastic LoadBalancerM1-xLarge Ec2Primavera Node 1SG1EBSEBSEBSEBSEBSEBSBackupSnapshots to S3Arch LogsPre-Baked AMI’s forboth Instances withauto configurationscriptsSecurity Groups act asFirewallsRequired for publicDNS registration ofmanaged serverapplications99.95% Available target 95% Available targetPrimavera / UnifierWeb App
  16. 16. Oracle Primavera UnifierMulti-Tenant vs Single TenantCurrent SaaS customers are within a Multi-Tenant environmentCustomers moving to a Single Tenant EnvironmentSecurity Fixes and Enhancements related to Oracle Security complianceSingle tenant offers more control over performance
  17. 17. Oracle Primavera UnifierPlans Unifier 9.12 ( Planned 2013)P6 Integration – Very importantPCM Integration – Not significant for our customersOracle BrandingContent Repository (CMIS, UCM and Sharepoint) – Unifier and P6 to use sameRed Stack UptakeSpatial and Oracle Maps – replacing non Oracle with OracleAutoVue integration – Unifier and P6 to use sameUnified Workflow, Admin – speculation – Unifier workflow – extends to P6Unifier Mobile - new functionalityUnified Reporting – Use Unifier simple interface to link into BI Publisher
  18. 18. Oracle Primavera UnifierPlans Red Stack (Planned 2013) – alignment with P6Oracle HTTP Server 11gR2 as the HTTP ServerOracle Weblogic 11g as the Application ServerOracle JRockit 6 as the Java Virtual MachineOracle Enterprise Manager 11g/12c for system monitoringOracle Identity Manager 11g/R2 for User ManagementOracle Access Manager for AuthenticationOracle Enterprise LinuxOracle Virtual MachineOracle Webcenter ContentOracle UPK
  19. 19. Oracle Primavera UnifierP6 Integration + Unifier (Planned 2013)Note the direction of integration flowsFuture integrations bi-directional (Speculation)
  20. 20. Oracle Primavera UnifierCommon Integration Platform (Planned 2013)Primavera Gateway for P6 and UnifierIntegration to ERP, Supply , Asset systemsOracle BI can retrieve data from different sources
  21. 21. Oracle Primavera UnifierUnified UI and Mobile (P6 + OPPM + Unifier)Composite solution:P6, Unifier,& new functionalityPlatform agnostic - Android, iPad, iPhoneContinue to offer Team Member AppsYou should see more of this at Collaborate 13
  22. 22. Oracle Primavera UnifierOracle BI Integration (ERP+ Unifier+ P6)BI Publisher is a “must have” for P6/Unifier users – reporting excellenceDraw data from where it is located – present “one truth” to users
  23. 23. Oracle Primavera UnifierAs a current Primavera P6 user – what does Unifier mean for me?
  24. 24. Oracle Primavera UnifierUnifier presents some interesting opportunities for both new andexisting user of Primavera.Explore opportunities now available with Unifer and PrimaveraExisting P6 users – which product/which function delivers the result?Existing P6 users – is the pain of adopting Unifier worth the cost?New P6 users – build your systems to allow for Unifier now/futureExplore
  25. 25. Oracle Primavera UnifierExisting P6 users – which product/which function?Using Contract Manager – can also use UnifierPortfolio Management – can also use UnifierBPM – still required in P6 – but Unifier Workflow much easierWhere we are, where we need to go – match with Unifier roadmapWhich Direction?
  26. 26. Oracle Primavera UnifierNew P6 Users – architect for maximum benefitConsider integration points – what links with whatConsider shared repositories – minimise duplicationSame versions of database, toolsAlready seeing integration of mobile apps (Unifier, P6)Will P6 become part of Unifier ? Speculation – likely – but when?Systems Architecture
  27. 27. Oracle Primavera UnifierExisting P6 users – opportunities with UnifierNew applications are easiest to take on nowContract Management - use Unifier if you don’t have PCMPortfolio Management – P6 or Unifier – arguments for bothApplications
  28. 28. Oracle Primavera UnifierIf you are using Primavera P6 now – then considerUpgrade to latest P6Use a document repositoryImplement BI PublisherReview your processesReview your securityReview your dataReview your integrations
  29. 29. Oracle Primavera UnifierUpgrade to the latest Primavera P6Oracle is doing a lot of development – Unifier and P6Upgrading to the latest P6 (8.3) – lowest risk with UnifierWeblogic – provides maximum flexibilityIntegration tools – lowest risk with Unifier/other productsLatest Release
  30. 30. Oracle Primavera UnifierUse a document repositoryDocuments a key part of Projects and ContractsP6 can use Webcenter/UCM, SharepointSpeculation that Unifier will use Webcenter/UCMIf P6 and Unifier use Webcenter/UCM but different repositoriesat least you will be able to connect them in Webcenter/UCM
  31. 31. Oracle Primavera UnifierImplement BI PublisherBI Publisher is the integrated reporting toolUsed by both Unifier and PrimaveraProvides a common reporting toolAble to access both Primavera and Unifier data
  32. 32. Oracle Primavera UnifierReview your processesUnifier is a great platform for workflowAre your P6 users using BPM ?Good practice to document/formalise important processesProvides a solid base for future integration with UnifierDecisionProcess
  33. 33. Oracle Primavera UnifierReview your securityRight now Unifier and P6 each have their own securityReview current P6 security (users, access, projects)Align P6 security with Unifier securitySecurity
  34. 34. Oracle Primavera UnifierReview your data#1 Problem of many Primavera P6 using organisationsReview/cleanse P6 dataReview – codes, calendars, projects , templates, resources,costs etcAlign P6 data with Unifier dataCleanseData
  35. 35. Oracle Primavera UnifierReview your integrationsBoth Primavera P6 and Unifier will potentially be integrated with other productsand applications - and with each otherReview current integrations with e.g. ERP, HR, Supply, Assets, Procurement,Payroll to ensure maximum future flexibilityAlign P6 integrations with Unifier integrationsReview
  36. 36. Oracle Primavera UnifierDo my best to answer now – but also happy to take questions via emailGreg Macpherson - National Primavera & Unifier Practice
  37. 37. Oracle Primavera UnifierLink / Resources / RefBI Publisher at oracle.com EPPM at oracle.com at oracle.com Integration for PPM at oracle.com