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Retailer Reveals Training Secrets

Webinar with:

Dane Hanslow (Sr. Manager , Training & Development) and Amanda Worrell (Sr. Manager , Training & Development)

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Retailer Reveals Training Secrets

  1. 1. Train by Cell
  2. 2. About Train by Cell ● Cloud-based, no downloads ● 8 years in business ● No company in U.S. offers our unique approach & tools ● 1,500 clients throughout the world ○ Bloomberg ○ Michelin ○ Goodwill ○ Kimberly Clark
  3. 3. 2 Platforms Text Messaging ● Inbound texting ○ Employees text to join a list ● Outbound texting ○ Schedule texts to lists by calendar date or sequence ● Text chat - 1-on-1 communication Mobile Web Authoring ● Create mobile sites on the fly - feels like an app but no download ● Store content like videos, Word docs, Powerpoints, photos, mp3 ● Create engagements - quizzes, polls, leaderboards - fun tasks to keep them interested
  4. 4. What problem does Train by Cell Solve?
  5. 5. We solve the employee engagement problem ● Email open rates - 25% and falling ● You have libraries full of content not being viewed ● Your current engagement is designed for desktop, not mobile ● Consequently, training is reducing ● Employees feel less connected and engaged
  6. 6. We know how to increase engagement ● Push the engagement action via a text - employees always click ● Keep engagement bite sized; short -- 3 to 5 minutes ● Let employees engage on their cell phone ● Provide content at their fingertips with the mobile web site
  7. 7. Secret Ingredients ● Employees self enroll in various lists by sending a text ● Send a text with a link to the mobile web platform. ○ The text is the nudge and the link takes them to the engagement page ● Schedule the sending of texts by calendar date or by sequence ● Mobile web site turns into a portal of your content or links to where you store content ● Leaderboards add competition and gaming to the experience.
  8. 8. Use Cases
  9. 9. Try it! Text TRAIN to 56512
  10. 10. Training Programs ● Pre class - text links to watch videos, complete work ● During classroom - complete polls, surveys with live screens showing results ● Post - set up “drip” texts to continue learning over next months, with links to videos and exercises
  11. 11. Meetings ● Store all meeting content in the mobile platform (looks/feels like an app) ● Send text message reminders about events ● Create agenda with links to presentations ● Gather instant feedback through texting a link to complete a poll ● Take selfies to add social component ● Load all Powerpoints & docs so employees have instant access to all content
  12. 12. Meetings
  13. 13. Compliance / Testing ● Text a link to employees scheduled for testing ● Employees click link, take test --done in minutes ● All data instantly available to you in Reports Dashboard - download into Excel ● Fast and fun -- more employees will participate
  14. 14. General Info Sharing ● Send texts about company news ○ Not all employees have email account, and those that do aren’t always reading your messages. ● Texting assures you of getting messages read ● Employees want to know about company news and this solves the problem of poor communication
  15. 15. Polling / Surveys ● Create polls, surveys and tests instantly ● Text link to the poll and get results within minutes ● Employees enjoy doing this, compared to answering an email and completing a long survey
  16. 16. Store Content ● You have a digital roomful of content in your LMS or hard drive - store the most important pieces in the mobile web site ● Alternatively, add buttons that take the employee to where the content is stored in your LMS. ● The mobile platform acts both as a repository for content needed instantly, or as a portal where by clicking buttons the content can easily be discovered Train by cell
  17. 17. Our User Interface
  18. 18. Administration Dashboard ● You control admin access ● Your staff can have different access levels
  19. 19. Text Messaging Platform ● Inbound texting - employees opt in to the lists they find interesting ● Outbound texting - you push messaging to people in those lists ● Schedule by calendar date or by sequence (# days in between messaging) ● Add a “text chat” feature to have one on one discussions
  20. 20. Inbound Text Messaging
  21. 21. Outbound Text Messaging
  22. 22. Outbound Text Messaging
  23. 23. Mobile Web Platform ● Design the site to match your branding (or event) ● Build the structure - categories and pages (like Windows Explorer or a table of contents) ● Drag and drop icons to build the individual pages - takes minutes to create an engaging interactive mobile page ● Use text messaging to send the link to that specific page to a specific list
  24. 24. Pick your templates
  25. 25. Add your header and footer
  26. 26. Organize your content
  27. 27. Drag-and-drop icons to build mobile pages
  28. 28. Analytics ● Never wonder if employees are watching your videos, looking at your Powerpoints, or answering questions. We track everything a person does on the site. ● Track by division or group, or even by individual employee - what time they interacted, what they viewed, how they answered ● Download reports into Excel, analyze and make changes to continue increasing participation
  29. 29. Reports
  30. 30. Train by Cell -- Using mobile phones to change the way employees engage
  31. 31. David Asheim Founder/CEO 415.297.6677