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A short presentation introducing FOSSFA - if you would like this in Open Document Format (LibreOffice Impress) so you can adapt it to hold your own presentation, please send me an email

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FOSSFA Presentation - Namibtec

  1. 1. Free & Open Source Foundation For Africa Gerard Jensen Owner: Namibtec
  2. 2. Introducing FOSSFAOverview: Mission & HistoryFOSSFA CouncilWhere You find us in Africa – Our Liaison OfficesProgram AreasWhy join FOSSFA?FOSSFA on Social NetworksPartnershipsQ&A
  3. 3. Our MissionThe Mission of FOSSFA is to:● Promote the the FOSS model● Promote Integration & Adoption of FOSS in National ICT Policies● Lens Expertise to FOSS Initiatives in Africa● Be Africas FOSS Voice● Be the Interface between International & African FOSS Efforts● Contribute to Achievement of the Millenium Development Goals● Promote African FOSS Expertise, Creativity & Industry● Forge Partnerships with Development Organisations
  4. 4. FOSSFA Council Organisations: Executive Patron ● 1 Pan African ● 7 National Council Secretariat Individuals: Members Programs Volunteers ● 14 Members Projects ConsultanciesExecutive & Council elected every 2 Years
  5. 5. FOSSFA Council - IndividualsCurrent Council Members (2011-2012):● Alex Gakuru ● Katim Touray● Brian Ssennoga ● Keutlwile Leso● Christian Roland ● Majid Igangula● Dorcas Muthoni ● Marion Mpanga● Dorothy Gordon ● Nico Elema● Edgar Telesphory ● Nnenna Nwakanma● Judy Okite ● Samer Azmy
  6. 6. Where You Find Us in AfricaCameroon UgandaFOM Georges Brian b.ssennoga@gmail.comEast Africa NamibiaEvans Ikua (Kenya) Joris tatejoris@fastmail.fmKenya ZimbabweBonface Witaba Coley coley.zephenia@gmail.comNigeria TogoSeun Samson Ojedeji Laurent houmavo100@yahoo.frSouthern Africa GhanaKeutlwile Leso Fred fredyeboah@gmail.comSouth Africa SenegalArnold Pietersen Karim
  7. 7. Key Program AreasPolicy MakingEducationCertificationBusinessSoftware DevelopmentNetworkingTraining, Capacity Building & Resource Centers
  8. 8. Key Program AreasPolicy Making● Regional and Sub-regional FOSS studies● Sub-regional and National FOSS Policies● National FOSS bureaus● FOSS Policy advocacy● Consultancies● FOSS Solutions for administration, governance and citizen management● Training for government IT managers● Migration from proprietary to open standards
  9. 9. Key Program AreasEducation● FOSS Clubs in secondary schools● Teacher training in FOSS● Training in programming languages● Organization of educational events● Capacity building – for VC, University presidents● Emphasis on developers and software● Content development● Network developers● Policies for higher institution● FOSS Policy Manual for Vice Chancellors● Championships, awards and prizes
  10. 10. Key Program AreasCertification● An African Certification policy● Subsidization of certification● Support to training centers● Partnerships with international certifying bodies● Certification training● Harmonization of FOSS and IT certifications in Africa● Support to certification candidates● FOSS curriculum that any body in Africa can use for Certification
  11. 11. Key Program AreasBusiness● Strengthening the African FOSS Business Club● Networking African businesses with international partners● Support to the development of innovative business solutions● FOSS business round tables● Business-academia networking● Business to business networking● Business to government networking● FOSS Businesses Directory
  12. 12. Key Program AreasSoftware Development● Support to developers● Open Source Solutions for Millennium Development Goals● Developer clubs, rounds and source camps● Awards and motivational prizes● Research into innovative FOSS solutions● International and continental Exchange programs for African Developers● Developer mentor programs
  13. 13. Key Program AreasNetworking● Promoting African FOSS expertise● Showcasing African FOSS experiences at international instances● Liaison with with the global open source community● Internationalization of the African Conference on FOSS and the Digital Commons – Idlelo● Support to National, and sub regional FOSS Associations, Linux User Groups and clubs● Consolidating the internal structures of the Foundation itself: membership, council, executive, secretariat and project management● Extended donor base
  14. 14. Key Program AreasTraining, Capacity Building & Resource Centers● Government open source resource centers● Source camps● Sustained training for professional groups● Roadshows● Support to training and certification centers● Widening and strengthening of Office training● Establishment and support to Regional Open Source Training and Resource centers.
  15. 15. Why Join FOSSFA?Membership Benefits:● Become a leader in advocating FOSS for African development● Become a successful activist through● Email Forwarding Address with a free email address.● Registration discounts for FOSSFA Conferences - eg. Idlelo Conference● Get invited as participant/speaker on FOSS Related Issues● Access a wide network of FOSS advocates and FOSS experts● FOSSFA Mentoring● Opportunities for mentoring with International FOSSFA partners
  16. 16. Why Join FOSSFA?Membership Benefits (cont.)● Volunteering opportunities● Priority access to FOSS Jobs and Careers● FOSSFA support in job and business recommendations● Priority in FOSSFA Training and Activity funding● Subscriptions to FOSSFA Newsletter and Publications● Email Alerts for FOSSFA journal, magazine, conference proceeding or FOSSFAR newsletter.● FOSSFA Multiple-Year Renewal (up to 5 years) option● Publication of membership list on website, matching FOSS consultants with clients.● Inclusion in FOSSFA membership directory and competences
  17. 17. FOSSFA on Social NetworksFacebook●● #FOSSFA
  18. 18. PartnershipsOSIWA
  19. 19. Questions & Answers (Q&A)
  20. 20. Thank You!Please visit our website: