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Short introduction of EduNet Namibia as presented to the audience of the UNESCO 'ICT Policy in Education Workshop for Stakeholders' held in Windhoek, UN House, on 25./26. June 2012

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EduNet Namibia Presentation

  1. 1. EduNet Namibia ICT Empowerment 2.0Gerard Jensen
  2. 2. Overview● What is EduNet Namibia?● Vision● Mission● Re-Visiting SchoolNet Namibia● Challenges & Opportunities● Activities so far● The Future of EduNet Namibia
  3. 3. EduNet Namibia● “Grassroots” ICT4E Project● Started June 2012 by Namibtec● 60+ Supporters (so far)● Networking Educators● Networking IT Specialists● Based on SchoolNet Namibia Experiences● Bringing ICTs to all Schools in Namibia● “Learn to Use & Use to Learn”
  4. 4. VisionEmpowering the Youth & The Community By Teaching to Use ICTs and Use ICTs to Teach M.C. Escher: Drawing Hands
  5. 5. Mission● Gather Expertise & Support● Network All Stakeholders● Establish Training Schedules● Train PC Technicians & Teachers● Develop eLearning/mLearning Infrastructure● Focus: Open Source, Creative Commons, OER● Ensure Affordability & Sustainability
  6. 6. SchoolNet Namibia● No re-inventing of the wheel● Based on SchoolNet experience● Achieve plausible goals with the right tools
  7. 7. Current Status Challenges● SchoolNet Namibia defunct since 2009● EduNet Namibia currently a project of Namibtec● Available data on schools scarce● Quality of data yet unverified● Logistics not established yet
  8. 8. Current Status Opportunities● SchoolNet expertise fully incorporated● Fully operational training center● Full CRM system in place (tried & tested)● Helpdesk already functional● Start small (Walvis Bay) → expand as required● Already broad local support (60+ supporters)
  9. 9. Targets 2012● Government support for project● Establish Organisation not for gain● Verify & Update School Data● Network all Stakeholders● Deploy local “Pilot” project (July)● Deploy to all Schools in Walvis until End 2012● Train 2 Teachers at each School (Walvis)● Train 2 PC technicians to support Walvis
  10. 10. Strategies● Technical Design – Utilisation of Open Source, Creative Commons, OER – Terminal-Server based Infrastructure – Remote Administration & Local Tech-Support● Training & Education – Teaching Teachers (to teach Students) – Teaching Trainers (to establish Training Centers) – Teaching Technicians (to provide local Tech-Support)
  11. 11. Strategies● Support – Establish Call-Center for Tech-Support – Establish Central Knowledge Base for all Schools – Establish CRM System with current data● Logistics – Bring-In vs. Pick-Up & Replace System – Ticket System & Service Level Commitment – Standard Replacement Intervals
  12. 12. Future of EduNet Namibia● Phased concept (pilot, local, region, nation)● Sustainable development (“Green IT”)● Create local Training Centers● Create local PC Refurbishment Centers● Social Networking of Support-Community● Incorporate Mobile Infrastructure● Low-Budget & High-Performance
  13. 13. Future of EduNet Namibia
  14. 14. Questions & Answers
  15. 15. Thank You!● Website –● Facebook –● EduNet Namibia Social Network & Forums –