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Gizmosys Expense Report, Expense Approval, Expense Claim


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Gizmosys Expense Claim Workflow. Create Expense Report , Sumit for Approval , Finance Approval. Email Approval. Easy tracking of Expense Claims. Duplicate check

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Gizmosys Expense Report, Expense Approval, Expense Claim

  1. 1. A product of Human Resource Management ©Gizmosys Solutions Expense Claim Managment
  2. 2. Gizmosys HRMS Features Gizmosys HRMS HR Management Payroll Management Leave & Time Training Performance Appraisal Recruitment News/Achieve ments/Poll/ Photo Gallery Analytics Reports Exit Workflow Travel & Expense
  3. 3. Expense Claim Management • Expense Report • Travel Request • Approval Workflow • Advance Claim • Finance / Travel Desk approval • Integrate with SAP / Microsoft NAV / Tally • Petty Cash
  4. 4. Expense Report Workflow ©Gizmosys Solutions
  5. 5. Expense Dashboard ©Gizmosys Solutions
  6. 6. Expense Options ©Gizmosys Solutions
  7. 7. Create Expense Report Line Items ©Gizmosys Solutions
  8. 8. Submit Expense Report for Approval ©Gizmosys Solutions
  9. 9. Approve the Expense Report on Email ©Gizmosys Solutions
  10. 10. Approve Expense on Web Application ©Gizmosys Solutions
  11. 11. Approve Expense on Web Application ©Gizmosys Solutions
  12. 12. Online Expense Attachment View ©Gizmosys Solutions
  13. 13. Finance Approval ©Gizmosys Solutions
  14. 14. Expense MIS Report ©Gizmosys Solutions
  15. 15. Expense Admin Options ©Gizmosys Solutions
  16. 16. Gizmosys HRMS Features ©Gizmosys Solutions
  17. 17. Contact Us  Kindly get in touch with us on more details and demo for all the features ©Gizmosys Solutions