Email marketing: Incorporating email into your marketing for cost-effective, driven results


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Email marketing: Incorporating email into your marketing for cost-effective, driven results

  1. 1. Email marketing Incorporating email into your marketing for cost-effective, driven results
  2. 2. What it isn’t
  3. 3. What is it? Text or HTML/graphic-based—we’ll be talking mostly about HTML
  4. 4. What is it?
  5. 5. Why email marketing? Targeted results and ROI Increase sales with cross-promotion and up-and cross-selling Immediate and measurable tracking Update and maintain prospect and client lists Price Direct marketing email rings in at about $0.10 per contact—roughly one-fifth of the cost of direct mail
  6. 6. ROI
  7. 7. Why email marketing? Improve brand awareness and preference Deepen customer preference Build word-of-mouth Show the personality of your company with personal touches, like a blog or Twitter feed Create a two-sided relationship Engage with an interactive presentation [Flash, animation, audio]
  8. 8. How do you implement it? Best to use an outsourced system Tracking and reporting Keep up with technology Managed relationships with ISPs Manage unsubscribes, bounces and subscribers Get sound advice Test, test, test!
  9. 9. Build a list Ask for an email at every opportunity Signup box on every page of web site Give incentives—free white papers delivered online Ask customers and prospects Ask at speaking and networking events, trade shows Explain benefits Double opt-in creates a cleaner list
  10. 10. Build a list How are you asking? No means no Too much, too little? Share your privacy policy Do you have a privacy policy? Ask for preferences in content, frequency Let them know what they’re getting Losing open rates? Ask again Say “thank you”
  11. 11. How to write e-newsletters What do they really want to read? Ask them! Use humor Share hot trends, important tips and valuable offers—but don’t give it away for free Archive and only let “members” read your archives to create further value Survey or interview your readers Abide by CAN-SPAM laws
  12. 12. How to pawn writing off on others Invite guest writers Ask for readers to contribute Get free articles from others Hire a writer Co-brand with another company— carefully!
  13. 13. How to design it Ask a pro :^) Brand it! Design well — headers, table of contents, color, short sentences, lots of space Design to the preview pane and disabled images Be sure to connect to your web site’s various pages, not just your home page [landing pages!]
  14. 14. Target smartly What are your competitors doing? Target by delivery time Split you list up Ready to buy, clients, prospects, dead leads, past clients Customer interests Customer’s place in sales cycle When contract, service or product is ending or running out When economic conditions change Seasonally
  15. 15. Target smartly When they’re unhappy Create a series of emails Create anticipation, response Tie in with other communications Blogging Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Offline marketing Get readers “in” on the secret—use variable direct mail to point users to offers
  16. 16. Measure—and pay attention to it Learn the lingo Really read your statistics and measure them over time Average open rates for house lists are averaging 18%, according to Epsilon; financial services witnessed 35.6% in Q2 2009. What does that mean to you? Open rates, bounces can be deceptive What is getting through? Be creative Mix in text emails, interactive forms in the email, surveys
  17. 17. In the end Get serious about email marketing to realize its results Even though email is a cheaper media, invest time and money to get the best results Utilize experts who understand the media
  18. 18. Thank you! Any questions? Sign up for a copy of this presentation & our e-newsletter! If you’d like to test out the email system, let me know! Lisa Ghisolf > Gizmo Design, Inc. 312.545.9235