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HIV Work Place Policy Biafra Clinic

  1. 1. HIV  WORKPLACE  POLICY  BIAFRA  MEDICAL  CLINIC 14th  November  2012 1
  2. 2. CONTENTS1.    Abbreviations     32.    Acknowledgement     43.    Biafra  Clinic’s  mandate   54.    Legal  framework   55.    Objectives/purposes     76.    Workplace  policy  and  guiding  principles   87.    Workplace  health  promotion     138.    Monitoring  &  policy  review   149.    Functions  of  a  focal  person  and  external         mainstreaming           1510.   Way  forward  /  Plan  of  action       162
  3. 3. 2.  ABBREVIATIONSART   Antiretroviral  TherapyBMWS   Biafra  Muslim  Welfare  SocietyGIZ   Deutsche  Gesellschaft  für  Internationale   Zusammenarbeit,  GmbHM  &  E   Monitoring  and  EvaluationPMTCT   Prevention  of  Mother  to  Child  Transmis-­‐ sionPLHIV   People  Living  with  HIVS/GBV   Sexual  /  Gender  based  violenceSUPKEM   Supreme  Council  of  Kenya  MuslimsSTIs   Sexually  Transmitted  InfectionsVCT/HTC   Voluntary  Counseling  and  Testing  /  HIV   Testing  and  Counseling 3
  4. 4. 1.  ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe  would  like  to  appreciate  SUPKEM  and  GIZ  for  their  support  in  education,  funds  and  professional  help.  We  would  like  to  thank  Selina  Orsi-­‐Coutts,  HIV  &  Gender  Advisor,   GIZ   Health   Sector   Programme   and   Mr.   Ali  Ahmed   HIV   M   &   E   Officer   SUPKEM   for   the   constant  support  in  education  and  information  about  HIV  policy  programmes  because  the  development  of  Biafra  Medi-­‐cal   Clinic   Workplace   Policy   would   not   have   been  possible   without   her   supervision   and   helpful   ideas.  We  also  would  like  to  thank  staff  and  management  of  Biafra   Medical   Clinic   and   all   Board   Members   of   Biafra  Muslim   Welfare   Society   for   their   commitment   for  change   in   the   clinic,   in   particular:   Mr.   Mohamed  Shuguli,   Chairman   of   Biafra   Muslim   Welfare   Society,  Mr.  Juma  Ally  Boy,  Director  of  Biafra  Medical  Clinic  Mr.  Athman   Ibrahim,   Human   Resource   Manager   and   Ms.  Rukiya   Noordin   Imam,   GBV   Technical   Advisor   and  Clinical  Officer  in  chargeThe  staff  members  at  the  time  of  development  of  the  HIV  Workplace  Policy  were  as  follows:   Ms.   Carolyne   Mulwa,   Clinical   Officer,   Ms.  Amina  Mohamed,   Pharmacist,   Ms.   Cecilia   Moturi,   Lab.  Techni-­‐cian   and   Ms.   Perpetual   Maragia,   HIV   Coun-­‐selor,  Recep-­‐tionist.  All  staff  members  participated  in  the  prepara-­‐tion  meetings  for  the  development  of  this  HIV  Work-­‐place  Policy.  4
  5. 5. 3.  BIAFRA  CLINIC’S  MANDATEOur   mandate   is   to   improve   health   indicators   in   our  community  through  delivering  reliable  quality  and  in-­‐tegrated  medical  care.  Working  through  achieving  this  goal  we  saw  the  need  of  an  HIV  policy  for  our  clinic.HIV   plays   an   important   role   in   our   day-­‐to-­‐day   work  because  of  the  exposure  to  infection  and  also  if  already  affected   then   it   already   affected   the   quality   of   work  you  are  going  to  offer  to  Biafra  Clinic’s  clients.Biafra   Clinic   staff   offer   counseling   and   medical   treat-­‐ment   for   survivors   of   gender   based   violence   (GBV)  since   2009.   GBV   survivors   face   a   higher   risk   for   HIV  and   STI   infections   therefore   every   GBV   client   needs  also  HIV  counseling  and  testing,  prevention  and  possi-­‐bly  medical  treatment.We  extend  our  HIV  services  to  the  community  as  we  are  committed  to  give  integrated  health  care  thus  working  towards  improving  health  indicators  holistically.  HIV  infection  should  not  affect  our  ability  to  give  qual-­‐ity  to  our  clients.4.  LEGAL  FRAMEWORKThis   policy   shall   be   implemented   within   the   frame-­‐work  of  the  Constitution  of  Kenya  and  other  relevant  legislation  in  place  as  well  as  propose  as  well  as  pro-­‐posed  legislation  which  includes  the  following:The  Constitution  of  the  Republic  of  Kenya  is  the  su-­‐preme   law   of   Kenya   and   all   other   laws   must   comply   5
  6. 6. with   it.   The   fundamental   rights   in   the   constitution  provide   every   person   with   the   right   to   equality   and  non-­‐discrimination.HIV   and   AIDS   Prevention   and   Control   Act   2006  rights. Section  13:  No  person  shall  compel  another  to  un-­‐ dergo   an   HIV   test   safe   where   a   person   is   charged   with  an  offence  of  a  sexual  nature  under  Chapter  XV   of  the  Penal  Code; Section   22:   Prohibits   the   disclosure   of   an   HIV   test   result  of  another  person  without  his  written  consent; Part  VIII:  It  is  an  offence  for  any  person  to  be  discrim-­‐ inated  against  on  the  grounds  of  actual,  perceived  or   suspected   HIV   status,   in   relation   to   employment   ac-­‐ cess  to  education,  credit,  insurance,  healthcare,  travel,   The   Employment   Act   Cap.   226:   It   sets   out   the   minimum   standards,   applicable   for   conditions   of   employment   relating   to   wages,   leave,   health   and   contracts   of   service   including   termination   of   the   contract.Under   the   Act,   the   employer   shall   provide   proper  healthcare   for   his   employees   during   serious   illness.  The   employer   can   only   discharge   this   function   if   the  6
  7. 7. employees  notify  the  employer  of  the  illness.  The  Act  implies  that  there  should  be  no  discrimination  on  the  grounds  of  HIV  and  AIDS  status.5.  OBJECTIVES  /  PURPOSESWhy   do   Biafra   Medical   Clinic   staffs   need   a   HIV  workplace  policy?Biafra  Medical  Clinic  staff  recognizes  the  seriousness  of  the  HIV  epidemic  and  its  impact  on  the  workplace.  The  Clinic  supports  national  efforts  to  reduce  the  spread  of  infection  and  minimize  the  impact  of  the  disease.  The  purpose  of  this  policy  is  to  ensure  a  consistent  and  eq-­‐uitable  approach  to  the  prevention  of  HIV  among  em-­‐ployees  and  their  families,  and  to  the  management  of  the  consequences  of  HIV  and  AIDS,  including  the  care  and  support  of  employees  living  with  HIV.  The  policy  has  been  developed  and  will  be  implemented  in  con-­‐sultation  with  employees  at  all  levels.  It  is  in  compli-­‐ance  with  existing  laws  regarding  HIV.The   staff   demanded   this   HIV   workplace   policy   to   pro-­‐tect   themselves,   to   protect   people   living   with   HIV   and  to   protect   human   rights;   it   complies   with   national  standards  and  gives  staff  a  guideline.Clinic  staff  would  like  to: Ensure  a  uniform  and  fair  approach  to  the  compre-­‐ hensive   management   of   HIV   positive   employees   and  employees  living  with  AIDS   Reduce  the  risk  of  HIV  infection  through  education,     7
  8. 8. prevention  and  trainings Create  a  supportive  environment  at  the  free  of  stig-­‐ ma   and   discrimination   and   space   on   sharing   infor-­‐ mation,  sympathizing  with  those  affected  by  HIV  or   living  positively    with  HIV Empower   the   staff   and   management   with   aware-­‐ ness   and   knowledge   to   be   able   to   make   informed   choices   Ensure   health   promotion,   care   and   support   to   all   employees  and  families  (counseling  and  treatment) Implement  and  share  best  practice  in  HIV  interven-­‐ tion  at  the  workplace Protect  the  rights  of  those  people  affected  by  HIV6.  WORKPLACE  POLICY  AND  GUIDING  PRINCIPLESBiafra   Clinic   staff   does   not   discriminate   or   tolerate  discrimination   against   employees   or   job   applicants  on   any   grounds,   including   HIV   status.   While   Biafra  Medical   Clinic   staff   recognizes   that   there   are   circum-­‐stances  unique  to  HIV,  this  policy  rests  on  the  principle  that  HIV  infection  and  AIDS  should  be  treated  like  any  other  serious  condition  or  illness  that  may  affect  em-­‐ployees.  It  takes  into  account  the  fact  that  employees  with   HIV   may   live   full   and   active   lives   for   a   number   of  years.  The  Clinic’s  commitment  to  maintaining  a  safe  and   healthy   work   environment   for   all   employees   is  based   on   the   recognition   that   HIV   is   not   transmitted  by  casual  contact.8
  9. 9. Biafra   Medical   Clinic   HIV   workplace   policy   includes  provisions  in  the  following  areas: The  protection  of  the  rights  of  people  living  with   HIV Prevention  through  information,  education  and   training Care  and  support  for  workers  and  their  families   (counseling  and  treatment) Gender   Equity   and   non-­‐discrimination:   Every-­‐ body  shall  be  counseled  or  treated  without  any  dis-­‐ crimination  or  any  differences  made  between  man   and  women,  no  discrimination  or  stigmatization  of   infected  or  affected  staff  and  their  families. All  information  regarding  the  em-­‐ ployee’s  health  status  or  sexual  orientation  will  be   -­‐ tive  issues  that  surround  HIV  infection  and  under-­‐ takes   to   handle   matters   in   a   discreet   and   private   manner.   Where   an   employee   with   HIV   has   revealed   his  or  her  status  to  management,  the  Clinic  staff  will   -­‐ ever  in  line  with  the  Clinic  philosophy  on  the  virus   to  avoid  stigma,  the  employee  will  be  encouraged  to   be  open  about  his  or  her  HIV  status. Rights   and   responsibilities:   Rights   of   employees   who   are   HIV-­‐positive.   HIV-­‐positive   employees   will   be   protected   against   discrimination,   victimization   9
  10. 10. or   harassment.   Normal   company   disciplinary   and   grievance  procedures  shall  apply  equally  to  all  em-­‐ ployees,  as  will  the  provision  of  information  and  ed-­‐ ucation  about  HIV  and  AIDS. Employment   opportunities   and   termination   of   employment:   Opportunities   and   promotion   irre-­‐ spective  of  HIV  status  either  affecting  the  clinic  fra-­‐ ternity   or   community:   no   employee   should   suffer   adverse  consequences,   whether   dismissal   or   denial   of   appropriate   alternative   employment   opportuni-­‐ ties,  merely  on  the  basis  of  his  or  her  HIV  status. Continuation   of   employment   relationship   and   social  dialogue Prevention  of  transmission  of  HIV  through  adher-­‐ ence  to  workshop  hospital  standards  of  operations   and  proper  waste  management. Testing   with   counseling:   HTC   for   all   employees   and   support   of   People   Living   with   HIV   including   gender   issues,   Biafra   Medical   Clinic   rejects   HIV   testing  as  a  prerequisite  for  recruitment,  access  to   training  or  promotion.  However,  the  company  pro-­‐ -­‐ tial  testing. Epidemiological   testing:   Testing   programmes   for   epidemiological  purposes  will  be  subject  to  appro-­‐ priate  consultation  with  recognized  employee  rep-­‐10
  11. 11. resentatives  and  will  be  subject  to  independent  and  objective  evaluation  and  scrutiny.  The  results  of  ep-­‐idemiological  studies  will  not  be  used  as  a  basis  for  discriminating  against  any  class  of  employee  in  the  workplace.  All  testing  will  comply  with  accepted  in-­‐ternational  standards  on  pre-­‐and  post-­‐test  counsel-­‐Giving  back  to  your  community  through  aware-­‐ness   creation:   Appropriate   awareness   and   edu-­‐cation   programmes   will   be   conducted   to   inform  employees   about   HIV   infection   and   transmission  which   will   enable   them   to   protect   themselves   and  others   against   an   infection.   Some   of   these   will  include   the   families   of   employees   and   the   local  community.   Biafra   Clinic   staff   recognizes   the   im-­‐portance   of   involving   employees   and   their   repre-­‐sentatives   in   the   planning   and   implementation   of  awareness,  education  and  counseling  programmes,  especially   as   peer   educators   and   counselors.   Prac-­‐tical   measures   to   support   behaviour   change   and  risk   management   will   include   the   treatment   of  sexually   transmitted   infections   (STIs)   and   TB,  sterile   needle   and   syringe   exchange   programmes  and   the   distribution   of   male   and   female   condoms.    Training   shall   be   arranged   for   key   staff   includ-­‐ -­‐cers;   union   representatives;   trainers   of   train-­‐ers   (both   male   and   female);   peer   educators;     11
  12. 12. Reasonable  time  off  will  be  given  for  participation  in   education  and  training. Involvement  of  People  Living  with  HIV  in  HIV  in-­‐ terventions Care   and   support:   The   promotion   of   employees’   well-­‐being.   Biafra   Clinic   will   treat   employees   who   are   infected   or   affected   by   HIV   with   empathy   and   care.  The  Company  will  provide  all  reasonable  assis-­‐ tance   which   may   include   counseling,   time   off,   sick   leave,   family   responsibility   leave,   and   information   regarding  the  virus  and  its  effect. Work   performance   and   reasonable   accommoda-­‐ tion:  It  is  the  policy  of  Biafra  Clinic  to  respond  to  the   changing   health   status   of   employees   by   making   rea-­‐ sonable   accommodation   in   the   workplace   for   those   infected  with  HIV.  Employees  may  continue  to  work  as   long  as  they  are  able  to  perform  their  duties  safely  and   in   accordance   with   accepted   performance   standards.   If  an  employee  living  with  or  affected  by  HIV  is  unable   to   perform   his   or   her   tasks   adequately,   the   manager   or  supervisor  must  resolve  the  problem  according  to   the  clinic’s  normal  procedure  on  poor  performance/ill   health. :   Employees   living   with   HIV   will   be   treated   no   less   favourably   than   staff   with   any   other   serious   illness/condition  in  terms  of  statutory  and  clinic  bene-­‐12
  13. 13. other  available  services.Healthcare:   Biafra   Clinic   will   help   employees   living  community   (access   ARTs),   as   well   as   counseling   ser-­‐vices,  professional  support  and  self-­‐help  groups  if  re-­‐quired.  Reasonable  time  off  will  be  given  for  counsel-­‐ing  and  treatment.7.  WORKPLACE  HEALTH  PROMOTION i.   Free   medical   checkups   for   clinic   staffs   and   family   annually  for  the  tests  available  in  the  clinic  labo-­‐ ratory. If  after  checkup  some  illness  might  be  discovered   then   the   clinic   will   offer   free   consultation   and   treatment  to  the  drugs  availableii.   Promotion   of   stress   management   by   offering   free   in-­‐house  counseling  to  the  staffiii.   Health  talks  on  healthy  livingiv.   A   team   of   dedicated   Biafra   staff   to   take   care   of   matters   concerning   staff   health   (HIV   committee   &   HIV   focal   point,   also   a   trusted   peer   educator   could  be  mentioned) v.   Male  and  (if  available)  female  Condom  provisionvi.   There  will  be  clinic  day  out  annually  to  relief  burn   out  and  also  promote  bondingvii.   Clinic   management   commits   to   improve   the   13
  14. 14. working  environment  both  internally  and  exter-­‐ nally viii.   Development   of   relevant   IEC   material   and   distri-­‐ bution  in  clinic  for  staff  and  in  community? ix.   Information  material  at  your  resource  center   8.  MONITORING  &  POLICY  REVIEW M  &E:  Report  regularly  on  planned  implemented  and   conducted  activities  and  also  impact  evaluation. -­‐ sible   for   HIV   to   coordinate   and   implement   the   HIV/ AIDS  policy  and  programme.   -­‐ ecutive  board. In  order  to  plan  and  evaluate  its  HIV  policy  and  pro-­‐ gramme   effectively,   Biafra   Medical   Clinic   will   under-­‐ take   a   survey   to   establish   baseline   data   and   regular   risk  and  impact  assessment  studies. The  studies  will  include  knowledge,  attitudes  and  be-­‐ haviour/  practices.  Studies  will  be  carried  out  in  con-­‐ sultation  and  with  the  consent  of  employees  and  their   -­‐ dentiality. This  policy,  and  related  information  on  HIV  and  AIDS,   will  be  communicated  to  all  Biafra  Medical  Clinic  em-­‐ ployees   and   the   wider   public   using   the   full   range   of  14
  15. 15. communication  methods  available  to  the  clinic  and  its  network  of  contacts.This   policy   will   be   reviewed   annually   and   revised   as  necessary  in  the  light  of  changing  conditions  and  the  9.  FUNCTIONS  OF  A  FOCAL  PERSON  AND  EXTERNAL  MAINSTREAMINGA  focal  person  should  have  the  following  functions: Responsibility   for   coordination   of   the   imple-­‐ mentation  of  the  HIV  policy  and  activities Development  of  a  work  plan Presentation  of  the  work  plan  to  management of  implementation Involvement  of  staff  in  the  HIV  workplace  pro-­‐ gramme  /   Involvement  of  volunteers    /  peer  educators Regularly   monitoring   through   reports   to   man-­‐ agement   on   the   performance   of   the   planned   activities Assignment  for  male  and  female  condom  provi-­‐ sion HTC   (VCT)   including     information   about   STIs   and  PMTCT  for  staff,  clients  /  People  living  with   HIV 15
  16. 16. External   Mainstreaming   and   interaction   with   com-­‐ munity   should   happen   through   several   recurrently   campaigns  and  information  days  or  trainings.  Peer-­‐to-­‐ peer  education  is  crucial  to  spread  information  about   HIV  and  AIDS  in  the  community  especially  HIV  preven-­‐ tion  lectures  including  family  planning  for  youth. 10.  WAY  FORWARD  /  PLAN  OF  ACTION Biafra   Clinic   staff   would   like   to   work   out   a   way   for-­‐ ward.  The  following  activities  are  planned:   Development  of  I.E.C.  material  for  HIV Provision  of  HTC  services  and  later  compressive   care  services  in  the  clinic Awareness   campaigns   in   the   community   of   Eas-­‐ tleigh Senior  management  sensitization  of  the  HIV  pol-­‐ icy  /  launch Participation  in  WORLD-­‐AIDS-­‐DAY  on  1st  of  De-­‐ cember Training  of  the  staff  in  HIV  management16