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Gamification in Online Marketing


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How to use Gamification in Online Marketing

Published in: Marketing
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Gamification in Online Marketing

  1. 1. Individual Class Leadership for the Course e Marketing II * In Online Marketing
  2. 2. * * Official Definition: “Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems. Gamification is applied to improve user engagement, return on investment, data quality, timeliness, and learning.” By Wikipedia * Marketing biased definition “Gamification is a dynamic and exciting industry that brings together game mechanics and marketing to create engagement and solve problems.” By Gabe Zichermann Gamification in Online Marketing
  3. 3. * Tasks, Challenges and Rewards Gaming Elements means Business Processes e.g. Marketing Strategy, Sales Process Gamification in Online Marketing Brand Awareness, User Engagement, Loyalty and an interactive Community
  4. 4. * *Gamification is not necessarily playing a game online on your Computer or Smartphone *It is using gaming elements like challenges and rewards in real world marketing strategies to make it more fun for users *This leads to more interactive groups and more insights into the users Gamification in Online Marketing
  5. 5. * Not enough online storage space? Two Options: 1. Freemium Option – pay for more 2. Gamified Option – fullfill tasks to receive rewards What tasks? – Simple tasks for extra MBs Advantages: Dropbox recieves more customers, and a broader social media base to spread their news and people receive more storage Risks: Fake-Accounts, not real Fans in Facbook, etc. Gamification in Online Marketing
  6. 6. * “For Linkedin their product (information) is only as good as the data uploaded by its users” Encourage user with a status bar which shows their Profile completeness to: * Give more private data * Give latest information * Work on Linkedin regularly This small feature could easily be implemented by different eCommerce sites to gain more private data and market insights Works because people don’t want to have 50% if the could have 100% by simply adding some data. Gamification by Gregor Krumboeck
  7. 7. * US based online florist company wanted to improve their interactive online community Introduced a social loyalty scheme Offering points and virtual badges for product reviews, uploading pictures and answering other users’ questions showed in a leaderboard Very successful campaign! * Referral traffic from Facebook to the homepage increased by 105% * 10 fold increase in uploaded pictures, videos and reviews * Most important: 92% increase in conversion rate Gamification in Online Marketing
  8. 8. * * Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problems * It is not playing a game * BUT it makes something more fun for the users * Add challenges, tasks and rewards to serious business processes Gamification in Online Marketing
  9. 9. * Satisfy the desire of customers for challenges and rewards in their lives Receive: * More engagement in your online space * Personal data and market insights * An interactive online community Gamification in Online Marketing
  10. 10. * Gamification is a already known business strategy but a rising star in the area of Online Marketing Gamification in Online Marketing