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May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 1CGAP ConferenceSpeaker BiographiesDay 1Thursday 9thMay 2013Beth Breeze...
May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 2Robert Dufton, CEO, Paul Hamlyn FoundationRobert Dufton is Director of...
May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 3combined this opportunity with a significant commitment to philanthrop...
May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 4Professor Cathy Pharoah, CGAP, Cass Business SchoolCathy Pharoah is pr...
May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 5where he led on research and evaluation, and oversaw the work of the g...
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Speaker biographies Thursday 9th May

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Speaker biographies Thursday 9th May

  1. 1. May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 1CGAP ConferenceSpeaker BiographiesDay 1Thursday 9thMay 2013Beth Breeze, Centre for Philanthropy, University of KentBeth Breeze is based at the University of Kent where she directs the Centre forPhilanthropy. She teaches courses on fundraising, philanthropy and volunteering, andruns a range of research projects including the annual ‘Million Pound Donor Report’. Shehas led on four projects within the ESRC Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy(CGAP) and in May 2013 begins a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship studying thepersonal skills of fundraisers.Professor Sir Ian Diamond FBA FRSE AcSSProfessor Sir Ian Diamond is Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University ofAberdeen, an appointment he has held since 1 April 2010. He was previously ChiefExecutive of the Economic and Social Research Council. He was also Chair of theResearch Councils UK Executive Group (2004-2009) the umbrella body that representsall seven UK Research Councils. Before joining the ESRC, Sir Ian was Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Southampton, where he had been for most of his career.Sir Ian is Chair of the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales and a Trustee ofthe World Wildlife Fund UK and the Iona Cathedral Trust. He is Chairman of theUniversities UK Research Policy Network Committee, Chair of the Universities UKGroup on Efficiency, and a member of the Scottish Science Advisory Council, theCouncil of CBI Scotland and the British Council Scotland Advisory Committee. Sir Ianwas elected to the UK Academy of Social Sciences in 1999, is a Fellow of the BritishAcademy (2005), a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2009) and holds honorarydegrees from the universities of Cardiff and Glasgow. Sir Ian was Knighted in the NewYear’s Honours 2013.
  2. 2. May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 2Robert Dufton, CEO, Paul Hamlyn FoundationRobert Dufton is Director of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, one of the UKs largestindependent foundations. He is a Senior Visiting Fellow at Cass Business School andwill spend the academic year 2013/14 conducting research and teaching at Cass Centrefor Charity Effectivess. He is the Interim Chairman of the National Funding Scheme,which runs Donate a new digital funding scheme for the arts. He is a member of theboard of Arts Council London. He is a founder member of the Development Board of theMuseum of London (of which he was a trustee) and he is Deputy Chairman of theAlumni Association of the University of Bristol (of which he was also formerly a trustee).Prior to joining Paul Hamlyn Foundation he held senior management roles at theHeritage Lottery Fund and the Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts.Professor Angela Eikenberry, University of Nebraska, OmahaDr. Angela M. Eikenberry is an associate professor in the School of Public Administrationat the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) in the U.S. Before her work at UNO, shewas a nonprofit development consultant. Her main research interests includephilanthropy and nonprofit organizations and their role in democratic governance. Shehas published articles in numerous academic journals and her research has beenfeatured on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and in the Stanford SocialInnovation Review. Her book, Giving Circles: Philanthropy, Voluntary Association,Democracy (Indiana University Press) won the CASE 2010 John Grenzebach ResearchAward for Outstanding Research in Philanthropy.Professor Jenny Harrow, CGAP, Cass Business SchoolJenny Harrow is professor of voluntary sector management and CGAP co-director. Herresearch focuses on government–voluntary sector relations, and management anddevelopment in the institutions of philanthropy. She has recently co-edited a specialedition on collaboration between philanthropy and government for Public ManagementReview; and is co-editing the forthcoming Routledge Companion to PhilanthropyProfessor Charles Harvey, CGAP, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University of NewcastleCharles Harvey is Professor of Management and Business History and Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Provost for the Humanities and Social Sciences at Newcastle University,UK. His research focuses on business leadership, enterprise, philanthropy and socialrenewal, and he has recently published in Organization Studies, Human Relations,Business History, the Business History Review and Management Learning.Sir Tom Hunter, Founder, Hunter FoundationTom set up his first business with a £5K loan from his father and £5K loan from the bank.He started selling trainers/sneakers from the back of a van and went on to buildEurope’s largest independent sports retailer, Sports Division, subsequently selling it for£290m in 1998. Tom set up his private equity vehicle, West Coast Capital, in 2001 and
  3. 3. May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 3combined this opportunity with a significant commitment to philanthropy having investedin excess of £50m to date into social causes through The Hunter Foundation. He wasknighted in 2005 for services to entrepreneurship and philanthropy.Dr Diana Leat, Independent, Cass Business SchoolDiana has held research posts in universities in the UK, the US and Australia, as well aswith think tanks including Policy Studies Institute and Demos. Having spent some timefocusing on grant-making foundations, working at London School of Economics and withUCLA in the US, Diana spent a year with the Carnegie Trust in the UK developing aconsortium of social justice oriented foundations, the first research centre forphilanthropy in the UK (CGAP), and compiling a series of case studies on social changephilanthropy. For over 20 years Diana has spent spells as a free lance consultantworking with a wide variety of clients concerned with philanthropy.Diana is currently a Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, London and at theCentre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, QUT Brisbane Australia. In 2010, Dianawas Scholar In Residence at the Rockefeller Archive Centre, New York. She is theauthor of over 100 articles and books on the non-profit sector and social policy,specialising in philanthropic foundations. Diana was a trustee of the Diana, Princess ofWales Memorial Fund in the UK, and a member of the NCVO Advisory Council.Professor Mairi Maclean, CGAP, University of ExeterMairi Maclean is Professor of International Management and Organisation Studies andDirector of Research in the Department of Organisation Studies at the University ofExeter Business School. Her research interests include international business elites,elite power, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, and history and strategy. Recentpublications include contributions to Organization Studies, Human Relations, BusinessHistory, Management Learning, the International Small Business Journal and theSociological Review.Rakesh Bharti Mittal, Bharti Group and Founder, Bharti FoundationRakesh Bharti Mittal is the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Bharti Enterprises,one of India’s leading business groups with interests in telecom, agri-business, financialservices, retail and realty. He actively drives the businesses and has led policy initiativesin the agricultural sector in India. A passionate advocate of right to good education,Rakesh serves on Boards of several educational institutions. Rakesh is the Co-Chairman of Bharti Foundation and its Satya Bharti School Program reaches out to38,000 underprivileged children in villages and provides them free quality educationalong with school uniform, books, stationery and nutritious mid-day meals.Tom McKenzie, CGAP, Cass Business SchoolTom McKenzie is a research fellow at Cass Business School. Within CGAP, he focuseson patterns of giving in the UK, using national household survey data. He co-authoredthe ‘New State of Donation and Giving back to communities of residence and of originreports
  4. 4. May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 4Professor Cathy Pharoah, CGAP, Cass Business SchoolCathy Pharoah is professor of charity funding and co-director of CGAP. She is an expertin charitable funding from all sources, produced the Charity Market Monitor and recentlypublished reports on annual family foundation giving, international grant-making byfoundations and giving by migrants and minorities.Professor Susan Phillips, Carleton University, CanadaDr. Susan Phillips is Professor and, since 2005, has been Director of the School ofPublic Policy and Administration, Carleton University (the longstanding Canadian leaderin graduate education in public administration). Her research focuses on philanthropyand the nonprofit sector, particularly the public policies and regulations that govern thissector. In 2010-11 she was a Visiting Fellow with CGAP and continues to work with Dr.Jenny Harrow and Dr. Tobias Jung as co-editors of the first international handbook onphilanthropy, the Routledge Companion to Philanthropy, to be published in 2013. Withsupport from the Canadian social science granting council, this team is conducting acomparative analysis of ‘place-based philanthropy,’ focussing on the role of communityfoundations in community leadership.Dr. Phillips is board member of the International Research Society for PublicManagement and member of the editorial boards of several Canadian and internationaljournals (including Public Management Review, Policy and Society, The Philanthropist,and the Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Society Economy Research). She also sitson the Policy Advisory Committee of Imagine Canada, is a former member of the boardof Volunteer Canada, and a regular advisor to governments and national nonprofits.Susan is leading the development of Carleton’s Master of Philanthropy and NonprofitLeadership, the first graduate degree in philanthropy in Canada, which will start insummer 2013.Professor Eleanor Shaw, CGAP, University of StrathclydeEleanor Shaw, Phd, MA, is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hunter Centre forEntrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde Business School where she is also Directorof post graduate teaching. Eleanors research interests include entrepreneurial wealthand philanthropy, forms of entrepreneurial capital, social entrepreneurship andentrepreneurial diversity. Eleanor’s recent publications include articles in InternationalSmall Business Journal and Business History. Eleanor sits on the boards of a number ofsocial enterprises including Impact Arts and also on Foundation Scotlands Innovationand Impact advisory group.Rob Williamson, CEO, Community Foundation, Tyne & Wear and NorthumberlandRob is Chief Executive of the Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland( Based in Newcastle upon Tyne, it is the largestcommunity foundation in the UK, holding an endowment of over £52 million, nearly 300donor funds and making grants in the year ending March 2013 totalling £5.4 million. Robwas previously Director of Policy and Communications at Northern Rock Foundation
  5. 5. May 2013 CGAP Conference Speaker Biographies Day 1 5where he led on research and evaluation, and oversaw the work of the grants team.Rob’s career began working with homeless and vulnerable people and he went on to adevelopment role with a council for voluntary service. He then spent three years as apolicy and strategy officer in local government. Rob sits on the board of UK CommunityFoundations and is a trustee of the Millfield House Foundation and Live Theatre inNewcastle. He is also a member of CGAP’s advisory group.About CGAPThe ESRC Centre for Charitable Giving and Philanthropy (CGAP) is the first academiccentre in the UK dedicated to research on charitable giving and philanthropy. Three mainresearch strands focus on individual and business giving, social redistribution andcharitable activity, and the institutions of giving. CGAP is a consortium comprising CassBusiness School, University of Edinburgh Business School, University of Kent,University of Southampton, University of Strathclyde Business School and NCVO.CGAP’s coordinating ‘hub’ is based at Cass Business School. CGAP is funded by theESRC, the Office for Civil Society, the Scottish Government and Carnegie UK Trust.For further information on CGAP, visit

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