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Givemodo 500


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GiveModo Pitch Deck

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Givemodo 500

  1. 1. GiveModo Make Giving Easy
  2. 2. GiveModo The Problem $240B donated through checks
  3. 3. GiveModo The Product Apps built instantly from FB Page Donors give with one tap Dashboard for donation analytics
  4. 4. GiveModo Traction Customers raised $30K through app since Apr ’14 20 paying customers, including Goodwill
  5. 5. GiveModo Team Joe Suh, Hacker • Founder, FB Donate App ($100K donations per month) • Founder, (Seed investment from fbFund, 2009) • Product Manager, Brandon Middleton, Hustler • Founder, Tic Tac Toe Ten (featured on Khan Academy) • Board Fellow, Berkeley Mural Music & Arts • Berkeley Haas Executive Vice-President Haas, UC Berkeley MBA ’15 EECS undergrads Lean Launchpad w/ Steve Blank Passionate about non-profits