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Android Guide for the Givelify Mobile Giving App


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Discover how simple and joyful giving can be with this step by step guide to downloading and sending a gift through the Givelify mobile giving app.

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Android Guide for the Givelify Mobile Giving App

  1. 1. Android App Guide x
  2. 2. Android App Guide x Install the Givelify App from the Google Play Store. Search “Givelify”. Click the “Install” button Search “Givelify” in the Google Play Store”. Install the Givelify App from the Google Play Store by clicking the “Install” button. Launch Google Play Store Search for Givelify App Install The App Install Givelify App
  3. 3. x Launch Givelify App Launch the Givelify App from your device. Enable your location by clicking the “Let’s Go” button. This is needed to quickly locate organizations in your area. Search for the organization you are trying to donate to. Enter city and state separated by commas to get more accurate results. For example, Anointed City of the Lord, Indianapolis, IN. Click the “Give” button to start the giving process. Enable location Search for organization Start Giving Android App Guide Search For Organization
  4. 4. x Choose Your Gift Amount You can choose a pre-defined amount. Or for custom amounts, choose ‘Other’. Select Your Fund Select the fund you would like to give towards. Give (and other options) Click Give OR (Optional) You can add a memo, add more donations, or set to recurring. Android App Guide Give a Custom Amount Enter the amount you would like to give and click ‘OK’. Make Donation
  5. 5. x Sign Up Click ‘Join Givelify’ Sign Up Once you enter your name, email address and password, click ‘Submit’. Android App Guide A B Add photo (Recommended) You can take a photo or choose an existing picture on your phone. Photos help organizations quickly see who donated. A: Join With Facebook Signing up with Facebook is the quickest and easiest method. B: Join With Email
  6. 6. x Add Credit Card and Complete Giving Add Payment After you sign up, click ‘Continue’ Congratulations! You are done. Once you’r giving is complete, we will send you a confirmation email. Enter your card details After you enter your payment information, scroll down and click ‘Give Now’ button. Android App Guide