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5 digital strategies for a successful giving tuesday campaign


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#GivingTuesday is almost here and we have provided you with lots of useful tips to boost your campaign. Get Yourself Ready and Go for It !!

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5 digital strategies for a successful giving tuesday campaign

  1. 1. 5 Digital Strategies for a Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign As we all know that this year, #GivingTuesday falls on November 28. So it is time to wake up and should start to begin campaigns for your nonprofit organizations. This needs planning, creative ideas and some strategies to follow up to boost your campaigns. So here are some digital strategies for your #GivingTuesday campaigns.
  2. 2. Create Your Own #GivingTuesday Brand How about creating your own #GivingTuesday logo? You may have noticed that if you visit to a website, the very first thing you will notice is the logo and banners for the website. By creating your own logo, you can attract the audience by showing up your creativity. You can add logo and banners to your facebook page and encourage people to take interest for your cause. Make sure that your #GivingTuesday logo and donation link should appear on all digital promotions, so that as many times your audience sees your promotion there are more chances that they may donate for it.
  3. 3. Design Helpful Infographics You can create some unique and creative infographics which shows your reason for the donations you are asking for people to make. Also mention the amount so that they can directly go to that page and can make contribution for the same. You can represent your past donations to them and let them know that how their contribution helped so many people. In this way, it creates a positive impact and can increase your overall donations.
  4. 4. Release Good Content It is always recommended that you keep reminding your supporters about #GivingTuesday, how it is going to help others and its importance. By creating a timeline, sending emails, publishing blogs, tweet, posting on Facebook and Instagram, and using a branded hashtag, you can exchange your thoughts with people through your content. Try to connect with your supporters emotionally, tell them stories how your organization helped many lives, this will make them feel to donate for your organization.
  5. 5. Selfie is love for people these days. How about engaging people with #Unselfie campaign? Sounds great right! Involve people in this campaign, ask them to share their selfies after they make contribution. Ask them to share their selfies on social media platforms and circulate the post with by tagging their friends and family. As this is psychological also if our known person donates to some organization then we are more likely to donate for the same. Bring More Supporters through an #UNselfie Campaign
  6. 6. According to a research, in 2016 only, people donated over $1.6 million to #GivingTuesday campaigns worldwide, through the use of mobile giving apps. This option gives an ease to your donors while they are scrolling down their phones. By providing mobile giving option to your donors may add more donations to your campaign. Mobile Giving allows quick and easy experience as your donors won’t have to fill the long registration forms and they can easily donate while using their smartphones.Use Mobile Giving
  7. 7. #GivingTuesday is almost here and we have provided you with lots of useful tips to boost your campaign. Get Yourself Ready and Go for It !! Conclusion 2 North Riverside Plaza, Suite 1350, Chicago, Illinois 60606 Website: Tel. (312) 850-4134 Email: