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Give A Kid A Backpack

  1. 1. Business Proposal September 2010
  2. 2. Give a Kid a Backpack is tax deductible 501c 3 nonprofit organization that works towards enriching the lives of impoverished children around the world with backpacks filled with school supplies through the partnership with other nonprofit organizations.
  3. 3. • Low operating overhead • Over 70,000+ backpacks distributed throughout the world (150,000 pounds) since 2004. • Established nonprofit with track record • Established logistics partners which help avoid tariff fees • Established partners and network • 100% volunteer organization
  4. 4. •Tools for School •Hope for Education •Clean Out for Kids •Intercultural Awareness •Community Involvement
  5. 5. What are the plans for the future of Give a Kid a Backpack and Room It Up?
  6. 6. Market Analysis Targeted Audiences   a. General Public.- Our general target audiences are people of all ages. b. Corporate.- A corporation’s social responsibility is aligned to how they manage their business with clients, employees, and communities worldwide. c. Nonprofits/Churches-Tax exempt nonprofit organizations submit requests to Give a Kid a Backpack for backpacks to be given to the children they serve.
  7. 7. Give a Kid a Backpack Brand Ensure product quality and low cost.  Respond quickly to sponsors/ donors concerns.  Make it easy for our sponsors/donors to give us feedback on our products. Provide setup and delivery service for the event Be major distributor and participant 3-5 Back to School Bash Events in other major cities in the U.S. The goal is to distribute 10,000 backpacks at each event per year.. The potential cities are Orlando, Baltimore, Louisiana, Chicago and/or Los Angeles.
  8. 8. Orlando Back to School Bash 2010 9000 Backpacks distributed
  9. 9. • Quality backpack • Pens • Pencils • Notebook • Pencil pouch • Two folders • Pencil sharpener • Eraser • Ruler • Box of crayons • Two glue sticks • Scissors • Note of encouragement What is included in a Backpack fill with school supplies?
  10. 10. Give a Kid a Backpack and GKB Holdings Branding and Revenue By 2013…   Integrate Give a Kid a Backpack (nonprofit) and GKB for profit into the Room It Up Corporation. Strong brand name -Back to School Bashes to take place in four + major cities throughout the U.S. Generate $1 million annual revenues through the sales of GKB Holdings, grants, fundraising, donor, sponsors and a percentage of the RIU sales.  Build relationships with Fortune 100 organizations.  Expand distribution to 25+ countries. Staff: 4-6 employees + 4 internship positions. The staff would be divided into  The goal is to distribute 100,000 backpacks per year. Out of the 100,000 backpacks a year.  Support stainable projects such a building school in underdeveloped, scholarship and water projects.  Open a second in a Central American country.
  11. 11. Financial Revenue GKB Brand backpacks for corporate, nonprofits, churches Distribution shipping & handling In-kind donations from corporate and general public Grants Individual donation Charitable mission Fundraisers Events Cost Program Operations: All resources focused on training, collection, facilities and shipping and distribution personnel Fundraising: All resources for sales marketing, website, PR, proposals, business development, event. Administration: All resources for management, office support and overhead. Licensing fee of GKB brand Grant based upon: environmental, charitable mission, job creation, operating expense, events
  12. 12. Company Responsibilities   Give a Kid a Backpack nonprofit    National School Supply Recycling  Building School  Distribution to Impoverish children  Educational Programs  NGO Partnership  Community partnership GKB Holding Brand  Monetizes GKB brand  Licensing GKB brand  Backpack/ Educational Product sales by RIU  Corporate /Nonprofit/ Churches Sponsorship sales.