UBC Medical Residents 2013


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Powerpoints for a 5-min lightning talk on July 9th, 2013 for 300 residents

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  • I’m here to talk to you about UBC Library services to support residents in all years And even though UBC Library is moving quickly to providing online service models we still have one physical teaching hospital library at the Diamond Centre here at VGHAs shown in this photo The biomedical branch library, part of the UBC Library system, is on floor II of the Diamond Centre; it has about 20,000 print books, offers wifi and about 75 seats and quiet study spaces if you want to escape the hustle/bustle of the clinicMy office (shown by the circle) is on the opposite side of the atrium and you can set up an appointment with me any time at the e-mail address provided
  • Although we don’t physical libraries at St. Paul’s hospital or BCCW hospitals, there are librarians that you can contact for assistanceSome of the services we (as a group) provide are:We help you find things, answer your questionsHelp you find various documents and statistics.. And even dataWe can discuss efficient search strategiesAnd help you develop literature search skills or simply recommend databases to search such as Medline, Embase and otherswe can take recommendations for the purchase of electronic and print materialsAnd if you are doing a systematic review, set up a meeting with us to work out your topicWe will also show you how to use Google & Google scholar more efficientlyIf you are interested in a class on any of these topics, please let me knowWe also teach residents how to use reference managers such as RefWorks …or if you are interested in using one of the currently free tools on the web, let us know
  • So currently there are two medical libraries within the UBC library systemOne is at the Woodward library on the Point Grey campus of UBC (bottom left)The other is in the Diamond Centre where my office is (bottom right)Currently, there are no libraries at either BCCW (Hamber library) or the St. Paul’s hospitalOn the positive side, you can contact a librarian through me to book an appointment if you are at one of those teaching hospital sites
  • For UBC medical residents working outside of Vancouver but within BCThere are libraries in hospitals and universities in most UBC teaching sitesI can introduce you to the nearest health or hospital librarian so that you can get the help you needAnd you can build the skills you need to work effectively in finding information during your post graduate yearsSo I look forward to meeting you, and thank you for listening
  • UBC Medical Residents 2013

    1. 1. UBC Library Services for PGYs/UBC Residents 2013 Dean Giustini | UBC Biomedical Branch Librarian | x62392 VGH Paetzvold Auditorium | June 8th, 2013 Librarian’s (my) office
    2. 2. For UBC medical residents, we can … • Help you find stuff • Answer your questions e.g., literature, stats, grey lit • Discuss search strategies with you • Do a quick lit review • Recommend databases beyond Medline • Explain differences between PubMed & Medline • Take print book recommendations • Help with systematic reviews • Meet with you to hash out your topic • Explain how to get ‘hard to find’ material • Show how to use Google & Google Scholar more efficiently • Teach a group how to use RefWorks • Use tools such as Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote Dean Giustini | UBC Biomedical Branch Librarian | x62392
    3. 3. UBC Teaching Hospital Libraries UBC Hamber Library UBC St. Paul’s Hospital Library UBC Biomedical Branch Library, DHCC UBC Woodward Library, main campus My office … Dean Giustini | UBC Biomedical Branch Librarian | x62392
    4. 4. UBC medical residents elsewhere in BC? …ask your local health / hospital librarian Dean Giustini | UBC Biomedical Branch Librarian | x62392