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PubMed Shortcut Searching 2014


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Another handout for physicians, nurses and pharmacists at UBC and Vancouver hospital

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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PubMed Shortcut Searching 2014

  1. 1. PubMed Search Shortcuts 2014 Need help with a PubMed search? Contact FIELD NAME Author TAG DESCRIPTION [au] Author name ex: jones ae [au] jones a* [au] (wildcard retrieves jones a, jones ab etc.) "jones a" [au] (quotations forces search for “jones a”) [1au] First author search Author affiliation [ad] Institutional affiliation (first author only) ex: university of britishcolumbia [ad] AND medical [ad] Journal title [ta] Use abbreviation, full titleor ISSN ex: nejm [ta]1533-4406 [ta] Publication date [dp] date published, YYYY/MM/DD ex: 2014/01/01 [dp] (day &month optional) "last n days" [dp] (also months or years) 2014/01:2010/03 [dp] (date range) Entrezdate [edat] Date added to PubMed YYYY/MM/DD ex: 2014/01/15 [edat] (same date format order Y-M-D as publication date search above) MeSHterm [mh] Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) ex: Common cold [mh] "Ascorbic acid" [mh] (“quotes”force phrase) "Ascorbic acid" [mh:noexp] (no narrower terms included) Pharma-action [pa] Pharmacologic action of substance ex: diuretics [pa] diuretics [pa] AND caffeine [nm] caffeine as diuretic MeSH (Major Topic) [majr] Major MeSH topic or descriptor ex: Common cold [majr] "ethics, medical" [majr] Substance name [nm] Name of chemical ex: Hexamethonium[nm] Beta carotene [nm] use spaces; no parentheses Enzyme number [rn] CAS Registry Number or EC Number ex: 71-00-1 [rn] Publication type [pt] Types, e.g. practice guideline, reviews, clinical trials ex: practice guideline [pt] Language [la] Language of article ex: english [la] Title/abstract [ti] Words in title “Vancouver”[ti] title & abstract[tiab] ex: “Vancouver”[tiab] Textword [tw] In abstract, title, MeSHfield, “author provided” keywords ex: H1N1 [tw] PubMed ID [uid] PubMed Unique Identifier, or PMID ex: 19888999[uid] PubMed Search Shortcuts 2014 Need help with a PubMed search? Contact Citation Status Subsets Usewith Boolean operators ex: “internet addiction” AND in process [sb] = recent articles without MeSH (i.e. not yet indexed) SEARCH medline [sb] publisher [sb] in process [sb] (NOT medline [sb]) oldmedline [sb] Articles 1880-1961 DESCRIPTION Medline; searches indexed articles only (with MeSH terms) Citations as supplied by publisher; no MeSH In process citations; no MeSH assigned yet All articles with noassigned MeSH Articles in pre-66 period (1948-1965) Try IndexCatfor 1880-1961 Subject and clinical queries search Specialized commands to invoke search strategies or filters eg. ("common cold") AND (Therapy/Narrow[filter]) = Clinical queries‘therapy-specificity’ eg. (bloodlettingAND history [sb]) finds articles = ‘history of bloodletting’ SEARCH systematic [sb] history [sb] bioethics [sb] aids [sb] cancer [sb] tox [sb] cam [sb] DESCRIPTION Systematic reviews History of medicine Bioethics AIDS Cancer Toxicology Complementary and alternative medicine Journal subsets To search subsets use this syntax = jsubset?, where ? is subset abbreviation (below) ex. (neoplasms AND jsubsetaim) finds cancer articles in Abridged Index Medicus (aim) ABBREVIATIONS aim d e h k n q t x JOURNAL SUBSETS Core clinical journals in Abridged Index Medicus Dentistry journals Bioethics journals Health administration journals Consumer health journals Nursing journals History of medicine journals Health technology assessment journals AIDS/HIV journals Limit to free fulltext only free full text [sb] free online access through PubMed Central or other Need help with PubMed searching? Contact