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Google 2.0 For Librarians


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Based on the session for educators "Out Google Your Students" from the mini-literacy day in June 2010

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Google 2.0 For Librarians

  1. 1. Google 2.0 for Librarians Dean Giustini, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian What happened to the Google Librarian Central newsletter? The Google of 2010 is no longer merely a search engine giant – it is also a 2.0 media company. So, how does Google support those who teach its tools? According to its website, Google supports all educators who want to expand the digital frontiers of knowledge and teach information literacy using Google’s many tools and resources. Use this guide to explore what you might demonstrate in a class with your Googlers. • i.e. Google for Educators • & Google workshops Some important tools, in alphabetical order:  Google Account special features -  Google Alerts get email updates from Google • monitor news stories; follow celebrities, pop stars, athletes, events or issues  Google Blogger - o Google Blog Search -  Google Book Search - (personal library My library)  Google Chrome - browser built for speed, stability and security  Google Desktop - search your computer for something  Google Docs (collaborative tools combined with social media i.e. Web 2.0)  Google Groups -  Google Images - Image Swirl  What’s in development (in beta) at Google? o Google Labs -  Google News -  Google Reader (also iGoogle -  Google Research research philosophy here  Google scholar Google Searching Google has many special features to help you and your students find exactly what you are looking for; some of our most popular features include: • Everyday search essentials Reference tools Selecting keywords • Find local information Planning a trip Refine your search Google guide Cheat sheet Dean Giustini, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian Google 2.0 For Librarians [link to workshop], June 20th, 2010
  2. 2. Google Earth • Google Earth - embed video tours, look at the sky, play flight simulator. Students get a real kick out of seeing familiar places from overhead Learn how to record your own tours in Google Earth 5.0! • Getting to know Google Earth • Google Earth Education • Hudson River Plane Landing (US Airways 1549) (YouTube) • Video results for flight 1549 annimation Google Moon & Sky • Google Moon - o What am I looking at? o Can I see moon data using the Google Earth client? o How accurate are these maps? Where does the data come from? • Google Mars • Learn about JMARS data distribution page or NASA Mars Mission • Use Google Sky - • Google Maps in Education • • Cool things in Google Maps o Drilling through earth  3-D Warehouse for Google Maps Google Mashups  Avoid catching a cold Buy beer in Ontario  Calculate distance between two airports Calculate cab fare in New York City  Check time in a world location Check what's on the other side of the world  Check the weather Convert currency  Find a ski resort anywhere in the world Find nearest Starbucks  Find a world webcam Find a Canadian Library  Find a world port Fly a plane  Map 7 Wonders of the World Measure your run or commute  Make a Google mashup Plan a London tube journey  Track a flight on Google Maps Simulate a flood to show damage effects  Search Google Maps in full screen See where UFOs have landed Dean Giustini, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian Google 2.0 For Librarians [link to workshop], June 20th, 2010
  3. 3. Other Fun Things To Google  Beat It! (Just Google) Parody  Dilbert and Google  Google Earth: ten fun things to do o  Google Health organize your medical records  iGoogle -  Knol - …share what you know; aims to include Wikipedia-type articles on a range of topics  Google Moms - tributes to moms for Mother’s Day Specialized search portals for students into computers:   Google Sites create websites and group wikis  Google Knol (a wiki) o (Share what you know) Google SketchUp  o Education and Sketchup - o Google 2009 Design A Bridge Competition for Students o Cathedrals and Churches of the World  Google Talk - IM and call your friends through your computer  showcase of ideas, send comments to Google  Google Calendar - organize your schedule, share events with friends, create other tools • Google Pack Google Jobs What’s it like to work at Google? Take a look inside the ‘Googleplex’ Dean Giustini, M.Ed, MLS, UBC Reference Librarian Google 2.0 For Librarians [link to workshop], June 20th, 2010