Measuring research impact citation metrics handout


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A handout to accompany our ppts for October 25th workshop

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Measuring research impact citation metrics handout

  1. 1. Measuring Research Impact: Introduction to Citation Metrics 2013 Sheryl Adam | Dean Giustini | UBC reference librarians | February 19th, 2013 | K216: 11am-noon AGENDA I. Introductions ~ our names ~ your names II. Overview of issues | tools III. Practice time for Google scholar | Web of Science IV. DiscussionResources, powerpoints & links from this presentation can be found near the top of this wiki: http://hlwiki.caDatabases & Tools (see also page 2) • ImpactStory Tell the full story of your research impact is an experimental tool that is co- authored by a UBC postdoctorate researcher Heather Piwowar that combines internet metrics with traditional scholarly metrics • Thomson Reuters Web of Science (WoS) provides access to articles that cite other articles; impact factors; separate sections for social sciences, arts and humanities, and science. 23 million source papers. Companion tool is InCites (new to UBC Library) • Google scholar citations - keep track of your citations; check who is citing your publications, graph citations over time, and compute several citation metrics • Wikipedia Cite-o-Meter, Top 100 publishers by citations in Wikipedia # of times journal articles from particular publishers are cited in 100 largest WikipediasArticles to read later • Abbott A. Do metrics really matter? Nature. 2010;465:860-862. • Bergstrom C. Eigenfactor: measuring the value and prestige of scholarly journals. College & Research Library News. 2007. • Bollen J, Van de Sempel H, Hagberg E. A principal component analysis of 39 scientific impact measures. PLoS ONE. 2009;4(6):e6022. • Bornmann L. Citation impact of papers published from six prolific countries: a national comparison based on InCites data. arXiv. 3 May 2012. • Harzing Anne-Wil. The publish or perish book: your guide to effective and responsible citation analysis. Tarma Software Research Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, 2010. • Kousha K, Thelwall M. Google book search: citation analysis for social science & the humanities. JASIST. 2009;60(8):1537-1549. doi: 10.1002/asi.21085 • Li X, Thelwall M, Giustini D. Validating online reference managers for scholarly impact measurement. Scientometrics. 2011;91(2):461-471. • Vanclay JK. Impact factor: outdated artefact or stepping-stone to journal certification? Scientometrics. 2012;92(2):211-238.
  2. 2. Citation metrics – Where can I find them? Databases Subject(s) Tips for searching UBC Access Link No citing referencesABI/Inform International business but bibliographies are information; US-mostly searchable Use "CitedAcademic Journals in 99% of References" feature,Search disciplines top blue tab (mainComplete search page) Use "Cited Thousands of businessBusiness Source References" feature, journals from 1965 to top blue tab (main present search page) Select “SummaryPlus”Elsevier Journals published by or “Full Text + Links” & Elsevier then “Cited By” Books, journals, Narrow by disciplineGoogle Scholar proceedings, more in and/or date in Google Books most disciplines; advanced search coverage unclear Books, essays, journal Use "CitedHistorical articles on European & References", top blue World history (1955-) tab (main page) Journals, proceedings,IEEE Xplore "Cited by" feature is in books, standards, Library brief display engineering, compsci Full text from most Full display, see Items disciplines; esp. socialJSTOR citing this item; sciences & humanities results from GS 1800 -MathSciNet Mathematical sciences See full display for
  3. 3. citations, listed upper literature right Click citation check Open access box & “Cited in PMC”PubMed Central biomedical research from display pull- down menu Use "Find Cited Books, book chapters,PsycINFO Articles", and then journals & more Cited by “Cited By” buttons areSociological Books, book chapters, available in full journals & more records Science (1900-present) Times Cited; useWeb of Science | Social Sciences (1956- "Cited Reference present) | Arts & InCites Search" tab for most Humanities (1975- complete search present) “Cited By” buttons inWorldwide International journal full records; seePolitical Science literature in political documents withAbstracts science & related fields shared references
  4. 4. EVALUATION OF THIS SESSION – ADAM/GIUSTINII. How useful was this session? Very useful Useful Not Useful At AllComments: _________________________________________________________II. On a scale of 1 to 5, how important are future library sessions on the following:Google scholar searchingVery important Important Neutral Not Important Don’t knowWeb of Science (author impact-journal impact)Very important Important Neutral Not Important Don’t knowInCites (institutional impact)Very important Important Neutral Not Important Don’t knowComments: _________________________________________________________III. How likely are you to attend an advanced session on this topic in the future?Extremely likely Likely Neutral Not Likely DependsComments: _________________________________________________________