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LIBR 534 class 4 2017


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A discussion of reference sources

Published in: Health & Medicine
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LIBR 534 class 4 2017

  1. 1. • Structure of tonight’s class #4 • Review of content via quiz (12 questions) work with your partner • Talk about assignment #3 due Jan 31st • “Top Information Sources in Biomedical Reference Services” • Federer & Florance articles – discussion “information in context” • Break at 7:00-7:10pm / – short one at 8pm • Announcements – all • News sharing re: health & medicine • HLABC event, Jan 23rd, 2017 LIBR534 - Health information sources & services
  2. 2. Top InformationSources in Biomedicine
  3. 3. Can you find information on Haloperidol? Is it approved for use in Canada? Patron: A thirty year old literate female diagnosed with schizophrenia hears about Haloperidol from websites; wants more information before seeing GP. Facets __________________________________________________________ Sources: • MedlinePlus (for information on Haloperidol) • eCPS (RxTx) • Health Canada Common “drug” question / need list of drugs / QVs of the NLM classification Example #1 (reference question)
  4. 4. I’m looking for a physician in Ottawa, Dr. Claire Kendall. Where did she go to med school & what’s her specialty? Patron: A medical student. Met physician at a conference. Wants to know more. Facets __________________________________________________________ Sources: • Canadian Medical Directory • College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) All Doctors Search Directory question / need list of physicians / W22 of NLMC Example #2 (reference question)
  5. 5. I need the definition and “etymology” for the word, anemia. What causes anemia anyway….? Is there a diet I can use…? Patron: A 50 yr old male patient was diagnosed with anemia. Somewhat anxious in the reference interview. Low literacy. Consumer health information. Facets __________________________________________________________ Sources: • Dictionary • Handbook • Website Common “condition/disease” question / need basic information / option for a full explanation of problem Example #3 (reference question)
  6. 6. What is human papilloma virus? Can I get a vaccine for my teenage son? Patron: A licensed nurse practitioner interested in information. Good medical information literacy. Consumer health information through to research level. Facets __________________________________________________________ Sources: • Adolescent health text/virology • Handbooks? Textbooks? General practice? • Government websites Question about virus - infection / need basic information to research level / option for research articles; perhaps Health Canada Example #4 (reference question)
  7. 7. Is there a video I can watch on angioplasty? My 75 yr old mother is having the procedure next week. Patron: A middle aged male whose mum is having an angioplasty. Needs a video. Has checked YouTube and Google. Facets __________________________________________________________ Sources: • Website • Video collections? Common procedure question / need basic information / good simple visuals Example #5 (reference question)
  8. 8. Florance (2002) & Federer (2013) DISCUSS one of the articles (the one you read) 10-12 minutes  Florance V, Giuse NB, Ketchell DS. Information in context: integrating information specialists into practice settings. J Med Libr Assoc. 2002 Jan;90(1):49-58.  Federer L. The librarian as research informationist: a case study. J Med Libr Assoc. 2013 Oct;101(4):298-302. Valerie Florance, Associate Director National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health Lisa Federer, Research data informationist, NIH Library federer/21/aa9/b29