Law Library 2.0 (VALL) bibliography


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Law Library 2.0 (VALL) bibliography

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS FOR LAW LIBRARIANS: a presentation to the Vancouver Association of Law Libraries (VALL) see: http://hlwiki.caBlogs • American Bar Association - • Martindale Blog - • Slaw is Canada’s Online Legal Magazine - • Social media law update – • Supreme Court blog • English Medieval Legal Documents (600-1535) wiki – page=HomePage • ITWiki – • Jurispedia – • Wikilaw – • Wikileaks – • Wikipedia Law Portal - media • Employees Terminated for Cause for Facebook Postings. Canadian Employment & Pension Law. Nov 2010. The British Columbia Labour Relations Board ("BCLRB") upheld terminations of two employees for posting on Facebook disrespectful, damaging and inappropriate comments about their co-workers and employer. It is believed to be the first clear Facebook firing case in Canada. • Law firm turns to Facebook to promote class action suit; Facebook used to promote class action suit The Canadian Press. Toronto: Dec 10, 2010. law-firm-turns-to-facebook-to-promote-class-action-suit • Lawyers Guide to Collaboration Tools and Technologies: Smart Ways to Work Together (ABA, 2008) • Ontarios AG calls for debate on social media in courts hub=OttawaHome
  2. 2. • Searching for Details Online, Lawyers Facebook the Jury Attorneys Seek Cues on Potential Jurors in Networking Sites • Social Media as Evidence: New Legal and Ethical Frontiers employment-law/watch-social-media-as-evidence-new-legal-and-ethical-frontiers/ • Social Networking and its Effects on eDiscovery. EDD Update Law Technology News and Legal Technology. ediscovery.html • Social Networking: For Lawyers Only? Robert J. Ambrogi. • Social Networking for the Legal Profession - http://www.ark- • Adams, EA. (2008). Web 2.0 Still a No-go: Lawyers slow to adopt cutting-edge technology. ABA Journal. yes/ • Baker MLD. (2010) Social Networking in the (Law) Library: can you do that? Library Technology Conference. • Baranich, M. (2010). HeinOnline Takes a Diversified Approach to Legal Research Training. Legal Information Management, 10(2), 120-123. • Bennett, Steven C. (2009). Social networking for the legal profession. • Furtado, V et al. (2010). Collective intelligence in law enforcement – The WikiCrimes system. Information Sciences, 180(1), 4-17. • Hocking, AH. (2009). Selected liability issues: social networks and blogs. Computer & Internet Lawyer. 26(1):12-19 • Jackson, DW. (2010). Collaboration Versus Communication: Selecting the Appropriate Tool. Law Library Journal, 102(2), 315-324.
  3. 3. • Lustigman, A. (2010). Web 2.0: How is it being Used? What can it do for Law Firms?. Legal Information Management, 10(3), 235-238. • Mullan, J. (2009). Should we be more Social? Law Librarians and Social Media. Legal Information Management, 9(3), 175-181. • Mullan, J. (2009). How are law firms using Enterprise 2.0? Library & Information Update, 46-49. This article examines how web 2.0 is used in law firms in sixteen firms. Findings show that social media is implemented using an array of tools for a range of information services. By contacting managers in the original study, new developments were uncovered in web 2.0 for these law firms. • Murley, D. (2009). Law Libraries in the Cloud. Law Library Journal, 101,2. Applications used by law firms include tax systems, accounting, timekeeping, e-mail spam filtering, litigation support, data hosting, and office productivity. • Peoples, LF. (2009). The Citation of Wikipedia in Judicial Opinions. Yale J.L. & Tech. 1, 6 (reports results of exhaustive survey of every judicial opinion citing a Wikipedia entry). • Simmonds, T. (2009). KS and Tell: Harnessing Web 2.0 at the College of Law. Legal Information Management. 9(4);235-239. • Skenderija, S. (2008). Law Library 2.0: New Roles for Law Librarians in the Information Overload Era. Cornell Law Faculty Working Papers. Paper 36. • Soghoian, C. (2009). Caught in the cloud: privacy, encryption, and government back doors in the web 2.0 era. Journal on Telecommunications and High Technology Law. • Whelan, D. (2010). Finding and Managing Legal Information on the Internet. Canada Law Book. Online book is available for free here: • Social Media as Evidence: New Legal and Ethical Frontiers employment-law/watch-social-media-as-evidence-new-legal-and-ethical-frontiers/