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AI and Automation in the most valuable business decisions. Leveraging REJ (Rapid Economic Justification) to identify the best use of AI. Presentation from the Infosys AI Summit in Miami.

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  1. 1. AI WITH AN ROI AI and Automation in Business Decisions By: Adj. Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella
  2. 2. AGENDA 1. AI And Machine Learning Defined 2. What Business Decisions Have an ROI with AI 3. The ROI Case Study for a Steel Manufacturer.
  3. 3. What only humans used to do What Business Decision Have the Highest Potential ROI thanks to AI?
  4. 4. Economic Justification is both a PMI Project Envisioning and CFO Requirement Action Free summary at:
  5. 5. Finding Value Driven Hypothesis . OEE CSF (Critical Success Factor) Use data to improve operations and increase FCC(Fre Cash Flow)
  6. 6. Manage Operation KPIs With Data Insights
  7. 7. As The Data Insight and Automation Increase, Costs Decreases and OEE Take Off Foundation Advanced Differentiating Asset Utilization and Maintenance • Avoid unexpected downtime • Avoid over- and under- maintenance • Operate Asset as a Service • Take preemptive corrective actions Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) • Create New Business Models Cost of Incidents and Maintenance • Free up Working Capital, Margin Contribution • Provide Global Support Intelligence Reports ERP, Maint. Data • Value Creation through Human and Machine Intelligence
  8. 8. Business Decisions Where AI in Generating Free Cash Flow Business Decisions Assited By AI What Parts Have Failed? Which Parts will Fail Before in the Next 90/180/270 Days? Stream Analytics from Sensors Two-Class Classification Multi-class Regression Anomaly Detection Un-supervised Specialized Libraries (Vibration) When Will More Than x% of the Production be Outside Quality SLAs Free Cash Flow (FCF) Capital ExpenditureWorking Capital Given the Developing Trend What Scenario Is Developing? What Are The Consequences Of Situation X? When will the Asset Fail? When will The Top 10 Expensive Parts Fail? Postpone and Consolidate Interventions Reduce Rework Due To Machinery Tuning How Many of These Type of Bearings will Survive 10K Hours? Reduce Intervention Of External Experts Reduce Spare Parts Inventory INSIGHTS
  9. 9. Download book summary at: By: Adj. Prof. Giuseppe Mascarella AI WITH AN ROI AI and Automation in Business Decisions