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Load testing for Dummies - LDNA 11-2018

Limerick DotNet-Azure User Group (LDNA) 18 November 2018 Meetup (
Load testing for Dummies

About load and stress testing, in the context of web applications and services. An introduction to the tools and techniques to generate load and analyze behavior.
- Purpose of testing
- Emerging Problems
- Basic model
- Tools: JMeter, Visual Studio, Gatling
- Test rigs: custom, Azure CLT, BlazeMeter

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Load testing for Dummies - LDNA 11-2018

  1. 1. Load Testing for Dummies Mihał Luskaz 16 November 2018 & Giulio Vian
  2. 2. Volunteers?
  3. 3. Agenda Purpose of testing Basic model Emerging Problems Tools: JMeter, Visual Studio, Gatling Test rigs: custom, Azure CLT, BlazeMeter
  4. 4. Purpose of load testing
  5. 5. Technical Goals Benchmarking Force defects to emerge code, configuration, architecture Capacity planning Breaking point Sensitive data leakage
  6. 6. Business Goals Guarantee performances Forecast growth Budget expansion
  7. 7. Bottom line impact Google Half a second delay caused a 20% drop in traffic. Even very small delays (100 ms) would result in substantial and costly drops in revenue.
  8. 8. Basic model
  9. 9. Queueing and Resource depletion Client SUT Dep1 Dep2Client
  10. 10. Healthy behaviour +Error rates +Tools errors Relative Load Latency Required threshold Max N seconds 100%60% Throughput Usage
  11. 11. Emerging Problems
  12. 12. Emerging Problems Connection pool exhaustion File locks Database locks (Thread) deadlocks Memory exhaustion
  13. 13. Consequences Domino Effect Lack of scalability
  14. 14. How you read this? Relative Load Latency Required threshold Max N seconds 100%60% Throughput Usage
  15. 15. Tools
  16. 16. Script & Runners JMeter Visual Studio (.webtest / .loadtest) Gatling Selenium ×Unit family *custom & many more… Traits Recording Scripting language Extensible Local runner
  17. 17. JMeter Recording Handling sessions and data
  18. 18. Test rigs
  19. 19. Load generators Azure Cloud load testing CA BlazeMeter SOASTA (Akamai) CloudTest HPE LoadRunner *custom & more… Traits Scalable Emulate clients (user agent) Load progression Automatic data collection Pluggable runners
  20. 20. Gatling Load patterns Monitoring
  21. 21. Wrap-up 21
  22. 22. Costs Writing and maintaining scripts Wait Time Load-generating resources
  23. 23. (Photo: Elya) Resources Sisyphus Choosing to invest 23
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