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How's relevant JMeter to me - DevConf (Letterkenny)

devConf LK 2019
Letterkenny, 23 February 2019

How do compare Visual Studio Web & Load Test with JMeter? Can I replace one with the other? How hard is this open-source tool? Do I need to install and/or learn Java?

We will answer these questions and more with a practical introduction, exploring:
- Basics of JMeter
- Recording
- Collecting and analyzing results
- Tokens and parametrization
- Scenarios and distributions
- Setting up a test rig

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How's relevant JMeter to me - DevConf (Letterkenny)

  1. 1. #devConfLK2019#LKMUG Letterkenny,Ireland How’s relevant JMeter to me? Giulio Vian – DevOps Lead – Glass, Lewis & Co.
  2. 2. #devConfLK2019#LKMUG Letterkenny,Ireland devConf LK 2019 Saturday, Feb 23rd 2019 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM LYIT, Port Road, Letterkenny LK MUG LK2019 Event Partners
  3. 3. JMeter who? JMeter!!! What happened to VS? I once hear this load testing thing
  4. 4. Agenda Load testing basics JMeter Authoring Distributed Load testing Compare with Visual Studio & CLT
  5. 5. Load testing basics
  6. 6. Performance is a Feature «there are two kinds of websites: the quick and the dead»
  7. 7. Response time 0.1 second is about the limit for having the user feel that the system is reacting instantaneously, meaning that no special feedback is necessary except to display the result. 1.0 second is about the limit for the user's flow of thought to stay uninterrupted, even though the user will notice the delay. Normally, no special feedback is necessary during delays of more than 0.1 but less than 1.0 second, but the user does lose the feeling of operating directly on the data. 10 seconds is about the limit for keeping the user's attention focused on the dialogue. For longer delays, users will want to perform other tasks while waiting for the computer to finish, so they should be given feedback indicating when the computer expects to be done. Feedback during the delay is especially important if the response time is likely to be highly variable, since users will then not know what to expect. Miller, R. B. (1968). Response time in man- computer conversational transactions. Proc. AFIPS Fall Joint Computer Conference Vol. 33, 267- 277.
  8. 8. Queueing and Resource depletion Client SUT Dep1 Dep2Client
  9. 9. Test Rig Testing implies monitoring Client SUT Dep1 Dep2Client Monitor
  10. 10. Healthy behaviour +Error rates +Tools errors Relative Load Latency Required threshold Max N seconds 100%60% Throughput Usage
  11. 11. JMeter Authoring
  12. 12. What is JMeter? Buy one get three Script editor Visual Studio Web Test Runner Visual Studio Load Test Distributed runner Azure Cloud load testing Does not manage the test rig for you Free & widely used Apache JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources, Web dynamic applications. It can be used to simulate a heavy load on a server, group of servers, network or object to test its strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.
  13. 13. JMeter basics JDK 8 / 9 I prefer XCopy deploy GUI, -n, server yeah, docker too
  14. 14. Recording
  15. 15. Collecting and analysing results
  16. 16. No Metrics
  17. 17. Tokens and parametrization
  18. 18. Scenarios and distributions
  19. 19. Demo JMeter Templates Recording Elements of a script XML script (just like VS)
  20. 20. In summary Record using browser Rinse and refactor Throw garbage away Parametrize and extract data External data feeds esp. Users
  21. 21. Distributed Load Testing
  22. 22. Setting up a test rig (1/2) Create the VMs Set environment variables for Java and JMeter; e.g. using a script like jcmd: Title Java Environment set JAVA_HOME=%~dp0jdk set PATH=%PATH%;%JAVA_HOME%bin;%~dp0bin cmd /k cls Client (controller) remote_hosts=TEST-RIG1,TEST-RIG2,TEST-RIG3 server_port=4000 client.rmi.localport=4001 server.rmi.port=4000 server.rmi.localport=4001 server.rmi.ssl.disable=true The last one is necessary to work around this bug
  23. 23. Setting up a test rig (2/2) The Server (rig) should have server_port=4000 client.rmi.localport=4001 server.rmi.port=4000 server.rmi.localport=4001 server.rmi.ssl.disable=true Open firewall ports Invoke-Command -ComputerName "TEST-RIG0","TEST-RIG1","TEST-RIG2","TEST-RIG3" - ScriptBlock { New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName 'JMeter Server' -LocalPort "4000-4010" - Profile Any -Direction Inbound -Protocol 'TCP' -Action 'Allow' -Enabled 'True' New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName 'JMeter Server' -LocalPort "4000-4010" - Profile Any -Direction Outbound -Protocol 'TCP' -Action 'Allow' -Enabled 'True’ }
  24. 24. Run test using rig Server (rig) jmeter-server -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=%COMPUTERNAME% Use Task Scheduler UserToLoginAsBatch.ps1 Client (controller) jmeter -n -t …Test.jmx -l …Test.log -r Tune Java memory
  25. 25. Integrate in a pipeline Cloud-based Apache JMeter Load Test task Convert JMeter XML to JUnit
  26. 26. In summary DIY Choose between SSL and firewall Allocate resources Get from a service
  27. 27. Visual Studio
  28. 28. Why JMeter is interesting to a Visual Studio developer? Visual Studio 2019 will be the last version with load test features. preview#test-tools
  29. 29. Comparison Visual Studio + CLT CA BlazeMeter for an automated cloud rig Gatling (also Java-based)
  30. 30. In summary Tools are similar Process always the same Create / Edit Run Analyse Repeat
  31. 31. Conclusion
  32. 32. Bio in pictures 32 @giulio_vian Hardware spec: 1KB RAM (upg. 16KB) 4KB ROM First computer Companies Communities
  33. 33. Donegal
  34. 34. Bibliography & References based-load-test Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications AWS Well-Architected Framework - Performance Efficiency Pillar 34
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  38. 38. The End