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Operational Excellence - Oil and Gas Major Projects


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Operational Excellence for Oil and Gas Major Projects. Do you want to Build you talent, reduce your costs and ensure your projects are delivered on time and budget?

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Operational Excellence - Oil and Gas Major Projects

  1. 1. Transforming Complex Operations for Optimum Excellence Operational Excellence Methodology and OEM Talent Academy for the Energy Industry
  2. 2. Something Different… OEM OEM is a consultancy with a different approach…. because the OEM trademark strategic diagnostic approach delivered in a “bespoke” way provides key stakeholders with an effective insight into multiple levels of complex Energy Projects and business strategies. ….that makes a difference
  3. 3. Something Different… OEM
  4. 4. Creative Solutions for Complex Operations… OEM OEM superior diagnostic …. In collaboration with you, OEM implements creative solutions for the transformation requirements to Operational Excellence. This means Energy leaders will confidently be able to prove that they are running their assets to the highest possible standards. ….creates transformational changes
  5. 5. OEM Creative Solutions for Complex Operations…
  6. 6. Implementing Smooth Transformation… OEM Allowing projects and people…. OEM incorporates due diligence into every day working life with clarity for individuals by giving them a code to work to. It is highly adaptable and can be re-engineered at each project milestone and re-used to ensure continuous improvement. ….to perform at optimum levels
  7. 7. OEM Implementing Smooth Transformation…
  8. 8. Producing Results to Support Strategic Outcomes… OEM A unique phased roadmap…. Having productive people, and process in place is essential to capitalise on your assets. OEM provides a packaged structure to ensure that your current process, procedure and productivity levels are meeting operational excellence standard. ….resulting in optimal performance
  9. 9. Producing Results to Support Strategic Outcomes… OEM
  10. 10. Unlock Talent with the OEM Academy… OEM Behavioural engineering…. Talent management is critical to the energy industry. It is well reported that expertise is locked into the more experienced professionals. OEM Talent Academy creates roadmaps for talent transfer and succession planning that produces high performing individuals and teams. ….for optimal performance
  11. 11. Unlock Talent with the OEM Academy… OEM
  12. 12. Taking the next easy step … OEM Transformational change…. The OEM diagnostic and solution focused approach to transformational change provides clients with the winning edge that all succesful organisations are looking for… The next easy step to operational excellence is only a conversation away… ….gives you the winning edge
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