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Published on 3.0

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Wednesday 186

  1. 1. 3.0 and Beyond Voicing the Community Louis Suárez-Potts Community Manager Sun Microsystems
  2. 2. What is... is both a global community and a global product The global community makes what it is: Everyone's productivity suite, no one's monopoly
  3. 3. Community makes the difference is a community where: • Anyone can contribute to and all can use for free • Where major corporations work with local companies and individuals • We work together to build a suite of tools that gives voice to users in every region of the world
  4. 4. A stronger community... Our community has just gotten a lot stronger We welcome our new members: RedFlag 2000 and IBM They join Sun, Novell, Red Hat, and other large and small companies, as well as thousands building And they bring resources to match our ambition: To be the first choice for all Regardless of language or circumstance
  5. 5. Achievements... To date, we have already achieved a great deal: > 100 million downloads > In 100 languages > And on every major operating system > ...soon, including Mac OS X Aqua... > Using the only ISO approved format for office documents > While being interoperable with other suites has succeeded in freeing the desktop
  6. 6. Our challenge All this is not enough We need to move beyond the limits of the isolated desktop We need to make easier to build, extend, use We need to make it the first choice and best suite for Web collaboration And we need to inform, engage and involve the user community
  7. 7. 3.0: A shift in focus... • A global participation and collaboration suite using Web 2.0 features • A new Personal Information Manager (Outlook replacement) • Enhanced interoperability with other suites and formats • More productivity tools • Toolkits for ODF and extensions development
  8. 8. What is an extension? • A mini-app giving all users the power to extend the suite • It introduces new functionality or content like templates or galleries or even more sophisticated tools • Deployed as a UNO package with file extension *.oxt • Double click installation • Single or multi-user installation • Online update enabled • Extension settings and help integrates into
  9. 9. Feature highlights: Calendar client for Thunderbird • Supports local and server-based calendars • Task management • Month, week, day view • Multiple calendars support • Free/busy management • Connector to the Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP), iCal, WebDAV, CalDAV and Google Calendar
  10. 10. PDF Import, Hybrid PDF, PDF/A • Hybrid PDF contains embedded ODF • PDF Import into Draw for layout preservation • PDF/A support • PDF Export improvements for security
  11. 11. Web 2.0 support • Create weblogs • Create wikis • ... and whatever extensions offer!
  12. 12. Sun Report Builder • Creating database reports • Using the Report Engine 'JFree' from Pentaho BI
  13. 13. New Chart • New Chart types like regression curves, 3D exploded pie, 3D doughnut, 3D smooth lines, etc. • New Chart Wizard • Flexible source ranges • Enhanced logarithmic scales • Enhanced Data Editor
  14. 14. MS Office XML 2007 Import Calc: Improved Pivot tables and new Solver New platform:
  15. 15. More releases and features ... • Netbeans integration: Build extensions with Netbeans and use APIs more efficiently
  16. 16. More features ... ODF Toolkit • Online and extension update • Icon redesign • Windows Vista integration • Native tables in Impress • Improved notes • Rectangle selection in Writer • Reworked chapter numbering in Writer • Improved extensions manager • ... and a lot more •
  17. 17. 3.0 highlights Top features New Personal Information New Chart engine with new ● ● Manager chart wizard and types PDF import and export Presenter console for ● ● Impress with multi screen Web 2.0 support with ● support blogging & wiki component MS Office XML 2007 import New report engine for Base ● ● Improved Pivot tables and Improved extension ● ● new Solver in Calc management... New Platform: Mac OS X ... and many extensions ● ●
  18. 18. When? Spring – Summer 2008
  19. 19. 3.0 and Beyond Louis Suárez-Potts