Srila Prabhupada On Devotee Care


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  • Srila Prabhupada On Devotee Care

    1. 1. Srila Prabhupada’s Instructions on Caring for Devotees
    2. 2. Letter to: Sri Galim, Delhi, 20 November, 1971 One who teaches can be treated as Spiritual Master. It is not that after we become initiated we become perfect. No. It requires teaching. So if we take instruction from them, all senior godbrothers may be treated as guru, there is no harm. Actually, you have only one Spiritual Master, who initiates you, just as you have only one father. But every Vaisnava should be treated as
    3. 3. Letter to: Karandhara, Delhi, 3 December, 1971 Now you must guide them very nicely in Krishna Consciousness, because you are a veteran devotee and practically speaking the future of our Krishna Conscious Society rests in the hands of my older disciples. Give them all facility to perfect their lives
    4. 4. Letter to: Satadari, Los Angeles, 7 July, 1974 A shiksa guru is anyone who can give spiritual advancement. You take instruction from my books, and if you are unable to understand any portion of the books, then you can get it explained by any senior devotee, whether Madhukanta or anyone else.
    5. 5. Letter to: Mandakini, Los Angeles, 8 February, 1970 Please learn our Krishna Consciousness way of life from the good guidance of the older devotees there.
    6. 6. Letter to: Malati, Los Angeles, 6 March, 1970 I have asked them to take instruction from you, one of their elder Godsisters. Whatever you have learned-you are one of the old students-whatever you have gathered by experience, you must hand them over to the
    7. 7. Letter to: Goverdhan, 1975 So. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 90034, March 6, 1970 You should ask guidance in understanding Krishna Consciousness from your elder God- brothers.
    8. 8. Letter to: Kasturika, Los Angeles, 25 April, 1970 Now try to learn our philosophy very nicely with the help of your elder God brothers and sisters.
    9. 9. Letter to: Kenneth, Bombay, 17 November, 1970 When you have some difficult point you can ask advice from Sriman Hayagriva or your elder Godbrothers.
    10. 10. Letter to: Satsvarupa, Bombay, 25 November, 1970 You are right to say that the example and kindly guidance of our elder members in the Society is the most profound force for motivating our students both new and old towards advanced Krishna Consciousness. Neglect of following the regulative activities and so- called advancement on the basis of self-motivation are both offensive. One should sincerely try to bring himself to the stage of devotional
    11. 11. Letter to: Tradhis, Nagapatni, Gorakhpur, 11 February, 1971 Please take encouragement and guidance from your elder Godbrothers and sisters and be happy in Krishna Consciousness.
    12. 12. Letter to: Sukhada, London, 4 August, 1971 If there are any questions, always refer them to your elder godbrothers and sisters.