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Economic Development Websites at CALED 2002 Annual Conference


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Economic Development Websites presentation at the California Association for Local Economic Development 2002 Annual Conference

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Economic Development Websites at CALED 2002 Annual Conference

  1. 1. Best Practices in WebSite EconomicDevelopment:Internet for effective business linkages,business attraction and workforcedevelopmentAnatalio UbaldeGIS PlanningCalifornia Association for Local Economic DevelopmentAnnual ConferenceSan Diego, CaliforniaApril 2002
  2. 2. Internet Statistics
  3. 3. •Over 300 Million on the Internet•1 million more each month•Social, cultural & economic change•Rapid ChangeState of the Internet
  4. 4. 63% of Americans usethe Internet85% of collegegraduates use theInternetSource: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  5. 5. 79% of businesses have usedgovernment web sites,73% say the ability to findinformation or conducttransactions over the Internethas made it easier to dobusinessSource: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  6. 6. 87% of businesses say itshould be a priority forgovernment to invest inmaking more information andservices available over theInternet.Source: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  7. 7. “As an information engine,the Internet is the future ofEconomic Development ”Wayne SchellCEO/PresidentCALED
  8. 8. Vincent Flandersco-author ofWeb Pages That Suck"Now, people look at a poorlydesigned site and ask, Do wewant to do business withthem?"
  9. 9. Presentation:Deanna Weeks &Jo Marie DiamondEast County EconomicDevelopment
  10. 10. Presentation:Linda WongLos Angeles CountyWorkforce Collaborative
  11. 11. Online WorkforceDevelopment
  12. 12. Los Angeles Collaborative• A three-year (1998 - 2001) project toimprove content and delivery ofeducation and training services byaligning programs with needs of existing& emerging industries.
  13. 13. LA Collaborative Partners• Employment Development Department• L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce• L.A. County Department of Public Social Services• L.A. County Economic Development Corporation• L.A. County Office of Education• L.A. / Orange County Community Colleges Consortium• South Bay Workforce Investment Boardrepresenting L.A. County’s 8 WIBs• California Workers Assistance Program AFL-CIO
  14. 14. Context• Connect:– Business/Employers– Employees– Training Facilities• By Geography
  15. 15. Workforce Training• Locate Institutions that provideemployment training• Search by:– Industry– Location
  16. 16. Workforce Training
  17. 17. LA Workforce
  18. 18. Importance of theWeb for BusinessAttraction& Site Selection
  19. 19. Jeff FinkleCEO/PresidentInternational Economic Development CouncilApril 2001“Site Selectors are seekingever more detailed, updatedonline information"
  20. 20. • The importance of Web Marketing forEconomic Development increased two-fold in3 years (1996-1999)• The Web is predicted to have the largestgrowth of any economic developmentmarketing tool• An Economic Development Web Site is moreeffective than direct mail, advertising &telemarketingSource: 1999 Development Councellors International SurveyImportance of the ED Web Site
  21. 21. • 40% of all site-selection projects beginon the Internet• 84% of site-selectors access theInternet in the process• Top media for site selectors:“knowledge web sites”Site-Selection ConsultantsSource: Wadley-Donovan, Whittaker Associates, Trent Boozer, U.S. Sites & Development, IEDC Econ. Dev. Now
  22. 22. Site-Selection• 85% of Expansion & RelocationDecisions are made without the help ofa professional consultant.• The site selection research by thisgroup is performed after business hours& weekendsSource: Wadley-Donovan Group
  23. 23. Presentation:Anita HawkesVallejo Chamber
  24. 24. Online Promotion ofLocal Businesses
  25. 25. Promote Local Business• Search for local businesses by– Type/Industry– Nearby Location• Promote spending & services in yourown community• Use Generic or Specialized Web SiteApplications
  26. 26. Link to web site – Mapquest
  27. 27. Link to web site – Yahoo
  28. 28. Linking to Standard Web Site• Benefits:– Affordable– Simple• Liabilities:– Promotes other businesses outside of yourcommunity (priority to paid ads)– Cannot control quality of data– Cost
  29. 29. Create Your Business Finder
  30. 30. Napa Business Finder
  31. 31. Online TourismPromotion & VirtualTours
  32. 32. Virtual Tour Example
  33. 33. Virtual Tour Example
  34. 34. Thank you!Anatalio