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American Planning Association 2001 New Orleans - Online GIS for economic development


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American Planning Association 2001 New Orleans - Online GIS for economic development

  1. 1. Internet EconomicInternet EconomicDevelopment & BusinessDevelopment & BusinessAttraction:Attraction:Best Practices for Leveraging yourBest Practices for Leveraging yourWeb SiteWeb SiteAnatalio UbaldeGIS PlanningAmerican Planning AssociationNational ConferenceNew Orleans, LouisianaMarch 12, 2001
  2. 2. TopicsTopics• Economic Development & theInternet• E-government statistics• Web GIS Dynamic Web Pages
  3. 3. • Over 322 Million on the Internet• 1 million more each month• Social, cultural & economicchange as powerful as theindustrial revolution• Rapid ChangeState of the InternetState of the Internet
  4. 4. Internet Statistics• Radio: 38 years• Television: 13 years• Cable: 10 years• Internet: 4 yearsSource: Computer Industry AlmanacYears To ReachYears To Reach50 Million Homes50 Million Homes
  5. 5. e-Governmente-GovernmentStatisticsStatistics
  6. 6. 63% of Americans use the63% of Americans use theInternetInternet85% of college graduates85% of college graduatesuse the Internetuse the InternetSource: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  7. 7. 79% of businesses79% of businesseshave used governmenthave used governmentweb sitesweb sitesSource: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  8. 8. 76% percent of private &76% percent of private &non-profit organizationsnon-profit organizationsbelieve e-government willbelieve e-government willmean better governmentmean better governmentSource: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  9. 9. 87% of businesses say it87% of businesses say itshould be a priority forshould be a priority forgovernment to invest ingovernment to invest inmaking more information andmaking more information andservices available over theservices available over theInternet.Internet.Source: Council for Excellence in Government, September 2000
  10. 10. Economic DevelopmentEconomic DevelopmentInternet MarketingInternet MarketingGrowthGrowth• Two-fold Increase in threeyears (1996-1999)• Predicted to have largestgrowth of any economicdevelopment marketing toolSource: 1999 Development Councellors International Survey
  11. 11. Comparative CostComparative CostEffectivenessEffectiveness• Internet/Web Site is moreeffective than:–Direct Mail–Advertising–Telemarketing• Are you putting your money inthe right place?Source: 1999 Development Councellors International Survey
  12. 12. Speed of the DealSpeed of the Deal(Residential)(Residential)• Clients who did not use theInternet:–Took 4 months to buy–Viewed 21 homes• Clients who used the Internet–Took 1 month to buy–Viewed 5 homesSOURCE: The Cororan Group
  13. 13. Site-SelectionSite-Selection• 85% of Expansion & RelocationDecisions are made without thehelp of a professionalconsultant.Source: Wadley-Donovan Group
  14. 14. Site-Selection & the WebSite-Selection & the Web• Companies are seeking outinformation on their own• 40% of all site-selectionprojects begin on the Internet• 84% of site-selectors accessthe Internet in the process
  15. 15. What does this mean?What does this mean?• New & Enhanced Services• Strategic Web Marketing• Competitive Advantage• Expanded Presence
  16. 16. Why the Internet?Why the Internet?• Real-time accuracy• 24 / 7 / 365• Internet Use & Demand• It works (more later…)• You can do things with theInternet you couldn’t do before
  17. 17. Vincent Flandersco-author ofWeb Pages That Suck"Now, people look at a"Now, people look at apoorly designed sitepoorly designed siteand ask, Do we wantand ask, Do we wantto do business withto do business withthem?"them?"
  18. 18. ED Internet BreakthroughED Internet Breakthrough• Internet GIS• Online Site-selection• Demographic & Business Analysis• Parcel, Zoning & GP information• Real-time data
  19. 19. ED Internet GISED Internet GISbreakthrough sitesbreakthrough sitesCity of Rancho CucamongaCity of VallejoCity of ConcordCity of San MateoCity of TucsonCity of
  20. 20. City of VallejoCity of Vallejo
  21. 21. City of RanchoCity of RanchoCucamongaCucamonga
  22. 22. City of San FranciscoCity of San Francisco
  23. 23. City of ConcordCity of Concord
  24. 24. City of PittsburgCity of Pittsburg
  25. 25. City of TucsonCity of Tucson
  26. 26. New Model for EconomicNew Model for EconomicDevelopmentDevelopment• Draws from existing models, butis now on-line in real time• Saves staff time
  27. 27. ““To get the informationTo get the informationyou want, do you wantyou want, do you wantto make 20 calls…to make 20 calls…or 1 click?”or 1 click?”Anatalio UbaldeCUED Expansions and Relocations ConferenceTampa, FloridaNovember 12, 2000
  28. 28. Reasons for this ProgramReasons for this Program• Centralize data & decentralizeaccess• Empower businesses• Unique and spatially-based marketanalysis• More Business• More Public Revenue
  29. 29. What this means for RealWhat this means for RealEstate Brokers & OwnersEstate Brokers & Owners• Free Marketing• Direct Leads• Money in the Pocket
  30. 30. Brokers & the InternetBrokers & the Internet“Technology will not replaceRealtors. Realtors usingtechnology and the Internet willreplace Realtors not using it.”–Stefan Swanepoel, President andCEO, Coldwell Banker AssociatesGroup
  31. 31. Summary FunctionsSummary FunctionsAnswers Three Basic Questions(and a lot of detailed ones):• Is there property?• Is there a market/workforce?• What companies arecompetition or synergistic?
  32. 32. ImplicationsImplications• Completely Transferable• Expanded Information Services andAccess• Improved Productivity & ResourceSavings• Decrease Client Trips to City Hall• Competitive Advantage• Decrease Transaction Cost
  33. 33. Who thinks this is a good idea?Who thinks this is a good idea?Economic Development Organizations• Council for Urban Economic Development (CUED)• American Economic Development Council (AEDC)• US DOC Economic Development Administration• American Planning Association (APA)Business/Media• The Wall Street Journal• NBC & ABC News• Los Angeles Times• San Francisco Business Times• Arizona Daily Star• Governing• American City & County
  34. 34. SummarySummary• Empower the Public with GoodInformation• Cost Effective• Three Booming Areas– GIS– Internet– Reinventing Government• Model for Other Cities
  35. 35. For More Information orFor More Information orto Visit the Applicationsto Visit the