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Animoto Tutorial


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Animoto Tutorial

  1. 3. What is animoto? Animoto is a web application that turns pictures and text into beautiful video clips with the click of a button. Use it to create content for your lesson plans, assignments, or course materials - and have your students create their own educational pieces
  2. 6. Regular accounts will only allow you to make short 30 second videos. You are ready to start working on your video. Click ‘create video’ and Animoto will then walk you through the three steps required to create a video. 1) Get your imagery, 2) Get music, and 3) Finalize with details .
  3. 7. Windows Movie Maker : Using Windows Movie Maker Making a movie using Windows Movie Maker can be divided into three easy steps: import, edit, and publish.
  4. 9. Maximizing Speaking Opportunities with Animoto and Movie Maker. Brainstorming. Before starting, have students decide how they will organize their video. They should negotiate a theme, pictures, sequence of pictures, text and soundtrack. The teacher can brainstorm with the class a variety of sentences, key words and phrases around the chosen topics.
  5. 10. GOLDEN PROJECT This is the Movie Maker Project elaborated by Ricardo Guaranys, a teacher in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, Rio de Janeiro and his Plus 6 students.
  6. 11. Now it's your turn!