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Exams, are they really necessary, final exam, assessments


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Exams, are they really necessary?

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Exams, are they really necessary, final exam, assessments

  1. 1.  There are students who do well during classroom assignments but get nervous when writing final exams, causing their minds to go blank. Some other students don’t attend class regularly and can receive passing grades as easily as the others. In cases such as this, it is obvious that they have crammed. This does not truly measure their level of knowledge.
  2. 2. As stated by Linda Suskie –good assessments, educateand improve studentperformance, not justexamine it.Linda Suskie, holder of B.A. in QuantitativeStudies and M.A. EducationalMeasurement and Statistics
  3. 3.  Class Debates Short Written Exercises  Journals  Real-life Problems  Reports  Group Work  Oral Presentations  Portfolios
  4. 4.  More practical  Time consuming application of skills  Difficult to score fairly More valid  Lecturers may differ Room for creativity greatly in their Effective for higher evaluations level thinking &  Do not effectively authentic learning demonstrate lower Simulate the real lever thinking, such as world recall of knowledge Integrate different  May threaten students skills such as who limit their reading, writing, learning to cramming speaking and or doing it at the last listening minute
  5. 5. According to Dr.William Klemm,professor ofNeuroscience, theultimate goal ofeducation shouldbe to teach peoplehow to think andsolve problems.