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A year @Hult Women's Association


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Summary of a great year

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A year @Hult Women's Association

  1. 1. Life in: Hult Women’s Association Patricia Bezerra Gisele Feldman M. Eugenia Mladineo Nokwazi Mzobe Betty Wangu
  2. 2. Johari Window & Expectations Activity• Cut from magazines images that represent your past, present and future.• Organize them under the following (slide 4) template as in the example (slide 3)• Helped by the visual aid, tell your story in front of the group, how you feel now and what do you expect from the years to come
  3. 3. Memories Today Future
  4. 4. Memories Today Future
  5. 5. Moments Together Friendship
  6. 6. Hult Women’s Association• Mission: Empower women to participate in leadership positions in the business world and our society in general promoting womens achievements and contribution.• Strategy: Educate members about topics related to leadership, diversity, work-life balance, career advancement, and networking.• Our network provides access to professional women from all over the world who encourage and support women initiatives, community involvement, career guidance, networking and mentoring.• Tagline: Empowering Women, Raising Standards!
  7. 7. Helpful TipsHelpful Contacts:• Karina Liendo (Hult Alumnus IBM) came to Miss Representation Event• Jiaxin Chen (Hult Alumnus Olympus) for Miss Representation was busy, could be contacted again.Hult Women Association Boston 2011-2012• Gisele Feldman: President• Nokwazi Mzobe: VP Projects• Betty Wangui: VP PR• M. Eugenia Mladineo:VP Branding• Patricia Bezerra: VP MarketingAssociation we belong to:• NWMBA
  8. 8. Events we have attended off-campus• October: NAWMBA in Texas (1p)• February 1. SWIM Conference at MIT, Sloan Women in Management (1p), Excellent! Sold out 2. Dynamic Women in Business at Harvard, (2p) Excellent! 3. Sisterhood of Startup, Great for entrepeneurs! (7p)• May: Latina Summit by ALPFA, (10p) Very Good!
  9. 9. Our Meetings1. Opening: “Look like a lady, act like a man, work like a dog”2. Women Employment Situation3. Miss Representation Documentary and Panel4. Welcome Rotational Students5. Goodbye Brunch
  10. 10. 4 GOLDEN RULES Whatever it is, has to be comfortable: never wear it for the first time Watch out jewelry: less is moreOne ring per hand, one earring per ear. Accessories should reflect your personality, notdiminish your credibility Faces, not feet are the focal point in businessA low heel is more professional than flats or high heels. Open-toed or backless shoes arenot office attire. Choose conservative shoes It doesn’t have to be boring, be yourself in business attire!Source: Business Attire Consultant Lydia Ramsey
  11. 11. Is this surprising? Women…• In the U.S. earned 36.8% of MBAs in 2010-20111• Make only 77.5 cents for every dollar that men earn2• The more educated, the greater the disparity in her wages• May work longer to receive promotions (and higher pay)• With children earn 2.5% less than without (men=opposite)• 3% of Fortune 500 CEO are women1:The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, unpublished data (2011)2. US Census 20033. NYT: JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS. Volume 37, Number 1, 77-89, DOI: 10.1023/A:10147821189025. US Census: Fortune Ranking 2011 Gisele Feldman
  12. 12. Is there a Glass Ceiling?A combination of two components:• Glass: while it is very real, it is transparent and not obvious to the observer• Ceiling: there is a limit to how far someone can climb it. If there is one, can we break it? Gisele Feldman
  13. 13. Our First Mega-Event on Campus: MissRepresentation, the Documentary and Panel “We should put our effort not to pushing women to the executive positions just because there is no women right now, we should should create the meritocracy system, where women could compete on the equal terms” Pavel Petukhov- Attendee MIB Candidate 2012 “There is absolutely NOTHING you cannot do” Detty Nkonko- Panelist Brand Manager Gillette
  14. 14. What other misrepresentations can you find in today’s society? Next Tuesday April 17th, 5PM, room 565 join our panelists for the discussion Detty Nkonko Global Brand Manager Gillette The Procter and Gamble Company Professor John Carroll Advertising and Mass Media Expert Boston University Professor Karina Liendo Hult MBA Graduate and Inside Sales Information Manager IBM Hult Women’s Association
  15. 15. Women’s Luncheons (organized by Hult Staff)• September 2011:Sarah McEneaney, Senior Manager, PwCNisha Sheth, Director of Transaction Services, PwCJill Singer, Experienced Hire Recruiting Manager, PwC• November 2011:Amy Broadhead, Product Manager at Nike (November)• January 2012Alice Eldridge, Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Enterprise LegalInitiatives, Lockheed Martin Corp.• March 2012Kristin Zajac, Product Marketing Manager, Bullhorn• June 2012Tamsen Webster, Senior Vice President, Content Activation at Allen + Gerritsen
  16. 16. Bucket List1. Our Website2. Charity Involvement3. More Movies/Books Discussions4. Picnic and Outdoor Activities5. Mentoring6. Become a visible chapter in the NWAMBA (website)7. Cross Campus Coordination8. More Speakers/Panels