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James cook- Power Point


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Published in: Technology
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James cook- Power Point

  1. 1. Explorers travel to study and learn. Do you know the names of any famous explorers?
  2. 2. Cristopher Columbus Fernando de Magallanes James Cook Francisco P. Moreno
  3. 3. James Cook was the son of a poor English farm worker.
  4. 4. When he was young, he left home and became a sailor.
  5. 5. He studied mathematics and astronomy and became an expert mapmaker.
  6. 6. In 1768, Cook sailed on a ship, the Endeavour, to the island of …
  7. 7. Tahiti in the Pacific Ocean.
  8. 8. Cook took scientists and artists with him on the voyage. When they reached Tahiti, they collected plants and animals and drew them.
  9. 9. After his work in Tahiti, Cook opened a letter from the King of England.
  10. 10. The king told him to look for another continent.
  11. 11. Cook sailed to …
  12. 12. the east coast of Australia.
  13. 13. He took these new lands for the King of England and returned with accurate maps of all these places.
  14. 14. Cook went on two more voyages.
  15. 15. On the first voyage, he arrived at an island named Easter Island.
  16. 16. There were huge stone heads on the island.
  17. 17. On his next voyage, he explored the Hawaiian islands.
  18. 18. At first the Hawaiians were very nice to Cook and his men, but they soon got tired of their visitors.
  19. 19. Cook, left, but six days later his ship had a problem. He returned to Hawaii.
  20. 20. While he was in Hawaii, there was a fight and someone killed him.
  21. 21. James Cook monument in Hawaii.
  22. 22. Two hundred years later …
  23. 23. A small piece of James Cook´s ship the Endeavour went into space on the U.S. space shuttle also with the name Endeavour.
  24. 24. Read the story and complete exercise A on page 16.
  25. 25. ian politician magician er carpenter writer ist artist journalist
  26. 26. On page 17 complete exercises: C, A and B.
  27. 27. We use the Simple Past to talk about actions and situations that began and ended in the past. We can use specific time expressions such : yesterday, last week, ten years ago. Examples: . I visited Berlin last week. . We went to the cinema last Saturday.
  28. 28. infinitive simple past ask asked believe believed like liked open opened work worked
  29. 29. infinitive simple past begin began break broke cut cut draw drew read read
  30. 30. affirmative negative interrogative short answers I played I did not play (didn´t) Did I play? Yes, I did/No, I didn´t you played you did not play Did you play? Yes, you did/No, you didn´t he played he did not play Did he play? Yes, he did/No, he didn´t she played she did not play Did she play? Yes, she did/No, she didn´t it played it did not play Did it play? Yes, it did/No, it didn´t we played we did not play Did we play? Yes, we did/No, we didn´t you played you did not play Did you play? Yes, you did/No, you didn´t they played they did not play Did they play? Yes, they did/No, they didn´t
  31. 31. When Where What did they did he did you play soccer? go? do?
  32. 32. 1. Where did he travel? He traveled to Australia. 2. What did they collect? They collected plants and animals. 3. Where did he arrive? He arrived at an island. 4. Where did the Endeavour go? The Endeavour went into space.
  33. 33. Answer the questions on page 16. Complete exercises A, B, C and D.