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GIS-ACG Firm Overview (v2009-11)


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Global InfraSys - Asia Consulting Group Firm Profile
Global Infrastructure Power Energy Industry Transport Emissions Environment

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GIS-ACG Firm Overview (v2009-11)

  1. 1. GLOBAL INFRASYS (P) LTD. & ASIA CONSULTING GROUP (P) LTD. FIRM OVERVIEW & GLOBAL INTEGRATED INFRASTRUCTURE STRATEGY SERVICES • POWER • ENERGY • INDUSTRY • TRANSPORT • EMISSIONS© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 1 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  2. 2. Global InfraSys & Asia Consulting GroupVision • To be a World Leader in Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Advisory & a Pioneer of Holistic Strategic Solutions to the Global Challenges of Sustainable Economic Development, Energy Security & Global Warming.Mission • To Empower Private, Public & Government Clients in the Power, Energy, Industry, Transport & Emissions Sectors with the Ultimate Strategic Vision and Investment & Policy Decision Insight through Excellence in Infrastructure Master Planning, Feasibility, Due-Diligence & Risk Evaluation Services. • To Advantage Clients by Leveraging 20 years of GIS-ACG Global Knowledge Base Development & R&D including Databases, Modeling, Forecasting & Advanced Information Technology Enabled Solutions (ITES).Record • GIS-ACG has established a Reputation for Excellence in Strategy Consulting and a Proven Track Record of nearly 20 years in the most Complex & Dynamic Asian and Global Infrastructure Markets. • GIS-ACG has experience in over 300 projects in Infrastructure Sectors including Power, Energy and Industry.• Asia Consulting Group (ACG) was founded in 1994 in the US by a group of Asian expatriate & American consultants working with topconsulting firms in the United States & Europe under the Chairmanship of Mr. S.C. Ho, who was also the Chairman of CIDC (ChinaInvestment Development Corporation). ACG has assessed the Power & Energy markets of 45 countries in Asia. ACG Clients include GlobalPower & Energy Companies & Financial Institutions including the World Bank & USAID.• Global InfraSys (GIS) was launched in 2002 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Nasser Munjee, who is also the Chairman of DCB(Development Credit Bank) & the former MD of IDFC (Infrastructure Development Finance Company). The GIS vision is to advise Clientson Global Infrastructure Strategies across 198 Countries and 70 Territories.• GIS-ACG represents the proposed merged corporate entity. The firm has its primary offices in New Delhi, India. Mr. Vishvjeet Kanwarpal has been the CEO & MD of both firms since their incorporation.• GIS-ACG Expertise is in a wide range of Infrastructure Sectors including Power & Energy, Industry, Transportation, Environment &Emissions, Telecommunication & High-Technology. GIS-ACG integrates advanced Industry, Investment, Market and Technical Knowledgewith sophisticated Business Strategy skills and ITES to provide Superior Consulting Services in Global Infrastructure Markets & Projects.The academic background of ACG Partners is in Policy, Business, Engineering, Finance and Law from MIT (Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology), Harvard & London School of Economics.© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 2 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  3. 3. Expertise: Integrated Infrastructure SectorsGIS-ACG expertise includes all dynamically linked Infrastructure Sectors: Power, Energy, Industry, Transport & Emissions. Power Transmission Distribution Power LNG Oil Convergence & Energy Gas E&P Refineries Pipelines Petrochemicals Coal & Industry Emissions Lignite Terminals & Carbon Trading Metals Shipping Ports & Minerals Waterways Emissions Transport Manufacturing Transport Industry Automotives Railways Energy Power Emissions Roadways Economic & Political-Policy© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 3 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  4. 4. Clients: Power, Energy & Financial LeadersGIS-ACG Clients include Global blue-chip Infrastructure Corporations in the Power, Energy, Industry & Financial Sectors. Its Clients span International Financial & Development Institutions such as the World Bank and USAID. Clients British Gas GDF Gaz de France World Bank HPCL Tata Group USAID IDFC Chevron J-Power EPDC GoI PSEG Cairn Caltex Singapore Power Shell Mobil IRG GAIL Texaco Winrock GMR Escorts Aggreko Unocal Hitachi Hira Group Marathon Oil Tenaga Nasional Gujarat Torrent Reliance Coal India Ltd. Gujarat Ambuja Repsol AES Fluor Daniel Lanco IL & FS GEC Alsthom Jubilant Enpro Oil India Ltd. EPON PowerGen Skoda Zeigler Coal Panda Energy Solar Turbines Clients (RFP Qualified)© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 4 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  5. 5. *Client Mandates: Power, Energy & Industry GIS-ACGs 300+ Advisories for Global Clients have encompassed Multi-Billion Dollar Infrastructure Asset Investments. Mandate Category Client Type Mandate Category Outline Geographic Scope Energy Master Plan • Hydrocarbon Vision 2025 & SAARC Power & Energy All India + SAARC Sectors Revised: Oil & Gas, Power, National Strategy All Energy Sectors Energy • LNG Terminals. Feasibility & Valuation for M&A. South Asia Regions: LNG Terminals Competitive Position & Locational Strategy West, South, East • Domestic & Trans-National Gas Pipelines. International Pipelines International Gas Pipelines Feasibility, Investment & Returns Assessment. (Multi-Country) • Gas, LPG, CNG, PNG Market Study & Customer Multi-Continent Gas Markets Fuel Switch Potential & Positioning (All Liquid Fuels) Multi-Country • Market Study & Power Customer Fuel Competitive Global Coal & Lignite Markets Position (Imported vs. Domestic Coal) Multi-Continent • Merit Order Despatch, Demand-Supply Forecast, Asia & Middle Power Power Projects Power Pools & Markets and Strategy East Region • Power Project Screening & Portfolio Planning Asia & Middle Portfolio Strategy Asset Acquisition & Divestment Strategy & Valuation East Region Power Master Plan • Sector & Regulatory Reform • Full Flight Simulators State Level Simulator: (Power Demand, Supply, Pricing & System Planning) Ability Multi-Country Power Regulatory Reform • Market Study, Regulatory Reform, Demand Forecast, 45 Asian Countries Opportunity Assessment, Power Pools & Markets. & Territories Industry • Grass-root Refinery & Complex: Aromatic & Olefin 38 Countries: Asia & Refineries Petroleum Product Demand Supply & Price Study Middle East Region • Petrochemical & Refinery Integrated Option Evaluation 26 Countries: Asia & Petrochemicals Petrochemicals & Lubes Demand-Supply Study Middle East Region • International Benchmarking of Fertilizer Production South Asia Region Fertilizer Sector Natural Gas Monetization (Fertilizer Feedstock & Fuel) Country & State Level * Partial Illustrative • Diversification Options & Value-Chain Integration Global, South Asia, Metals & Minerals Technology & Market Development Options State Client Type • Market Study • Feasibility • Risk • Price Positioning • Strategy Fortune 500 + Global World Bank + USAID + Global / Continent • Government Energy & Power Majors IDFC + Financial Institutions Multi-Client Study • National Chambers© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 5 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  6. 6. Strategic Services Scope GIS-ACG provides the entire range of Infrastructure Strategic Services to the Public & the Private Sectors. National Plans Orientation Workshops Regulatory & Policy Impact Public Advisory Services Integrated Master Plans • Executive Briefing • Dynamics of • Government & Ministries • Integrated Infrastructure • Market Dynamics Regulatory Development • Planning Divisions Master Plan • Country • State • Industry Structure Shifts • Role of Government • Public Private Partnership • Planning & Projections: • Fundamental Analysis • Policy Issues • Energy Security Investment, Budgetary, • Forecasts & Trends • Policy Levers • Trade & Industry Resource, Revenue, Policy • Future Outlooks • Subsidy & Impact • Global Warming • Balance of Payment Comprehensive Knowledge & an Integrated Enabling Clients to Accurately Assess Situation Reviews & Development of • Power • Energy • Transport • Industry Perspective of Industry Dynamics & Incorporate Key Regulatory Factors Informed Policy Decisions • Emissions Strategic Services Corporate Strategy Business Plans Diversification Restructuring • Vision Development • Investment Plans • Strategic Diversify Options • Consolidation Options • Business Models • Investment Timeline - Inter Sector • Key Sectors & Profiles • Scenario Simulation • RoI Assessment - Cross Sector • Comprehensive Parameters • Sector Portfolio • Opportunity Criteria: - Integration • Technology Evaluation Optimization • Country • State • Project - Mergers & Acquisitions • Financial Assessment Vision & Business Models that Maximize Maximizing Return on Investment though Evaluating Attractive Multi-Sector Critical SWOT Analysis to Capture and Client Shareholder Value & Returns Sophisticated Strategic Tools & Analysis Investment Opportunities & Options Maintaining a Lead Role in Industry Project Services Market Studies & Strategy Feasibility & Valuation Project Selection Portfolio Strategy • Strategy Development: • Segments: • Economic Modeling • Options - Regional • Company • Portfolio • Asset • Project Databases • Risk Mitigation - Country • Feasibility & Risk Tracking • Analytical Frameworks - State • Commercial Due-Diligence - Rating • Portfolio Optimization • Risk Mitigation Strategies • Financial Closure Support - Ranking • SWOT Analysis Fact-Based Implementable Global, Regional, Ensuring Client Investments are based on Enabling in-depth assessments of Assets Optimizing Value of Client Investment & Country & State Market Studies & Strategy Rigorous Market Fundamentals & Investment Options Assets through a S.M.A.R.T. Strategy© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 6 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  7. 7. Global Strategy: Infrastructure Market Studies GIS-ACG has conducted a range of Global & Regional Multi-Client Studies leveraging its Comprehensive Knowledge Base across 198 Countries & 70 Territories. Power & Energy Oil & Refineries Asia Power 2000 Study Global Studies 25 Asian Country Study Petrochemicals & Fertilzers Metals & Minerals Asia Power Risk Workshop Europe & CIS Power & Energy Study North Asia Power & Energy StudyNorth America Power & Energy Study MENA Power & Energy StudyLatin America Power & Energy Study South Asia Power & Energy Study Africa Power & Energy Study India Hydrocarbon Vision 2025 ASEAN Energy Infrastructure India KG Gas Study ASEAN Power & Energy Study© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 7 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  8. 8. Global Vision & AchievementsThe Vision to be a World Leader in Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Advisory has powered GIS-ACG efforts for 20 years. Project Market Models & Strategy Global Databases Knowledge Forecasts Services Trading: • Commodities • Energy • Electricity • Carbon Global Investment Advisory Global Regulatory Assessments Integrated Infrastructure Master Plans 5 Global Models Power Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. Energy (GIS) Transport Industry Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Emissions (ACG) India ACG China* Market Strategic Systems Global ACG Taiwan* Market & Project Strategy Simulators ACG US* National Power Merchant Project Portfolio Simulators State* Not Active & Energy Model Simulators Global Knowledge Base Top 10 SAARC Asia Power 2000 Asia & Middle East 198 Countries Asian Markets 8 Countries 25 Countries 60 Countries 70 Territories India & SAARC Asia ME-Africa-SA NA-Euro-CIS Global Project Track Project Track Project Track Project Track Project Track1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 8 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  9. 9. Proven Forecast Track Record 1995-2012 GIS-ACG has established a high confidence Proven Track Record of Accurate Forecasts in Power & Energy since 1995. Ministry / Industry GIS-ACG Published Industry Reality / GIS-ACG Forecasts GIS- ACG Forecasts x Verdict Projections Contrarian Forecasts Verifiable Facts Validated Years Ahead Awaited 2 4 4 2 2 10 10 16 14 ACG 25 Country Increased 16th EPS State Surplus 3 LNG Forecasts Forecasts in Imported Demand Terminals Validated 2000 Accurate Coal Massive Downward • Cogentrix Imported in 2010. Attrition Revisions • Bhadrawati Coal No Mega Project Success • Merit Order ACG Despatch Key 80 GW • PPA Max Demand Guarantees 2 or 3 40% Meaningless LNG GIS-ACG Forecast of Power & Energy Reduction Terminals ACG 25 Max 6 198 Countries & 70 Territories in Country GW Forecast Over State 60% Official Surplus Attrition Forecasts Non Coal Viable ACG 15 Production Country Drop by 2000 Forecast Price Increase MoP Counter 142 GW Guarantees Demand State Shortage MoP 12 GW Liquid 23 India Coal Mega 25 Country GIS-ACG Review of Official Forecasts across Fuel LNG Reserves Projects Forecasts 198 Countries & 70 Territories Capacity Terminals for 200 Reviewed Years 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 9 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  10. 10. Global & Asian Conference Presentations GIS-ACG has Chaired, Panelled & Presented Papers at over 100 Power, Energy & Transport Conferences Worldwide.IBCO&GP Amsterdam 2003 Feb IBC MEGAS Iran 2002 OctCGES London 2005 Jun Dubai 1997 Oct Qatar 2003 SepACI London 2006 Oct Power Gen Asia - Asia-wide Singapore Abu Dhabi 1998 Oct Dubai 2004 NovCGES London 2006 Oct • 1995 • 1996 • 1997 Sep Singapore Asia Power 1997 Feb Lebanon 1999 Qatar 2006 Feb • 1998 New Delhi • 1999 Project Risk 1997 DecPower Gen Americas 1995 Qatar 2000 Qatar 2007 Mar • 2001 Malaysia • 2002 Oct Asia Power 1998 DecIBF Independent Energy New York 1996 Qatar 2001 Qatar 2008 • 2003 Sep • 2005 Singapore Asia Power 1999CBI In Finance NY January 1997 Oman 2002 Apr Lebanon 2009 Asia Power 2000CBI IPP India Washington DC March 1997 Asia Power 2001 (Terrapin)PGI New Orleans 1999 Korea Sep 2003 (Terrapin) Power in Asia 2000 Mar Asia Power Singapore 2001 Nov Malaysia Power 2002 Apr China Power 2002 May Malaysia 2002 Oct Shanghai 2003 Apr Singapore 2007 MarCII National Conference 1996Assocham Sanctions Study 1998PL Fut Indian Power 2000 AprWinrock New Delhi 2001PL Gas New Delhi 2001 NovWinrock Cogen 2002 OctIEF India Nuclear Power ITE Power Industry India 2012IPPAI Power Trade 2004 Apr North Africa Power 2013 IBC LNG Risk WS KL 1998 AprNTPC 2001 May Asia Power 2002 FebNTPC 2001 Jun ASEAN Energy Thailand 2002 OctNTPC 2002 Feb Asia Power Malaysia 2003 OctNTPC 2002 July FICCI LNG 2001 Jun Iran Gas India 2004 DecNTPC 2003 Jan IBC Mumbai 2003 Mar Iran Gas India 2005 Sep Ports Manila 1997 SepNTPC IES 2006 Sep BCCI Mumbai 2003 Sep Syria 2005 Nov Terminals India Bombay 1998 Nov Asia Gas Buyers Summit 2004 Feb Iran 2005 DecFICCI India Oil Scenario 2003 Asian Infra Hongkong 2002 Apr Citigas India IBC 2006 Oct Pakistan 2008 OctFICCI Environment 2004 World Port & Trade Summit UAE 2012 Apr IBC Citigas New Delhi 2007 Sep Malaysia Energy 2008TERI - IDFC Delhi 1999 IJ Energy 2007 OctTERI Conference 2000 Note: Few conferences cancelled at last stage.© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 10 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  11. 11. Newswires, Press & Electronic Media GIS-ACG authoritative Presentations, Articles, Research Papers & Expert Opinions have been published by Major International Industry Magazines and quoted by Leading International Newswire Services since 1995. GIS-ACG has appeared on top Business TV Channels to share its Expert Views on Key Industry & Policy Developments. Newswires TV News Programs Reuters CNN IBN Dow Jones Newswire DD News Star News AP (Associated Press) Jain TV NDTV Petroleum Argus Industry Magazines Newspapers COOSP Cogen Onsite Power Wall Street Journal World Cogeneration Al-Khaleej Power Engineering International Gulf Times The Energy Industry Times The Economic Times Asian Power The Observer Independent Energy Powerline Business India TeleNet Business Standard© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 11 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  12. 12. Integrated Infrastructure: Strategic Challenge Global Power, Energy, Industry, Transport & Environmental Sectors are experiencing Profound Game-Changing Shifts. However, the Strategic Frameworks, Methodologies & Tools to Comprehend & Respond to these have not kept pace. Fatal Flaws in Strategy & Asset Investments are a result of "Evaluation in Isolation". Key Forces of Change in Infrastructure Sectors Government & Incumbent Multilateral Agencies Renewed NOC Role Nationalization Market Forces Nationalism Currency Control Energy Incumbent Public Interest Financial Control Security Merchant Assets Lower Tariffs Monopolies Political Deregulation Energy Competition Price (Oil, Gas, Coal) Guaranteed: Public Policy Liberalization - Tariff Sustainable Price - Offtake RoI Development Unpredictability Regulatory Legal Unbundling Change of Law & Instability Protection Demand Supply Subsidy-Support Globalization Financing Options Competitive Dispatch Economic Crisis Private Participation Privatization Global Warming Investment Crunch Financial Uncertainty PPP Projects Information Solutions Technology Solutions Negotiations Agreements Reviews Revisions Clearances Renegotiations© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 12 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  13. 13. Strategic Systems: A Paradigm Shift GIS-ACG provides clients the highest Strategic Value via a Quantum Shift from Strategic Studies to 3 Strategic Systems. GIS-ACG Global Strategic Services & Systems are based on 5 Proprietary Global Multi-Sector Models, 198 base Integrated Infrastructure Master Plans, 3 Strategic Systems & 7 Levels of Country & Asset Valuation. These are all powered by nearly 20 years of Comprehensive R&D since 1995. 5 Global Models R&D since 1995 * Emissions*CarbonTrading Transport Industry Energy Power Economic & Political-Policy =∑ = 7 Levels of ∑ Country & Asset Assessment The 5 Global Models are based on the aggregation of 198 base 3 Strategic SystemsIntegrated Infrastructure Master Plans Integrated Infrastructure Market & Project Monitoring Merchant Project Portfolio Master Plan Databases Simulators =∑ =∑© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 13 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  14. 14. Knowledge Systems & Architecture GIS-ACG leverages its 10 Categories of Proprietary Knowledge Systems & Streams to enable the development of the most advanced Strategic Systems & Simulators. The GIS-ACG Knowledge Base comprises over 2 Million Files. Knowledge, Information & News Streams A B C D E Policy Economic Project Utility Project & Industry & Political & Bidding & Competitors Finance SystemsFrames & 1 • Government PolicyProjections & Market StructureModels 2 • Forecasts (Demand)Databases 3 • Projects (Supply)Forecasts 4 • Near - Medium - Long RangeSimulators Strategic Options & ScenariosFinancial • Merit Order Position 5 (Load Flow & Trading)Models • Power & Energy Assessment Infrastructure Knowledge Base Search Purity GIS-ACG Internal: > 95% Google: < 5 %© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 14 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  15. 15. Global Models & Forecasts: Demographic GIS-ACG has developed proprietary Population & GDP PPP forecasts for all 198 Countries & 70 Territories. GIS-ACG has Reviewed & Collated Historical & Forecasted Demographic & Economic data from all Major Sources. World GDP Per Capita adjusted for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)(2007)© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 15 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  16. 16. Geographic Information System Integration GIS-ACG Strategic Systems provide clients the maximum Strategic Insight & Value by incorporating advanced RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management Systems) seamlessly integrated with GIS (Geographic Information Systems). Value Proposition: • Market Opportunity Development • System Planning • Asset Optimization • Risk Assessment • Power & Energy Market Aggregation Strategic & Tactical Value • Power & Energy Trading Information & Knowledge System Sophistication & Power RDBMS: Relational Data Base Management System 1 2 3 4 90 100 Log (GIS-ACG systems are based on FileMaker Pro) Scale GIS: Geographic Information System is a Graphical Natural Limit Representation Tool used for analyzing & mapping data from the Strategic Systems & Simulators. The system enables instant conversion of market data into graphical Infrastructure Maps of the State, Region, Country or Excel Global by Sector. PPT RDBMS GIS MS Access & Oracle as platforms are NOT Word recommended as they are: Print - Sub-Optimal to Develop & Update & - Severely constrain Dbase Query© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 16 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  17. 17. GIS-ACG ChairmanBrief BackgroundMr. Nasser Munjee is the Chairman of Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. (GIS) &a Senior Advisor at Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd.His vision for both companies has been the cornerstone of the companies growth.Mr. Nasser Munjee is the Chairman of Development Credit Bank (DCB). Prior to DCB Mr. Munjee was with the Infrastructure DevelopmentFinance Company Limited, India (IDFC) as its Managing Director and CEO. IDFC is one of Indias leading Infrastructure Project Financeand Infrastructure Policy Advisory Institutions.Mr. Munjees journey in creating Financial Institutions began with the Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC), whichhe has been assisting since its inception in February 1978.In March 1993 he joined the Board of HDFC as Executive Director with primary responsibility for Resource Mobilization, Research,Publications, Training, Communication and Managing the Center for Housing Finance.He continues to be on the Board of HDFC along with fourteen other companies and several other Institutions as Chairman, Member of theBoard or as a Trustee.Mr. Munjee has a deep interest in Infrastructure Projects, Rural Development, Housing Finance, Urban Issues, specially the Development ofModern cities and Humanitarian Causes.Mr. Munjee is a Technical Advisor on the World Bank - Public Private Partnership Infrastructure Advisory Fund, Member of the Board ofEmerging Markets of South Asia Fund (EMSAF), Trustee on HSBC Asset Management Trust and an Advisor to Primary (Quantum) RealEstate Fund.Mr. Munjee is a Member of the Goa Planning Board, Government of Goa, Special Invitee to the Managing Committee of the Goa Chamberof Commerce & Industry, Member of the Managing Committee of the Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry and also of CII, WesternRegion.He is a Trustee of Welham Boys School, Dehradun, Member of the Academic Council of Goa University, on the Board of Governors of theNarsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS), Member and an Honorary Distinguished Professor at IIT, Kanpur.Mr. Nasser Munjee holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago (USA) and a Master’s Degree from the London School ofEconomics, U.K.© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 17 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss
  18. 18. GIS-ACG CEO & MD Brief Background Mr. Vishvjeet Kanwarpal is the CEO & Managing Director of Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. (GIS) Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. (ACG)Mr. Kanwarpal directs the Infrastructure Strategy practice at GIS & ACG including: Power, Energy, Transport, Industry,Emissions & Telecommunication. He has conducted over 200 client assignments in Infrastructure & over 100 in High-Technology sectors. He has been a Speaker & Workshop Leader at over 100 international Power & Energy conferences.His areas of expertise include Global Market and Project Strategy, Feasibility and Due-Diligence, Business Strategy Simulation, RiskEvaluation and Risk Mitigation Techniques in Global & Asian Markets. He has Pioneered the Development (Design and Deployment) ofAdvanced Merchant Concepts, Dynamic Models & Forecasting and Analytical Tools.His Experience in the Power Sector includes Coal, Liquid Fuel and Gas based Projects, Hydro Power, Cogeneration and Renewable Sources.His Experience in the Energy Sector includes the entire range of Fuels (including LNG & Pipeline Gas) for Power, Fertilizer, Industry,Residential and Transport Sectors. His Expertise in the Transportation Sectors includes Airports & Aviation, Railways, Roadways, Ports &Shipping and Advanced Multi-Modal Systems. He has conducted Global & Continent level Feasibility Studies pertaining to Electric/HybridVehicles including review of Advanced and Emerging Technologies.He has been the Project Manager for all major GIS-ACG Projects spanning over 100 man-months each: o Global InfraSys R&D 2006-2011 - Global Models in Power, Energy (Oil, Gas & Coal), Industry, Transportation & Emissions Country Strategic Studies across 198 Countries & 70 Territories across the Globe o Pan-Asian Power & Energy Study 2006 (Multi-Client Project for a Global Energy Consulting Company) Market Assessments & Forecasts in Power, Energy & Transport covering 45 Countries & Territories in Asia o Asia Power 2000 & Beyond (ACGs Multi-Client Study) - Updated 2002 Asia Consulting Groups strategic Power & Energy Strategic Study spanning 25 countries in Asia o India Power 2001 A Study of the State of Power Sector Reform Programs & Benchmarking across 25 states in India o National Power & Energy Model of India 1995-1996 (ACGs Long Range Forecasting Model) Design, Development and Deployment of ACGs NPEM covering all Infrastructure Sectors in IndiaMr. Kanwarpal was formerly a Senior Consultant with JSA/EDS Management Consulting in Boston (USA) and Paris (France).He has traveled widely to over 40 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East and the CIS.Mr. Kanwarpal is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and has completed Graduate Courses at Harvard,Center for International Studies (MIT) and Sloan School of Management, MIT. He received his International Baccalaureate from the UnitedWorld College of the Atlantic (UK) and is also an alumnus of St. Stephen’s College (India) and The Lawrence School, Sanawar (India).© Global InfraSys (P) Ltd. & Asia Consulting Group (P) Ltd. Page 18 GIS-ACG Global Strategy Services: Integrated Infrastructure v3.2 ss