Middle East Gas Summit 2009


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Middle East Gas Summit 2009 - Postponed

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Middle East Gas Summit 2009

  1. 1. Under the Patronage of H.E. Fouad Siniora, Prime Minister of Lebanon MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon Where the region’s gas industry meets! Keynote Address Featuring the Newly Launched H.E. Alain Tabourian * Middle Eastern Gas Minister of Energy & Industry Personality of the Year Award Lebanon Marios Maratheftis Dr. Naji Abi-Aad Walid Khadduri Regional Head of Research Qatar Petroleum Consultant, MEES, Lebanon MENA & Pakistan Qatar (& Former MEES Editor-In-Chief Standard Chartered Bank & OPEC Award for Contribution UAE to Oil Studies) Dr. Valerie Marcel Mohammad Makkawi Senior Researcher & Author Project Director Chatham House, UK Crescent Petroleum (Author - Oil Titans; National Oil UAE Companies in the Middle East) HOSTED BY Benefits of attending • Ensure your executives meet the top players in MENA’s natural gas and LNG sectors • An unparalleled speaker line-up of thought leaders from the Middle East region and internationally MEDIA PARTNERS • High level dialogue on regional energy supply and development projects • Hear strategic debate between producers and consumers about the natural gas and LNG supply and demand issues impacting the MENA region and South Asia • A unique forum for exchanging ideas for both international and regional investors • Unmatched networking opportunities with key industry leaders and expert presenters ORGANISED BY www.iirme.com/megas www.ibcgulfconferences-megas.com
  2. 2. Where the region’s gas industry meets! MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon MEGAS Objectives Expert Speakers MEGAS – the region’s premium and quality networking gas event, presents a fresh and innovative programme to insure you meet the key players in this Dr. Mostefa Ouki dynamic industry. A comprehensive programme seeks to examine the current Vice President, Energy Resources and future strategies of gas producers in the region to establish market and Nexant, UK market access for natural gas and LNG by focusing on the commercial factors which will determine and drive the growth in the Middle Eastern gas industry. Regional Head of Research, MENA & A comprehensive programme will provide analysis from industry practitioners Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank, UAE about how suppliers and buyers are adjusting to the newly emerging market Dr. Neil Partrick characteristics globally given the diverse needs of gas importing countries Assistant Professor – International Studies and regions. The American University in Sharjah, UAE Dr. Jennifer Coolidge MEGAS Overview Founder and Director, CMX Caspian and Gulf Consultants Limited, USA The natural gas industry in the region is currently experiencing a difficult time. Known to hold around 40% of the world’s proven gas reserves, many countries, Ali Abbas including oil producing nations, are suffering from critical gas shortages. In General Director, Syrian Gas Company, addition, the gas export industry has been hit hard by the impact of high oil Syria prices, both on demand and through the lack of development of other energy Per Helge Semb sources, which are fiercely competing with natural gas. As if these problems Sales and Marketing Manager Middle East were not sufficient, the serious economic crisis hitting the world’s financial and CIS, PGS Geophysical AS, Norway markets since mid-2008 has been only worsening the prospects of demand for Dr. Hamed Korkor energy sources, including natural gas, creating a potential ‘glut’ on the global Chairman’s Assistant for Studies & Research gas market. Egyptian Natural Gas Holding, Egypt Nevertheless, a potential glut in the global gas market (especially LNG), in Rudolf Huber the coming years is welcome news for major gas consumers, especially in Head of Business Development, the West, where the worsening economic outlook and costly environmental EconGas GmbH, Austria targets require cheap clean fuel. With the looming prospect of an Roman Kazmin oversupplied market concern is mounting among LNG producers, who Market Analyst, Natural Gas & LNG have spent billions of dollars on development activities such as liquefaction ICIS Heren Global LNG Markets, UK plants and appear increasingly unwilling to sanction further projects in such Vishvjeet Kanwarpal unfavourable market conditions. Chief Executive Officer Facing these difficulties, the gas industry players, including many from the The Asia Consulting Group & Global Middle East itself, have been discussing the formation of a so-called ‘gas InfraSys, India OPEC’. While that may indeed take time to develop, primarily because Syed Hassan Nawab of the absence of a globalised gas spot market, some LNG producers are Managing Director, increasingly looking to short-term and spot sales to take advantage of the Inter-state Gas Systems, Pakistan arbitrage opportunities arising from global price fluctuations. Baha Bassatne CEO, BB Energy Group, Lebanon Dr. Fouad Ounsi Director General, Hypco, Lebanon CONFERENCE TIMINGS Antonio Nicotra General Manager, Gasfin Investment, Luxembourg 08.00 Registration and Morning Refreshments Tim Bierig 09.00 Opening Remarks from the People Manager, GdfSuez Middle East, Session Chairman North Africa, India and Turkey 09.10 Keynote Minister’s Address John Downer 09.30 Refreshment Break Senior Project Manager, Penspen, UK 10.00 - 12.00 Keynote Session (Day 1) Gilbert Schoonhoven 13.00 - 14.15 Lunch (Day 1 & 2) Senior Consultant, CNG Services Ltd, UK 16.00 Afternoon Refreshments (Day 1 & 2) 18.00 Chairman’s Summary (Day 1 & 2) 10.30 Morning Refreshments (Day 2) www.iirme.com/megas register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  3. 3. MEG S PROGRAMME 14th ANNUAL 14th ANNUAL DAY ONE SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon DAY ONE Keynote Opening Session Session Chairman’s Address The role of Jordan in the Eastern Mediterranean Dr. Herman Franssen gas sector H.E. Khaldoun Qteishat * President International Energy Associates, USA Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources, Jordan Keynote Address The involvement of a Middle Eastern investment H.E. Alain Tabourian * company in international gas projects Nasser Jaidah * Minister of Energy & Industry, Lebanon Managing Director Keynote Industry Address: Iran’s aggressive natural Qatar Petroleum International, Qatar gas expansion plans H.E Azizollah Ramezani * Gas investment in the MENA Region and the launch of the first private energy bank Deputy Minister & Managing Director Van Zanoyan * National Iranian Gas Company, Iran Chief Executive Officer First Energy Bank, Bahrain Sess ion Middle Eastern Gas in a Global Context 1 Session Chairman’s Remarks Prospects for Middle Eastern NOC’s and Walid Khadduri the involvement of international oil companies Consultant in the development of Middle Eastern gas MEES, Lebanon • Why Middle Eastern NOC’s are increasingly (& Former MEES Editor-In-Chief & OPEC Award for interested in natural gas? Contribution to Oil Studies) • An increasing involvement of IOC’s in the Middle Eastern gas sector... Middle Eastern Gas in turbulent times • With the hope in gaining a greater entry into • Middle East and global financial/economic crisis the regions oil sector • The international energy market – uncertainties Dr. Valerie Marcel and concerns Senior Fellow • Challenging prospects of the Middle East’s Chatham House, UK domestic gas markets (Author - Oil Titans; National Oil Companies • Structural or short-term changes in Middle in the Middle East) Eastern gas exports Dr. Mostefa Ouki A growing deficit in a rich gas region: The Middle Vice President, Energy Resources Eastern case Nexant, UK • The Middle East: A very rich gas area but with many disparities A regional economic outlook and analysis of MENA • Cooperation among NOC’s from a short, medium and long-term perspective • A growing gas consumption in the • The turmoil in the international financial markets Middle East... and the regional impact in the short-term • ...And a gas supply unable to meet demand • A brief assessment of recent economic • ...Leading to a decrease in the gas share developments in the region in the region’s total primary • Assessing the outlook for the coming year energy demand? • The key policy challenges for MENA governments Dr. Naji Abi-Aad • Inflation in the GCC Qatar Petroleum, Qatar • Inter-regional capital flows • Developments in oil markets, real estate prices and sovereign wealth funds Marios Maratheftis Regional Head of Research, MENA & Pakistan Standard Chartered Bank, UAE * Invited Speakers www.ibcgulfconferences-megas.com register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  4. 4. PROGRAMME 21 –MEG S 22 April 2009 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon DAY ONE Sessi Middle Eastern and North African Gas Prospects on 2 Intra-Gulf gas cooperation The role of Syria in the Eastern Mediterranean • An analysis of the GCC grid aspiration gas sector: Exporter or Importer? • National supply and demand constraints • Reviewing the natural gas industry in Syria Dr. Neil Partrick • Is local supply meeting growing demand? Assistant Professor - International Studies • Plans for importing gas The American University in Sharjah, UAE Ali Abbas General Director The energy triangle:- The USA, China and the Middle Syrian Gas Company, Syria East and the implications for Central Asia Dr. Jennifer Coolidge am Investme stre n Founder and Director Up Opportunities t CMX Caspian and Gulf Consultants Limited, USA Examining the prospects illustrated with Plans for future gas expansion and export potential seismological data collected for gas exploration in Algeria and offshore prospects between Lebanon • On-going and future gas developments in Algeria and Cyprus • Plans for expanding the gas export pipeline • The PGS seismic work programme offshore Lebanon network • The geological database offshore Lebanon • Or rather focusing on enlarging the LNG • Hydrocarbon potential offshore East Mediterranean export capacity? • East Mediterranean – the regional geological Dr. Chawki Rahal * perspective Vice President, Marketing • The way forward Sonatrach, Algeria Per Helge Semb Sales and Marketing Manager Middle East and CIS Prospects for LNG and piped gas from Qatar PGS Geophysical AS, Norway • Any plans for further gas development in Qatar? • Room for more pipeline exports? • Any possibility still to import Qatari LNG? Egyptian gas exports: Prospects and challenges Ahmed Al Khulaifi (invited) • Natural gas in Egypt: the current situation Chief Operating Officer, Commercial & Shipping • How growing domestic demand is eating fromm Qatargas, Qatar the country’s export capabilities • Exporting gas: more LNG or more piped gas? Iraqi gas? When and to where? Dr. Hamed Korkor • Exploitation of associated gas in Iraq Chairman’s Assistant for Studies & Research • The Shell project Egyptian Natural Gas Holding, Egypt • The development of dry gas in Iraq: For local or export markets? The Arab Gulf - Indian subsea gas pipeline • Any role for Iraq in the Arab Gas Pipeline? project – An update Senior Official Invited Peter Roberts * Ministry of Oil, Iraq Technical Director South Asia Gas Enterprise PVT Ltd, India Prospects of gas exports from Iraqi Kurdistan and future export plans for the region including Lebanon • Natural gas in Iraqi Kurdistan LNG Market Leader Qatar to • Plans to meet local demand Host Gas Exporter Body • Gas Cities • Export projects 28th December 2008, LNG Journal Mohammad Makkawi Project Director Qatar the world’s largest LNG producer, has been Crescent Petroleum, UAE chosen to host the perminent secretariat of the 15 member Gas Exporting Countries Forum www.iirme.com/megas register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  5. 5. PROGRAMME MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon DAY TWO DAY TWO Sessi LNG & Gas Demand in International Markets on 3 Pricing LNG - How deep is the rabbit hole? The Petroleum Products market in Lebanon • Changing business fundamentals and the and the role to be played by natural gas impact on LNG pricing? • Demand for petroleum products in Lebanon • The old days of remodelling wholly artificial • How oil demand is met – The Petroleum markets through complicated formulae are supply situation gone – or are they? • The oil trade and distribution market • What are the fundamentals that determine • How and where natural gas would play a role the price you can pay for LNG? within the Lebanese energy market Rudolf Huber Dr. Fouad Ounsi Head of Business Development Director General EconGas GmbH, Austria Hypco, Lebanon The role of the Middle East in the short-term Panel Discussion: Gas to Lebanon LNG market Panel Chairman: • Middle East LNG on European gas markets Kamal Hayek * • Middle East LNG on the North African and Director General Asian markets Electricite du Liban • Short-term contracts, long-term strategy • Spot pricing analysis Invited Panellists: Roman Kazmin Ahmed Al Khulaifi Market Analyst, Natural Gas & LNG Chief Operating Officer, Commercial & Shipping ICIS Heren Global LNG Markets, UK Qatar Petroleum South Asian gas markets: A new era? Ali Abbas • South Asia: Calm in the Global Storm? General Manager • Competition: Domestic gas vs Pipeline gas Syrian Gas Co, and LNG • Spark spreads in South Asia: Dramatic Dr. Fouad Ounsi improvements Director General • Nuclear Power and Naphtha: Threats to gas? Hypco, Lebanon Vishvjeet Kanwarpal Chief Executive Officer Baha Bassatne The Asia Consulting Group & Global InfraSys, India CEO BB Energy Group, Lebanon Pakistan: Gas pipelines in South Asia – An analysis • The Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project Mohammad Makkawi • The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Project Director (TAPI) gas pipeline project Crescent Petroleum, UAE Syed Hassan Nawab Managing Director Dr. Hamed Korkor Inter-state Gas Systems, Pakistan Chairman’s Assistant for Studies & Research Egyptian Natural Gas Holding, Egypt LNG supply and gasification projects in Lebanon – An analysis per project • The gas market in Lebanon • The need for a regasification terminal LNG Market Leader Qatar to • Potential suppliers of LNG to Lebanon Host Gas Exporter Body Baha Bassatne CEO 28th December 2008, LNG Journal BB Energy Group, Lebanon Qatar the world’s largest LNG producer, has been chosen to host the perminent secretariat of the 15 member Gas Exporting Countries Forum www.ibcgulfconferences-megas.com register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  6. 6. PROGRAMME MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon DAY TWO DAY TWO Sessi on Investment Challenges and Emerging Industry Isues 4 Emerging industry contractual trends The impact of the current financial crisis on the and developments financing of gas projects • Third party access to receiving terminals • Downstream gas projects, prospects and issues • Flexible contracts and third party access • Emerging arrangements in financing and investing • Long-term contracts and spot market in Middle and North African gas prospects • Future arbitrage and SWAP market and analysis Melanie Lovatt Middle East gas in a human resources context; Finance Editor the 3 myths of people management in the Middle East Economic Survey (MEES), Cyprus energy sector • Recruiting switches back from an employee’s Trends and impacts on project financing terms on gas to an employer’s market… projects in the region • Business as usual will satisfy your best people…. • New destination clauses • Making your expert a line manager is possible…. • The impact of spot market on project financing Tim Bierig • Escalation in capital costs of projects People Manager • Bank diversification of lending portfolios GdfSuez Middle East, North Africa, India Geoffrey Picton-Turbervill * and Turkey Partner & Head of Global Energy Team Ashurst, UK Middle Eastern Gas Ensure your company’s presence Personality of the Year Award at the 14th MEGAS Summit! A dynamic new event in the region’s gas sector, What benefits can MEGAS’ Sponsorship & recognising the achievements of an individual that Exhibition packages offer your company? has made a significant contribution to the regions gas sector. Address our influential audience as part of  the main programme The Award will be held during a Black-Tie Gala Many of the major sponsorshiop packages will Dinner at the Movenpick Ballroom. The Awards are ensure your company has the chance to become a ‘must-attend’ occasion and and an invaluable not only part of the programme but also part of networking opportunity. the major marketing campaign that takes place Agenda before and after this annual event 19.00 Drinks Reception 20.00 Convene in the Ball-Room for Dinnner Make new business contacts by hosting a  21.30 Awards Ceremony and Entertainment networking function. MEGAS will provide your company with the ideal business atmosphere in which you can meet the contacts central to For Sponsorship Opportunities your company’s business, whilst we take care of Available at the Award Please all the arrangements Contact Arshed Hussain on + 971 4 4072715 or email: Create brand recognition or reinforce your  sponsorship@iirme.com well known logo through many of the branding packages. We can ensure your logo presence, before, during and even after the conference For more details on the full range of promotional packages please contact Arshed Hussain, + 971 4 4072715 or email: sponsorship@iirme.com www.iirme.com/megas register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  7. 7. PROGRAMME MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon DAY TWO DAY TWO Sess ion New and Emerging Technologies 5 Technologies and economics of a complete mid- An overview of the floating LNG market scale LNG Supply Chain • 700 fields suitable for FLNG production • An analysis of the technologies used and the basic • Industry references of FLNG usage • What is the impact of lower oil prices? economics for a 400-500,000 type LNG supply • By-passing expensive infrastructure chain, from liquefaction, to transportation and • Gaining economical access to offshore re-gasification stranded gas • A train of this size is applicable to several mid- • Overcoming the commercial and technical scale natural gas supply projects envisaged in the challenges in the development of offshore Mediterranean and other areas liquefaction plants • Low capex and opex make the project easier to Luc Pescio (invited) finance and attractive even at low oil prices Sales Manager Antonio Nicotra Single Buoy Moorings General Manager SBM Gas & Power, Belgium Gasfin Investment SA, Luxembourg Virtual pipelines, vehicle fuel and renewable fuel • Virtual pipeline (Bulk transport of CNG) New gas pipeline technologies; linking better Ideal solution for small scale ‘stranded gas’ planning to better projects New composite technology • Linking better planning to better projects • CNG filling stations requires the management of a large number of Mother-daughter stations issues derived from financial, economic, social, • NGV’s environmental and engineering sources OEM • Delivering a new asset that immediately meets Retrofit the intended outputs (better quality, final cost Petrol engines and performance) Diesel engines John Downer • Biomethane (renewable methane) Developments in the EU Senior Project Manager Gilbert Schoonhoven Penspen, UK Senior Consultant CNG Services Ltd, UK DME – An emerging fuel of the 21st Century • DME utilisation, transportation, cooking, heating New concepts and developments in and power generation LNG shipping • How is DME derived? Senior Executive Invited • A clean-burning alternative to LPG, diesel The American Bureau of Shipping, USA and gasoline • The production process • Its utilisation in the Middle East and Asia; an analysis Jens Perregaard (invited) Haldor Tapsoe International AS, Denmark The future for GTL beyond Pearl? • GTL supply, globally and in the Middle East (Qatar, Algeria…) • GTL demand, globally and in the Middle East • Advantages of using GTL Naphtha as chemical feedstock • GTL as a Jet Fuel: A new trend • GTL products as lube based oil precursors Senior Executive Invited Shell, UK www.ibcgulfconferences-megas.com register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  8. 8. Two Separately Bookable Senior PROGRAMME MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon Pre-Conference Senior Executive Briefing 20 April 2008 Asian Power & Energy: The New Era Introduction Briefing Outline The world economic and energy axis has been shifting to The Senior Executive Briefing will be divided into Asia over the past two decades. With the global financial 4 sessions: crisis and the relative resilience of key Asian economies, these trends are likely to become more pronounced in Post-Crisis: World vs. Asian Energy Markets the future. Over the past two years, the global power and This session will cover the “New Energy World Order” and energy industries have experienced fundamental shifts in the impact of the global crisis on Asian energy markets. the dynamics of demand and supply, competition and It will analyse the greater importance of Asian markets in price, as well as the policy and regulatory environment. a post-crisis era. Key drivers of the quantum shifts in the power and energy Asian Demand and Supply Analysis and Forecasts sectors in Asia include: The session will cover the Pre & Post Crisis demand • Economic, Financial and Currency Uncertainty supply projects and forecasts across Asia. Historical • Oil Price Movement and Cycles analysis from the 1997 and 2001 crashes and recovery • Uncertainly in LNG Supply and Pricing will provide a framework to assess the potential recovery • Shifts in Coal Supply and Pricing of markets in Asia in the current scenario. • Product Demand Destruction • Erratic Prospects for Market Recovery Master Plans and the Impact on the Long Term Energy Mix These shifts and their potential impact have not been National Master Plans and Long Term Energy Mix Visions fully understood or evaluated and pose a tremendous conceptualised even six months ago are no longer challenge to National System Planning, Market valid. The session will cover the revisions in energy Development and Project Risk Assessment. planning across the region and potential net impact on Gas & LNG markets. Briefing Objectives This Senior Executive Briefing will provide delegates with Power and Energy Project Commercial Due-Diligence Fundamental Analysis, Forecasts and Strategic insight Power and Energy Project fundamentals are more across Asia at both the National and Regional levels. critical in a down-turn environment. The Strategic Frameworks, Methodologies and Tools to comprehend This Briefing will include an overview of the Asian power these changes have not kept pace with changing sector (including electricity generation markets and market realities. Fatal Flaws in Strategy and Asset energy mix assessment based on Coal, Gas Nuclear, Investments are a direct result of “Evaluation in Hydro and Renewable resources) and the Asian Energy Isolation”. The session will examine methodologies sector including Natural Gas (Pipeline and LNG). for commercial due-diligence and contractual risk mitigation in Asia. odels and analytical tools for Asian markets. About Your Workshop Director (design and implementation) of advanced merchant Vishvjeet Kanwarpal concepts, dynamic models and analytical tools for CEO and Managing Director of Asia Asian & global markets. His experience in the power Consulting Group (P) Ltd. (ACG) and Global sector includes coal, liquid fuel and gas based projects, InfraSys (P) Ltd. (GIS) hydro power, cogeneration and renewable energy sources. His experience in the energy sector includes Mr. Kanwarpal directs the Infrastructure the entire range of fuels (including LNG and Pipeline Strategy practice at ACG & GIS including: Power, Energy, Gas) for power, fertilizer, industry, residential and Transport and Emissions. He has conducted over 200 transport sectors. Mr. Kanwarpal is a graduate of the client assignments in Infrastructure and over 100 in High- Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and Technology sectors. His areas of expertise include market has completed graduate courses at Harvard and The and project strategy, feasibility, business simulation, risk Sloan School of Management, MIT. evaluation and risk mitigation techniques in emerging Asia and globally. He has pioneered the development www.iirme.com/megas register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  9. 9. Executive Briefing and Workshop PROGRAMME MEG S 14th ANNUAL SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon Post-Conference Workshop 23 April 2008 New Kid on the Block – CNG At This Informative Workshop Hear: Introduction • About the latest CNG vehicles launched in Germany In Germany, a new generation of turbo-charged CNG and new turbo technology vehicles is being launched by VW and GM in Q1 2009 • About the latest ‘Dual Fuel’ technology to convert a that offer a high performance and low CO2 emissions. diesel engine to use of a mixture of 70% natural gas Coupled with the growth of biomethane, produced and 30% diesel from organic waste, there is now an opportunity to have • A review of NGV standards and regulations low carbon or even carbon neutral transportation, with • How CNG and LNG as transportation fuel offers significant air quality benefits as well. The modern EU around 30% lower CO2 than GTL and is the standards for NGV’s enable OEM’s to introduce new only market in Europe for increasing natural NGV technologies on the European market without gas demand long complex processes of legislation. • How biomethane as a fuel can help establish a NGV infrastructure Workshop Objectives • Basics of design of a Virtual • Learn how to select the right technology for your Pipeline System specific NGV project and understand how to develop CNG re-fuelling infrastructure • Understand the latest “Dual Fuel” technology to convert a diesel engine for the usage of mixture of 70% natural gas and 30% diesel • Review NGV Standards and Regulations • Determine CNG and LNG as a transportation fuel offer around 30% lower CO2 than GTL and is the only market in Europe for increasing natural gas demand • Learn how a biomethane as a fuel can help to establish a NGV infrastructure • Discover the basics of a Virtual Pipeline System About Your Workshop Director Dana Gas Finds More Gas, Condensate in Egypt Gilbert Schoonhoven 12th January 2009, Arabian Business.com Senior Consultant, CNG Services Ltd, UK United Arab Emirates-based Dana Gas said on Monday it had Mr. Schoonhoven has over 40 years made a gas and condensate discovery in Egypt that would experience within mechanical design potentially double its reserves in the North African Country. and construction for the oil, gas The discovery was made at the Salma-1 well located in the and petrochemical industries including project West Qantara Concession and was expected to add over management and operational experience, with Consultancy undertaken on several projects in 200 billion cubic feet of gas to reserves, the company said various countries. in a statement. Dana made four discoveries in Egypt last year, the most recent in December at the El-Basant 2 well, Gilbert has gained experience within the field of located in the West El Manzala Concession in the Qawasim the petrochemical industry, power plants, gas formation. “The excellent results yeilded by the Salma-1 pipeline and transmission station engineering, CNG will definitely call for more exploratory drilling in the area, compressor station design and construction, Biogas where there are several similar prospects which will be production, Biogas upgrading, hydrogen and fuelling planning soon.” Ahmed Al-Arbeed Dana Gas Upstream stations for gaseous fuels. Executive Director said in a statement. Dana Gas, which relies on Egypt for the bulk of its income, said last year that Gilbert has also expertise of special equipment and it planned to invest about $500 million in Egypt and Iraq’s solutions for CNG Filling Stations and the Biogas Kurdish region in 2009 to boost natural gas output sector. (Reuters) www.ibcgulfconferences-megas.com register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437
  10. 10. Where the region’s gas industry meets! 29 March – 2 April 2009, JW Marriott Hotel, Dubai, UAE MEG S 14th ANNUAL IIR Middle East certified by SUMMIT 21 – 22 April 2009 the mövenpick hotel, Beirut, Lebanon FIVE WAYS TO REGISTER register@iirme.com 971-4-3352438 971-4-3352437 GCS/IIR Holdings Ltd. IIR Holdings Ltd. P.O Box 13977 P.O Box 21743 Muharraq, State of Bahrain Dubai, UAE www.iirme.com/megas www.ibcgulfconferences-megas.com SIGNIFICANT GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE! Contact Details: Tel: +971-4-3352483 Email: R.devnani@iirme.com A1012 Book before 20 February Book between 20 February Event Options Book after 13 March 2009 2009 and 13 March 2009 US$ 3,885.00 US $4,085.00 US $4,285.00 Two-Day Summit and  + VAT @ 10% (US$ 388.50) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 408.50) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 428.50) 2 Workshops US$ 4,273.50 US$ 4,493.50 US$ 4,713.50 20 – 23 April 2009 US $2,840.00 US $3,040.00 US $3,240.00 Two-Day Summit and  + VAT @ 10% (US$ 284.00) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 304.00) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 324.00) 1 Workshop US$ 3,124.00 US$ 3,344.00 US$ 3,564.00 A B US $1,995.00 US $2,095.00 US $2,195.00 Two-Day Summit  + VAT @ 10% (US$ 199.50) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 209.50) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 219.50) 21– 22 April 2009 US$ 2,194.50 US$ 2,304.50 US$ 2414.50 US $895.00 US $945.00 US $995.00 1 Workshop  + VAT @ 10% (US$ 89.50) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 94.50) + VAT @ 10% (US$ 99.50) A B US$ 984.50 US$ 1,039.50 US$ 1,094.50 PERSONAL DETAILS: Title First Name Surname Job Title Department Mobile Email 1st Delegate 2nd Delegate 3rd Delegate 4th Delegate To assist us with future correspondence, please supply the following details: Head of Department Training Manager Booking Contact Company: ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Address (if different from label above): ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................ Postcode: ..................................... Country:............................................................ Tel: .......................................................... Fax: ...................................................... Mobile: .................................................................  YES! I would like to receive information about future events & services via email.   500-999  250-499   No. of employees on your site: 1000+ 50-249 0-49 My Email address is: ..................................................................................................... Nature of your company’s business: ....................................................................... Cancellation Payments Event Venue: If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Please note The Mövenpick Hotel, welcome in your place. If this is not suitable, a US$ 200 service that full payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees Beirut, Lebanon charge will be payable. Registrations cancelled less than seven have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. You can pay by company cheques Tel: +961-1-869-666 days before the event must be paid in full. or bankers draft in Dirhams or US$. Please note that all US$ cheques and drafts should be drawn on a New York bank and an extra amount of US$ 6 per payment should be added Accommodation Details Avoid Visa Delays - Book Now to cover bank clearing charges. We highly recommend you secure Please contact Lebanese Embassy in your country your room reservation at the of residence. earliest to avoid last minute incon- Card Payment venience. You can contact the IIR  Mastercard  Visa   Please charge my credit card: American Express Due to unforeseen circumstances, the programme may change Hospitality Desk for assistance on: and IIR reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers. Name on Card: ............................................................................................................................. Tel: +971-4-4072693 Fax: +971-4-4072517 Card Number: ................................................................................... Exp. Date:......................... Email: hospitality@iirme.com Signature: ....................................................................................................................................... EH E200 OIL & GAS © Copyright I.I.R. HOLDINGS B.V.