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C:\Users\Giry\Documents\Juegos De Ingles


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Published in: Education
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C:\Users\Giry\Documents\Juegos De Ingles

  1. 1. Start here
  2. 2. Adverbs of frequency Would Family Members How
  3. 3. Quantifiers Complete the sentences using 'MANY', 'Much', 'A LOT', 'A LOT OF' 'A LOT 'A 'Muc MANY OF' LOT h' Return menu Next
  4. 4. Many 1) It didn't cost money to go to New Zealand. A lot of Much A Lot Next
  5. 5. A lot of 2) How songs can you sing? A Lot Many Much Next
  6. 6. A lot Much 3) There's rice in the cupboard. A lot of Many Next
  7. 7. A Lot Muc h 4) Paco visited countries when he went on holiday Many A lot of Next
  8. 8. Family members Next Return menu
  9. 9. Do you know cartoons? Choose the correct answer!!!! Next
  10. 10. Who is he Bombon's father The Father of Bombon Next Father’s
  11. 11. Who is she ? Bombon’s The cousin of sister bombon Bombon sister’s Next
  12. 12. Who is he ? Bombon Kenny’s father ’s uncle Bart’s grandfather
  13. 13. How!!!
  14. 14. what is the correct Question? A)Peter is 10 years Next old? B) HOW OLD IS PETER? C) Peter is 10 old years?
  15. 15. what is the correct Question? A)How can I help you? B) You help I can how? next C) Can I how help you?
  16. 16. Would!!! Return menu Next
  17. 17. which answer is in the correct order? 1) I, would, play, football 2) Football,would, I play 3) I, play, football, would Next
  18. 18. which answer is in the correct order? 1)Would ,you ,like, some, tea,? 2)You,like,would some, tea,? 3)Tea ,you,some,would,like,? Next
  19. 19. Adverbs of frequency Return menu
  20. 20. s oually ansis s r o fte nfre r ue wis h Co rykefo q e mntly e dI ve m ehases we ne ve r tim s S lic us m tim complete the sentence We 100% go shopping on Saturday usuall Often y Next Always
  21. 21. complete the sentence 0% they come and stay with us. Sometimes Never occasionally. Finish
  22. 22. Return menu
  23. 23. Incorrect