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Glasgow, the city brand

  2. 2. The city brand Glasgow: Scotland with style is centralto the Bureau’s activities, but equally important is astructure to deliver on the city’s aspirations.The Bureau has a team of 43 people engaged inbranding and public relations; conference, meetingsand incentive sales; event creation, management andmarketing; conference and event accommodationbookings; ICT and finance and administration.With all these functions working closely under oneroof, there has been considerable additional benefitfrom coordinated city marketing.This was particularly evident with the UEFA Cup Final.Glasgow City Marketing Bureau was part of the LocalOrganising Committee, and charged with managinga £500,000 budget to help deliver the city’s ambitionsfor this prestigious event. The result was £11 millionin local economic benefit, as well as media coverageseen by more than 45 million people.This sort of success has been replicated acrosseach of the events that Glasgow City MarketingBureau has managed and coordinated in the past18 months.These are incredibly exciting times in Glasgow’slong and varied history, and we look forward toworking with our partners locally, nationally andinternationally to help generate economic benefitthat will ultimately make Glasgow a better placeto live, work, invest, study and visit.COUNCILLOR STEVEN PURCELLCHAIRFIRST ESTABLISHED IN APRIL 2005,GLASGOW CITY MARKETINGBUREAU HAS BECOME A VITAL TOOLIN POSITIONING GLASGOW AS ONEOF EUROPE’S MOST DYNAMIC ANDDIVERSE CITIES.
  3. 3. The company has put tremendous effort into formingstrategic alliances with key stakeholders in the privateand public sectors under the over arching banner ofGlasgow: Scotland with style.Such is the brand’s resonance that as well as beingimplemented by Glasgow City Council, its currency asthe metropolitan area’s holistic brand has also beenrecognised - and embraced - by contiguous localauthorities, enterprise companies and the ScottishGovernment.Local businesses including transport authorities andproviders; hotels and tour operators; retailers andrestaurateurs and the city’s universities and creativeindustries have equally grasped the scale of opportunityafforded through working with GCMB and being alignedwith the Glasgow: Scotland with style campaign.Since the launch of the brand, in excess of 535,000additional tourists have visited the city generating£62 million in local economic benefit and deliveringa 2% year-on-year increase in hotel occupancy.GCMB has also been the recipient of a number ofindustry awards, which demonstrate the quality of workbeing produced across all its strategic business units.Glasgow: Scotland with style is now woven intoGlasgow’s new economic strategy for the next ten yearsand the city’s new tourism strategy for 2007 – 2016.This demonstrates a clear vote of confidence both in thebrand and in GCMB’s ability to help deliver economicbenefit for the city region.SCOTT TAYLORCHIEF EXECUTIVEFOLLOWING ITS INCEPTION INAPRIL 2005, GLASGOW CITYMARKETING BUREAU (GCMB)HAS PROVED ITS WORTH ASTHE OFFICIAL PLACE MARKETINGAGENCY FOR THE CITY REGIONAND CUSTODIAN OF THEGLASGOW: SCOTLAND WITH STYLEBRAND.
  4. 4. RESULTSINCREASE IN ANNUAL HOTEL OCCUPANCYLEVEL FROM 68.8% to 75.3% SINCE BRANDLAUNCH IN 2004.INCREASE IN ADDITIONAL TOURISTEXPENDITURE OF £62 MILLION SINCEBRAND LAUNCH.VISITORS TO WWW.SEEGLASGOW.COMHAVE INCREASED BY 190%, WITH 1.3MILLION USERS GENERATING AN AVERAGEOF 11 MILLION PAGE VIEWS PER YEAR.CONVENTION BOOKINGS INCREASED IN2006-2007 BY 8% TO £148 MILLION.DELEGATE DAYS INCREASED IN 2006-2007BY 14.5% TO 490,000.CONFERENCE HOTEL BOOKING SERVICEGROSS SALES UP IN 2006-2007 BY 25%TO £3 MILLION.2% SHIFT IN TARGET AUDIENCE’S“LIKELIHOOD OF VISITING GLASGOWIN NEXT THREE MONTHS”.THIS REPRESENTS 1.1 MILLION BEDNIGHTS AND EXPENDITURE OF£129 MILLION.31% OF UK TARGET AUDIENCE OF 10MILLION MORE LIKELY TO VISIT GLASGOWAS A RESULT OF BRAND ADVERTISING.“Glasgow is the most fantasticworld-class city. It has so muchenergy and style and its people aresome of the friendliest youll findanywhere. Glasgow has workedreally hard at transforming whatpeople might once have perceivedas a dour place into one of the mostvibrant cultural scenes anywherein Europe."Sarah MillerEditor of Conde Nast Traveller“If you have Franz Ferdinand on youripod, clothes designed by JonathanSaunders in your wardrobe andGordon Ramsay’s cookbook in yourkitchen, then Glasgow’s creativestreak will not be news.”New York Times“Forget Paris – this year we’llbe looking north of the borderfor the chicest city in the world.”“There’s no denying the city’s stylecredentials but it’s the pride inhomegrown talent which is mostattractive about Glasgow, wherelocal success stories are embracedand encouraged to flourish withinthe city limits.”Guardian Unlimited
  5. 5. The Glasgow: Scotland with style brandis a holistic communications tool, drivingforward a range of different partneractivities on the national and internationalstage. From education to tourism, retailto transport, and events to investment,the brand is delivering a consistent andcoherent message.The brand works on both the rational and emotionallevel, conveying a unique sense of place. On a rationallevel, the brand encapsulates the many physicalattributes of the city, including the legacy of CharlesRennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style; its strengthin its cultural credentials; the history and heritage of theRiver Clyde, and the visual wealth of the best preservedVictorian city in the UK. This is combined with thecreative vibe that has produced a world-renowned capitalof contemporary music, a city with an unbridled passionfor sport, and an intense drive for urban regeneration.To this, add the emotional characteristics of its citizenswith their own distinctive self-deprecating humour,genuine friendliness, a cosmopolitan attitude and a firmbelief in fair play.To stay in Glasgow, to work in Glasgow, is to experiencea connection to a city with a unique sense of style.“Locum Consulting advises manycity destinations and particularlywelcomes the way in which Glasgowhas developed its brand identitywithin the national branding context.Glasgow: Scotland with style leapsforward from the transformationaland dramatic changes of Glasgowwhilst celebrating the contemporaryedge that both differentiates this cityin Europe and extends the brandattributes of Scotland.”Richard TibbottLocum Consulting“Three of the most successfulapproaches to destination branding,are the linking of a city’s propositionto a real personality, capitalising ona city’s architecture both past andpresent and focusing on a highprofile event. To combine all threeas the Glasgow: Scotland with stylecampaign does is, to my knowledge,unique.”Dr Graham HankinsonInternational Institute for Tourism,Culture and DevelopmentLondon Metropolitan University“Glasgow is consistently ahead ofthe game on city branding and isalways held up in the urban tourismliterature as a city that has usedbranding to create a majordestination status.”Stephen PageProfessor of TourismStirling UniversityBRAND POSITIONING
  6. 6. The brand strategy includes a combinationof advertising and public relations,sponsorship and brand installations,to produce a powerful momentum. This isfurther reinforced by a focus on attractingspecific events that reflect the brandpositioning.Glasgow: Scotland with style advertisingappears in a suite of consumer publicationsthat are read by key influencers in thefields of music, fashion, design, art,architecture and investment.Brand BuildingCommunicationsStrategyBRAND MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. Meanwhile the Glasgow: Scotland with style DesignCollective has had three outings at London Fashion Weekto universal acclaim, and the continued sponsorship ofthe Scottish Style Awards affords numerous opportunitiesto generate editorial that puts the words Glasgow andstyle side by side.In the autumn of 2007, the production of a Glasgowdedicated issue of the glossy photography magazine,Next Level, will likewise highlight the strength ofGlasgow’s creative industries, as well as promoting theGlasgow International Festival of Visual Art nationallyand internationally.Effective management of the brand ensures that allaspects of the marketing mix combine to achievemaximum impact.For example, advertising and public relations workin tandem to target Style Setters at the top of theStyle Pyramid who persuade Style Followers below,thus creating an enduring style brand.Events add further leverage to the process. Securingand developing events that have strategic brand fitnot only results in increased attendance and greaterreturn on investment, but also a strengthening of thebrand’s integrity.The Glasgow brand captures in a single word theaspirations of the city for its citizens and visitorsalike. And these aspirations are now being portrayedin the media.Since the brand was launched in March 2004, GCMB’saward-winning public relations team have brought 525print, broadcast and online media to Glasgow securingcoverage that has been seen by an audience of 1.2 billionpeople worldwide.It’s clear that perceptions of Glasgow are movingprecisely in the right direction, and thatGlasgow: Scotland with style is proving to be apowerful force for change.ExclusiveStyle SettersExclusiveStyle AdoptersStyleLeadersStyle FollowersAspirationalValues areAttractiveKey Messagesfilter downDesign by Christopher Kane,part of the Glasgow: Scotland with style Design Collective
  8. 8. TEAM GLASGOW“We are proud to showcase branding thatcaptures the essence of Glasgow, which isundoubtedly one of the most dynamic andstylish cities in the world. The new visualfor the brand covers the entire wall of ourfoyer, carrying the strap line ‘you’vearrived’- now what better way to welcomeour visitors from home and abroad? It’sworld-class branding for a world-classvenue and it sends out the right message.”“The growth of the service economy including retail,leisure and tourism has been a significant factor inGlasgows renaissance. Through the successful effortsof a multi agency partnership approach, our tourist andleisure market goes from strengthto strength driven by our iconicGlasgow: Scotland with style brand.”Dr Lesley SawersChief ExecutiveGlasgow Chamber of Commerce“As the city’s airport, we’re proud to supportthe Glasgow: Scotland with style campaign.Since its launch, it has undoubtedly helpedraise the profile of Glasgow, not just in theUK, but across the world in many ofScotland’s key tourism markets. It’s a themethat really captures the spirit of a revitalised,and confident Glasgow.We’ve worked closely with Glasgow CityMarketing Bureau to produce a joint marketingpack designed to promote Glasgow and attractnew international airlines to the city. It hasmade a real difference to our efforts to promoteGlasgow and its airport. Airlines have beenimpressed by the close working relationshipbetween the City Marketing Bureau and BAA,and we look forward to continuing thatpartnership approach.”Stephen BaxterDivisional ManagingDirector of BAA Scotland“We are definitely seeing a difference.The Glasgow: Scotland with style campaign is fantastic.I didn’t think we could ever beat Glasgow’s Miles Better,but it has really caught the public’s imagination.The exposure the city has had as a result of both thecampaign and our bid for the Commonwealth Gameshas been tremendous. The value of all the great coveragewe have had in tourism magazines is immeasurable.“Willie Haughey OBEChairmanScottish Enterprise Glasgow“The brand Glasgow: Scotland with style is a fundamentalelement of the city’s economic strategy. It differentiatesGlasgow from its competitors across much of its economicactivity, and has delivered tangible results. Our investmentcontinues to provide a city wide platform to competeinternationally, and in doing so, effectively challengesoutdated perceptions of the city.”Steve InchExecutive DirectorDevelopment and Regeneration ServicesGlasgow City CouncilTHE CORNERSTONE TO SUCCESS.“All of us in Glasgow’s tourism industry are in the businessof selling the city to the world, and the brand makes thatjob an easy one. Glasgow: Scotland with style is the vital,forward-looking face of modern Scotland, and the strategicfocus it provides for our industry partners is invaluable.”Tom McWilliamArea Director – GlasgowVisitScotland
  9. 9. Mike ClosierGroup Chief ExecutiveScottish Exhibition + Conference Centre"Glasgow: Scotland with style is a powerful messagethat is making a tangible difference both in the way thatpeople perceive Glasgow and in the considerablebusiness that it has generated for the city.”Dominic McVey General ManagerCrowne Plaza HotelCo-Chair Greater GlasgowHotels Association
  10. 10. “The whole tenor of the campaign fits verywell with what we are offering and I think itspeaks volumes for the quality of the retailon offer here and elsewhere in the city centre.What is very important is that it is sendingout the right coordinated, stylish messagethat Glasgow is a retail centre in a way thathasn’t happened before.”Hamish MillarGeneral ManagerBuchanan Galleries“The City Marketing Bureau and Scotland with stylebrand is a unique and powerful combination whichI believe will play a significant part in Glasgow’slong term success. The creative use of the brandgives businesses the confidence to engage theirstaff with the emotion that lies behind it and Iencourage my staff to feel we are John Lewis withStyle in a city with style. That pride has beenreflected in posters of our staff supporting the brandin our windows.”Barry MathesonManaging Director John Lewis DirectThe quality and style of this campaign complements the significant investment that has been made in the retail offerin Glasgow city centre Jane Cowan Centre Manager Princes Square
  12. 12. “Of course, we all knew about Glasgow’s hugelysuccessful transition from manufacturing and tradingsuccess to become one of the world’s top destinationsfor leisure visits, conventions and business relocation,we just hadn’t told everyone else. The launch ofGlasgow: Scotland with style sorted that omission outand gave us an umbrella to brag about the city alongsidemarketing our individual businesses – we’re all part ofthe city’s great living heritage and proud enough tofeature the brand wherever we can. In the Radisson,three 12-foot banners adorn the main atrium wall; itsmessage is so strong, we see it as part of the artinstallation of the hotel.”
  13. 13. “The prime aim of the project was for us to becomemore integrated with the successful marketing of thecity and this falls right in place.”Chris PatonSenior Store ManagerDebenhams Glasgow“The brand is in directsynergy with our businessand supports our view thatGlasgow is a very dynamic,diverse and cosmopolitancity that offers a restaurant,club and retail scene that ishard to match outside ofLondon. Without a doubt,the brand is being well-received and the perceptionof Glasgow is one of a friendly and dynamic city witha dynamic, dining, club and retail experience. Thatperception, in a very real sense, is good for business.”Ian FlemingChair of the Glasgow Restaurateurs Association,owner of The Buttery restaurant and adirector of the Scottish Tourism Forum.GLASGOWRESTAURATEURS’ ASSOCIATIONTHEFOODCAPIT AL OF SCOTLAND“We are using the brand prominentlyin our reception and in fliers we areproducing about the history of theiconic buildings in Glasgow. It isan integral part of our customersjourney of experience because theysee this when they check in, and ithelps us portray ourselves asGlasgows international hotel andassociate ourselves with these iconicbuildings. The brand also enables usto give information about the city toour business and leisure guestsand it allows us to position the hotelas being in a city that is vibrant,contemporary and stylish. Hiltonsbrand focuses on quality that leadsto trust among our customers, andthat is why we want to be associatedwith this stylish, quality brand.”Craig GardnerGeneral ManagerHilton Glasgow“The Glasgow: Scotland with stylecampaign has made the city a moreattractive proposition to all sorts ofnew business, which benefits citytransport providers. In particular,SPT works closely with Glasgow CityMarketing Bureau to secure majorconventions and the brand is beingused in this arena to great effect.”Ron CulleyChief ExecutiveStrathclyde Partnership for Transport
  14. 14. The repositioning of this great internationalcity continues and the teamwork that existsacross Glasgow is the cornerstone of thissuccess. From the outset of the brand, itwas recognised that the key to its successwould be adoption by key stakeholders,and priority has been given to workingwith public and private sector partnersto great effect.“We use the brand on our website, prospectus and otherpublicity material. We think Glasgow the city is somethingthat very much attracts people to The Glasgow School ofArt. Glasgow is becoming really well known for beingvery youthful, friendly, stylish and culturally connectedto Europe so Glasgow: Scotland with style being theofficial brand for the city helps enormously to confirmwhat we have been saying about the city for some time.”Professor Seona ReidDirectorThe Glasgow School of Art“We are using the brand in a range of our activities,from student recruitment to keeping in touch with ourgraduates, here and overseas. Glasgow is a dynamicand cosmopolitan city and our students know that,when choosing Glasgow, they’re choosingan exciting place to live as well as afirst-class education.”Sir Muir RussellPrincipalUniversity of Glasgow“The Royal Scottish Academy ofMusic and Drama is proud to be partof Glasgow: Scotland with style. Asa performing arts Higher EducationInstitution in the heart of Scotland’slargest city we are promoting theRSAMD as the destination of choicenot just for the best UK students,but for supremely talented studentsfrom all over the world.”John WallacePrincipalRoyal Scottish Academy of Musicand Drama“Glasgow: Scotland with style positions our city as oneof the most exciting, dynamic, cultural, creative, friendlyand diverse places to live and work in Europe. Theprogramme captures the energy of the city in a waythat reflects the values, goals, activities and modernphysical environment at Glasgow Caledonian University.It, therefore, enhances the University’s profile and allowsus to reach out to new audiences around the world.”Professor Pamela GilliesPrincipalGlasgow Caledonian University“Located in the heart of the citythe University is proud of the‘Strathclyde experience’ it offers itsstudents, staff and visitors. Key tothis is the exciting and stylish citythat Glasgow has become. TheUniversity utilises the brand onthe outer cover of its magazinedistributed to 100,000 contactsworldwide and iconic city imageswithin its prospectuses of which120,000 copies are distributedworldwide each year.”ProfessorAndrew HamnettPrincipalUniversity of Strathclyde
  15. 15. Glasgow has sponsored the Clipper Round the WorldYacht Race the past three consecutive races years, andhas signed up again for 2007-08.The 07-08 race takes the Glasgow: Scotland with styleclipper on an epic nine-month journey, visiting ports inFrance, South America, South Africa, Australia,Singapore, China, North America, the Caribbean andCanada along the way.Previous races have been used to create opportunitiesfor the city to do business at several key ports of call,and the 07-08 race is no different. Tourism, trade andeducation ‘missions’ are planned to assist the city’sdrive for conference business and to help attract foreignstudents to Glasgow’s colleges and universities.During the 05-06 race, strategic marketing and PRhelped generate £3.7 million worth of media coveragefor Glasgow.In 2007-8 there is potential to raisethe city’s profile still further in keyinternational markets.“Glasgow has successfully usedthe Glasgow: Scotland with styleyacht as a powerful marketing toolto raise the profile of the cityinternationally.”William WardChief Executive, Clipper Ventures
  16. 16. BUSINESS TOURISMGlasgow has enjoyed remarkable growthin business tourism, and the clear andconsistent message of the brand is playinga vital role in cementing the city’s reputationas a premier conference destination.When Glasgow faces tough international competitionbidding for conferences, the message the brand conveysof a stylish, easily accessible and vibrant destinationgives the city its competitive edge.The improving infrastructure of metropolitan Glasgowhas also developed from the growth in demand. Thenumber of hotel bedrooms in Glasgow has grown by40% in the past six years, confirming the city as oneof the most competitive and best-equipped conferencedestinations in the UK.A range of new facilities boosting the city’s corporateproduct is creating a buzz in the conference world. TheCity Halls and Old Fruitmarket were back in business in2007, followed by the grand re-opening of KelvingroveArt Gallery and Museum after a £29 million restoration.The Glasgow Science Centre has a new 400 seateratrium with project lighting, plasma screens and videoprojection. In addition the Scottish Exhibition +Conference Centre, Britain’s biggest integrated exhibitionand conference centre, is building a 12,500 seaterNational Arena at an estimated cost of £62 million.Meanwhile the Glasgow Conference AmbassadorProgramme – a one-stop shop giving help and supportto academics, scientists, business people and medicsthinking about hosting a conference – has helped drivemajor conventions to the city. In 2006-07, localAmbassadors secured 99 conferences for the city worth£41 million of local economic benefit.“Glasgow has a world-wide reputationas a leading international destinationfor conferences and events.“The city has a year-roundinfrastructure and has been host tosome of the world’s most challengingconferences. Glasgow has led theway with its revolutionary brandingcampaign that changed the way thatcities market themselves. Indeed,the city and its branding were usedas a ‘best practice’ case study inorder to educate and inform othermembers.”Tony RogersChief Executive British Associationof Conference Destinations andExecutive Director Association ofBritish Professional ConferenceOrganisersEuropean Federation of Neurological Societies at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
  17. 17. EVENTSTargeting events that reinforce the brand proposition iscentral to strategically positioning Glasgow on thenational and international stage as a stylish, dynamicand cosmopolitan city.Glasgow City Marketing Bureau is responsible fordeveloping, creating and bidding for major events insupport of the city’s economic strategy.Events are targeted in specific clusters to reinforceGlasgow’s unique image: music - for example, CelticConnections, arts & culture - Glasgow InternationalFestival of Contemporary Visual Art, retail - ScottishStyle Awards, sports - 2007 UEFA Cup Final, restaurants& nightlife - Gourmet Glasgow, and the builtenvironment - Glasgow River Festival and theMerchant City Festival.Events-led strategies are nothing new, but Glasgow hasimplemented the most up to date thinking on brand-ledevents. The wide range of events on offer are designedto add value to the Glasgow: Scotland with style brand.At the same time, consistent messages of quality arebeing communicated about the city to reinforce brandpreference and loyalty.GCMB leads the strategic major events forum, whichincludes Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, ScottishEnterprise Glasgow, Glasgow City Council and Cultureand Sport Glasgow.It ensures the city is focused on its strategic aims inrelation to major events and festivals.GCMB’s role also examines the business case of eachevent and provides the strategic link to EventScotlandand the newly established eventBritain.When selecting which events to bid for, support orcreate, the criteria for evaluation includes the mediaexposure they will generate, alignment with the brand,and the economic benefits to the city.“Glasgow: Scotland with styleprovides a clear statement aboutGlasgow’s desire to generatecustomers to sustain the cityregion’s visitor and businessinfrastructure, as well asdemonstrating intent in growingthe number of new customersto the region.”Paul BushChief Operating OfficerEventScotlandEVENT CLUSTER WHEELGCMB provides a single point ofcontact and a first stop shop forevent owners and producers.Following a robust appraisalprocess, GCMB co-ordinates theinput from the national and citywideagencies. It delivers a swift responseto balanced priorities.Zapcat racing at the Glasgow River Festival.
  18. 18. Finlay MacDonald at Piping Live! Glasgow International Piping Festival. Photograph by Derek Maxwell
  20. 20. 11 GEORGE SQUARE GLASGOW G2 1DY T +44 (0) 141 566 0800 F +44 (0) 141 566 0855e-mail citymarketing@seeglasgow.comWWW.SEEGLASGOW.COMPrintedon Reviverecycledpaper.