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Saudi Aramco Cultural Program Brochure 2012

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Cp brochure english_low

  1. Saudi AramcoCultural Program 2012 Dhahran June 20 - July 18
  2. IntroductionOnce again this summer, we welcome you to the Saudi AramcoCultural Program. We hope to provide you with exciting andmeaningful family-focused activities that reflect Saudi Aramco’s goalof having a positive impact on our society.This year, we are offering activities that do not exist anywhere inSaudi Arabia except in the Saudi Aramco Cultural Program. For thefirst time in the Kingdom, we bring you the 1001 Inventionsexhibition, the Valencia Football Academy, and the greatperformances of “The Freej Show” and “Barney and Friends.”We are also bringing back last year’s popular program “iSpark,” aswell as the historically rich Heritage Village.This summer, visiting the Saudi Aramco Cultural Program is a must!To find out more, keep reading this booklet or visit our website 2
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  4. 1001 Inventions1001 Inventions travels the world introducing people toinventors such as master engineer Al-Jazari, whosecrank mechanisms can be found in machines around theglobe; Fatima Al-Fihri, who founded the world’s firstmodern university; and Al-Zahrawi, who inventedhundreds of medical instruments and techniques, manystill being used today.Explore 1,000 years of scientific and culturalachievement. 4
  5. Get ready for the experience of a lifetime and join iSpark “iSpark,” which offers a set of educational and stimulating workshops for ages 12 to 17 in four different tracks as follows: 1. Abqariyah Powering The World Bridges Green City 2. The Studio iPhone Game Design Creative Imagery Animation 3. Hikayat New Media Video Telling Documentary Making 4. Eureka Light from the Stars Decoding Life5
  6. ValenciaFootball AcademySaudi Aramco has brought the Valencia FootballAcademy to the Eastern Province for four weeks ofintensive training, which for any dedicated soccerplayer means an enriching experience and a lot of fun!If you love football and a challenge, don’t miss thisopportunity to enhance your football skills, whilelearning what it truly takes to be a successful player. 6
  7. Live PerformancesWondrous sets, stunning performances,surprises, fun and laughter are yours to enjoyin the Live Performances Tent.A variety of local and internationalentertainers, cultural shows and exciting playswill delight every member of your family.Shows nightly are at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. 7
  8. National Clubs ProgramSaudi Aramco brings you sports and fun, in partnershipwith national sports clubs Al-Qadisiyah, Al-Feteh,Al-Ettifaq, Al-Khaleej and Al-Jubail.If you are a boy between the ages of 7 and 14, a varietyof sports and other learning experiences are yours –football, basketball, karate, Tae Kwon Do, table tennis,swimming and other exciting activities.Join the fun. You’ll be glad you did! 8
  9. RobOlympicsSharp minds, a team spirit and a love of fun arerequired at the 2012 Robot Olympics (theRobOlympics). Come and enjoy the fun andenjoy the challenge at the RobOlympics,where teams of robotic engineers — ages 8-12— program a robot and then guide it througha series of Olympic competitions.LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! 9
  10. ImaginationPlaygroundYour children will unleash their creativepotential in the Imagination Playground atthe 2012 Saudi Aramco Cultural Program.Giant foam blocks, mats, wagons, fabric,crates and more will allow your children to tapinto their creative potential to dream, build,play and explore endless possibilities. 10
  11. Saudi 2050Saudi 2050 is an interactive traveling exhibit onthe impact of energy conservation andtechnology innovation in shaping the future.With energy efficiency as a binding threadthroughout, the exhibition will encourage youto not only gaze into the future but also shapeit, communicating that we all have a role toplay in powering a positive and exciting futurefor Saudi Arabia and the world. 11
  12. Tinkering StudioCuriosity is the key to fun in The Tinkering Studio™at the 2012 Saudi Aramco Cultural Program.Science, art and technology come together in thiscuriosity-driven learning environment.Developed at the Exploratorium, the Museum ofScience, Art and Human Perception in SanFrancisco, The Tinkering Studio™ is a uniquelearning environment that supports criticalthinking, creative exploration, and scientific andartistic interaction with the world. 12
  13. Heritage VillageExperience the rich history of SaudiArabia in the Heritage Village. You willlearn about the different regions of theKingdom and how previous generationsadapted to and lived in harmony withtheir local environment.Walk down the streets of early towns,enjoy the taste of traditional foods, andwatch craftspeople share their art.Visit the Heritage Village, explore theKingdom and discover its past. 13
  14. Traffic Safety GardenIn the traffic safety garden, your children willlearn the rules of traffic safety at an early age.Your children will enjoy a set of workshopsdesigned to educate them about safety on theroad, then they will take a fun test to ensure theycan become ambassadors of traffic safety.Here, we nurture a generation that puts safetyfirst. 14
  15. Food CourtEnjoy a delicious meal and a refreshingdrink at our food court, where we offeryou a collection of top quality restaurants.15
  16. Ask MeYou have a question? Just head to the “AskMe” tent and you will find an answer. You alsocan ask any of our volunteers who are here tohelp you. 16
  17. Our PartnersWe appreciate the partnerships we havewith research centers, universities, sportsclubs and media for the Saudi AramcoCultural Program. We all aspire to be asuccessful model to follow in activating theconcept of true partnership for a bettersociety and community.17
  18. Visit our website Follow us