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Business research

  1. 1.  A research proposal is a document written bya researcher that provides a detaileddescription of the proposed program. It islike an outline of the entire research processthat gives a reader a summary of theinformation discussed in a project.
  3. 3.  A process of finding solutions to a problemafter a thorough study and analysis of thesituational factor. Example: a managers in an organizationconstantly engage themselves in studyingand analyzing issues and hence are involvesin some form of research activity as theymake decisions at the workplace.
  4. 4.  In business, research can be describes as asystematic and organized effort to investigatea specific problem encountered in the worksetting, that needs a solution.
  5. 5.  It is an organized, systematic, databased, critical, objective, scientific inquiry orinvestigation into a specificproblem, undertaken with the purpose offinding answers or solutions to it. Research provide needed information fordecision making. It is resulted of a careful analysis of datagathered.
  6. 6.  Qualitative Quantitative Applied business research Basic business research
  7. 7.  PRIMARY SOURCE- finding out yourself, first hand.- Experiments, interviews, questionnaires, surveys, participant observation. SECONDARY SOURCE- Reading other people’s work and ideas.- books, journal articles, websites.
  8. 8.  Method used in order to research your work. Explain the normal rules or requiredprocedure to conduct.
  9. 9.  Finding yourself at first hand. Interviews Questionnaires Surveys Observation
  10. 10.  Books Academic Journals Other journals, magazines and periodicals Websites Local and national government publications Organizational data
  11. 11. Access toonlinejournalresources
  12. 12.  JSTOR Wiley OnlineJournal Emerald Insight Wall StreetJournal Online
  13. 13.  Appraisal of the available academic workwithin a particular field of study. Establish the context of the problem or topicby reference to previous work Understand the structure of the problem Relate theories and ideas to the problem Identify the relative variables and relations Show the reader what has been donepreviously Show which theories have been applied to theproblems
  14. 14.  Show which research designs and methodshave been chosen Rationalise the significance of the problemand the study presented, synthesis and gain anew perspective on the problem. Show what further work needs to be done inthe light of existing knowledge.
  15. 15. Thank you 