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Summer JADE Meeting 2012 - Survival Guide

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Summer JADE Meeting 2012 - Survival Guide

  1. 1. SURVIVAL GUIDE Brought to you by &
  2. 2. Survival Guide areas: p.3 About JADE p.4 About JADE Romania p.5 SJM12-All about intrapreneurship! p.6-7 Meet the speakers! p.8 Celebrating 20th years of JADE at SJM12 p.9 Structure of the event p.10 Agenda: 19th of July 2012 p.11 Agenda: 20th of July 2012 p.12 Agenda: 21st of July 2012 p.13 Optional Trip to the Danube (22nd of July) p.14 Dress code p.15 List of things you need to bringp.16-17 Romania-survival guide p.18 Travel Tips p.19 Facts about the location (Mamaia) p.20 Hotel p.21 Partiesp.22-23 Travel Tips p.24 Important contacts p.25 Important maps
  3. 3. JADE The European Confederation of Junior Enterprises JADE’s Values:  Entrepreneurial culture  Social responsibility  Personal development  Open-mindedness  Proactive involvement  Intercultural exchange  Committed professionalism  AwesomenessFacts about JADE:• 45 years of market recognition• 20 years of awesomeness as JADE• 83% of the top 100 Business Schools in Europe, ranked by the Financial Times are represented in JADE Network• 58% of our Junior Entrepreneurs find their job before finishing their studies• 21% of our Junior Entrepreneurs create their own company within 3 years after graduating (compared to a EU Average of 7-8%)
  4. 4. About JADE RomaniaJADE Romania was accepted into the network on 6th of March 2010 and hasproven a big impact on the students in Romania, encouraging theirprofessional development and entrepreneurial initiatives.Mission:Represent the European JE movement in RomaniaSupport the development of bright students in RomaniaFoster the Junior Enterprise concept across RomaniaEncourage entrepreneurship among students in higher Education throughJunior Enterprise conceptJADE Romania has 4 Junior Enterprises:• Business Organization for Students (Bucharest), • Services: HR, Marketing consulting• DaAfaceri (Bucharest), •Services: Market Research, Start-up consulting• Liga Stundetilor Electronisti (Bucharest), •Services: IT• Theory & Practice Consult (Cluj Napoca), •Services: Management consulting
  5. 5. Summer JADE Meeting All about Intrapreneurship!Intrapreneurship is… A special type of entrepreneurship!Intrapreneurship refers to initiatives by employees in organizations to undertakenew business activities. Intrapreneurship is a special type of entrepreneurship andthus shares many key behavioral characteristics with this comprehensiveconcept, such as taking initiative, pursuit of opportunity, and some element ofnewness.Major activities related to intrapreneurship include opportunity perception, ideageneration, designing a new product or another recombination of resources, internalcoalition building, persuading management, resource acquisition, planning andorganizing. Key behavioral aspects of intrapreneurshipare personal initiative, active information search, out of the boxthinking, voicing, championing, taking charge, finding a way, and some degree of risk12% of EU citizens are entrepreneurs, while the majority are employees.taking.Therefore, we should focus on educating them about the benefits ofintrapreneurship for both businesses and individuals and how to act on it.What is an intarpreneur?"A person within a large corporation who takes direct responsibility for turning anidea into a profitable finished product through assertive risk-taking and innovation“ (The American Heritage Dictionary)Though this event:  You will test your entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial knowledge  You will get to meet premium speakers  You will have access to the results of one of the first European studies on Intrapreneurship, made for this event by JADE Romania, JADE and EIIL  Will network with other colleagues from the network and partnerships can be established
  6. 6. Meet the speakers! Mr. Herbert RastbichlerMrs. Juliet Edwards Vice President andPolicy Officer - Economic MD, Central & EasternPartnerships, Knowledge Europe,Alliances, European Commission Hewlett-Packard CompanyMrs. Magda R. Tepoi Daniel Falcon GuedesPermanent representative of President, JADEthe Chamber of Commerceand Industry of Romania to theEuropean Institutions inBrussels Mr. Steve Price Mr. Alexandre Almăjeanu Angel Investor CEO of EIIL Mr. Mihai Stănescu Business Coach Mrs. Andreea Paraschiv President, JADE Romania Mr. Marius Ghenea Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
  7. 7. Meet the speakers!Mr. Constantin Brătianu Mr. Philippe Meda, http, http:// CEO, Markaptwww.ase.roUniversity Professor Mr. Luca Sartoni Mr. Sorin Matei http://www.lucasartoni. com/ Mediator and Conflict Entrepreneur, Social Management Consultant Media Specialist Mr. Steve Skowyrski Mr. Ketan Makwana http://www.carlsonfunds.c http://www.enterprise , http://www.TheInt , http://www. ernetMarketingCorporatio youthenterprise- Serial Entrepreneur Co-founder & Director of Enterprise Lab Mr. Jean-Yves Huwart http://www.entreprise Mr. Radu Seuche CEO,Entreprise Globale International trainer and coach Mr. Benjamin Hermer International Manager, CNJE
  8. 8. Celebrating 20th years of JADE at Summer JADE MeetingDon’t want to spoil the moment, butprepare to celebrate 20 years of JADEawesomeness, together with our dear JADEmembers and JADUS.There will be cake, there will be surprises!We’re going to mark this event down thehistory of JADE.BE A PART! Of making one of the surprises:send of Julya video with yourself/ your team 22nd usand tell us your JADE story (why are you amember of the network, why do you loveJADE!) – deadline 13.07.2012.
  9. 9. Summer JADE Meeting Structure of the event • Transportation to the resort • Beach Time 19th of July • International beach party (after 7PM) • Opening Ceremony • Speeches, food for brain 20th of July • Workshops ! Register for workshops: • Innovation Lab • General Assembly 21st of July • Closing Ceremony • Transportation to the airport (Constanta/Bucharest) • Optional (for people that stay an extra day): Trip to the Danube 22nd of July* Attendance to conferences and workshops is mandatory. A deposit at theregistration desk (40 euro) will be solicited when you check-in. Money will bereimbursed on 21st, at 6 PM (so you can use the money for the party on Saturday)
  10. 10. Summer JADE Meeting 19.07.2012There will be 2 pick-up places: the airport (Otopeni) or atthe House of Parliament ! Don’t forget to send us your flight details at –deadline 12.07.2012!22nd of July The departure of buses will be fixed accordingly – we will announce the exact hours on the 15.07.2012!
  11. 11. Agenda 20.07.2012Time Topic Holder10.00-10.30 Networking & coffe Daniel Falcon, Andreea10.30-11.00 Opening ceremony Paraschiv,Alexandre Almajeanu Report on Intrapreneurship presentation of results11.00-11.15 Ella Nicolescu, Steve Price Moderator: Antonia Sariyska; Speakers: Mihai Stănescu,Ketan11.15-12.45 Panel Discussion Makwana, Sorin Matei ,Herbert Rastbichler, Juliet Edwards12.45-14.30 Lunch14.30-14.35 Video Break How a Multi-National Company helped me develop the skills14.35-14.50 Steve Price to be an entrepreneur14.50-15.05 How an Intrapreneur can lead change in the company Constantin Brătianu How an Intrapreneur should communicate inside the company15.05-15.20 (Internal Communication and knowledge management in a Luca Sartoni startup environment.)15.20-15.35 Breaking the habit [coffee break]15.35-15.40 Video break15.40-15.55 How to stimulate intrapreneurship inside the company Philippe Meda How to enhance the link between innovation and15.55-16.10 Jean-Yves Huwart intrapreneurship16.10-16.25 How to recruit intrapreneurs Steve Lion16.25-16.40 Breaking the habit [coffee break]16.40-16.45 Video break16.45-17.00 Corporate Businesses and the Need for Entrepreneurship Marius Ghenea17.00-17.15 Do you really want to be an intrapreneur? Magda R. Tepoi17.15-17.30 Forming teams for Intrapreneurship Game Antonia Saiyska17.30-17.45 Breaking the habit [coffee break]17.45-19.30 Free time19.30-19.45 The power of ideas Ketan Makwana19.45-21.00 Intrapreneurship Game and Networking21.00-22.30 Dinner22.30 - 04.00 Changing time, Transport to club and party
  12. 12. Agenda 21.07.2012 Time frame Workshop Holder How can you make any organizational Sorin Matei10.30-12.30 intraprenorial? Any! Constantin Change Management10.30-12.30 Brătianu10.30-12.30 So you are an intrapreneur. What else? Magda R Tepoi10.30-12.30 Enterprise Lab Ketan Makwana10.30-12.30 How to eliminate intrapreneurship barriers? Radu Seuche12.30-14.30 Lunch Innovation and New Business Venture14.30-16.30 Marius Ghenea Creation 10.00-19.30 11.00-18.30 How to test your intrapreneurial idea as fast as Jean-Yves Innovation General14.30-16.30 possible with the reality of the market ? Huwart Lab Assembly14.30-16.30 How do you become an intrapreneur Mihai Stănescu Leading Innovation - Lite : How to recognize14.30-16.30 key characteristics which foster innovation in Steve Price companies.14.30-16.30 How to recruit intrapreneurs? Steve Lion JE intrapreneurship case:How to improve your icons16.30-18.30 JE recruitment? Internal Communication and knowledge Luca Sartoni16.30-18.30 management in a startup environment.16.30-18.30 JE management Benjamin Hermer16.30-18.30 Blue Ocean Strategy Radu Seuche18.30-21.30 Free time22.00-22.30 Closing Ceremony22.00-00.00 Dinner00.00-05.00 Changing time, Transport to club and party
  13. 13. 22.07.2012As mentioned before, this day is the “going back” day. We will have busestaking you back to Bucharest/Constanta airport. Optional (for people that can spend another day in Romania): Trip to the DanubeEstimated cost: 100 euroIncludes: transportation to the harbor (Tulcea), trip on a boat on the channels,lunch, accommodation in Tulcea (1 night) transportation back to Bucharest. See more:
  14. 14. Summer JADE Meeting Dress Code 10.00-18.00 18.00-19.30 19.30-22.00 22.00-04 casual (holiday)Thurday Business beach clothing Casual Clubbing Friday beach clothing Smart casual beach clothing Smart casual for ClubbingSaturday Closing ceremony casual (holiday)Sunday
  15. 15. Summer JADE MeetingWhat you need to bring with you: JADE Spirit (the coolest people from the network are coming!) National drink (will have an International party on Thursday) Your JE stories and knowledge (networking & exchange of information)  Sun cream (we’re sure you won’t resist taking a bath in the the sea/pool)
  16. 16. Romania survival guideThe Royal family: After the 2nd World war, Romania was forced to change from aMonarchy into a Republic; however, nowadays the Romanian Royal Family is stillrespected and their informal role in our society is visible; King Michael of Romaniaturned 90 years old in November 2011.Wine: It might surprise some of you to hear that Romania ranks 10th in the World interms of volume of wine production. Romanians pump out nearly half a million tons ofthe stuff every year. However, the quality varies significantly. Ask us if you want tips onwho some of the better producers.Broadband speed: Broadbandavailability is still somewhatlow by European standardsbut its speed is one of thebest in the world, second only toSouth Korea. That makes for a verysmooth Internet experience!Cheap taxis: Where else inEurope can you catch a cab andpay less than 5 Euro from the centreto the most remote place of the capital?24h shops: Fancy anything at any time? We have lots of small shops where you can buypretty much everything round the clock.Romanian food: Romanian traditional foods revolve around meat. Cabbage rolls,sausages, tripe soup and stews (like tocanita) are popular main dishes. Pork is the mainmeat used in Romanian cuisine and the saying goes that "Cea mai buna leguma eporcul" – "Pork is the best vegetable". But beef is also consumed, and good lamb or fishdishes are definitely worth a try.
  17. 17. Romania survival guideTypical street food: Berliners have the Wurst, Londoners have fish&chips,Romans the pizza, we in Bucharest (oddly enough...) have the “shawarma”.Dont ask how a middle eastern dish became endemic for Bucharest.Flowers: When offering flowers as a gift, you should always be careful tooffer them in odd numbers. Even numbers are used for funerals only. Thatswhy the "dozen roses" concept is a bit weird for us. Payment: Most stores, restaurants, bars etc. will prefer cash payments in Romanian currency Lei (RON). Luckily, you can find cash machines everywhere in Bucharest. They rarely accept Euros and credit cards, increasing in coverage, are still not very popular. That said, most large stores and popular restaurants accept card payments. However, it is recommended to check first!Weather: Summer in Romania is gloriously hot, with temperatures easilyexceeding 30 degrees Celsius. Luckily, it tends to be dry so it rarely becomesunbearable. Try to stay in the shade, dress lightly and drink plenty of water.Drivers in Bucharest: One must be very careful as a pedestrian in Bucharest.Drivers tend to be inconsiderate and often do not obey traffic signals. Dontassume a car will stop for you at a red light and be vigilant at all times.Smoking: Romanians smoke a lot and dont really care about those whodont. Smoking is still allowed in public places.
  18. 18. Travel TipsA. Flying to BucharestBucharest has good connections with most European capitals and with the largest citiesin Romania, but it can be difficult to find a direct flight to Bucharest from outsideEurope.Bucharest has one international airport: Henri Coanda International Airport, located inOtopeni, 18 km north of the city centre. All flights land here.City transfer from Otopeni airportHenri Coanda Airport (Otopeni) is serviced by train, buses and taxis. If you come onanother day than the recommended one (19th of July), you will need such info.We recommend taking a taxi, as it is hands-down the fastest and most comfortable wayto get to the city, costing between 10 and 25 euros. The EUR/RON exchange rate isroughly 4.5 RON to the EUR.There is a taxi stand right outside the terminal and a ride into the city costs c.45 RON(ranging between 30 and 100 RON). You can only pay with local currency, so make sureyou get some cash from the ATM before you exit the terminal. For a safe trip, try callingus first and we will order you a cab!There are two bus lines to the city: bus 780 which goes to the main train station Garade Nord and bus 783 which heads to downtown. They run from 5:30 AM till 11:00 PM.Tickets and cards can only be purchased from the booth in front of either the Arrivals orDepartures terminals. You cannot buy tickets from the driver. Remember to validateyour ticket on board the bus. The bus is far superior to the train in terms of both timeand cost.The train service is called Henri Coanda Expres. Train tickets can be bought inside theairport at CFR (Romanian Railway Company) ticket counter. The train station is 2 kmaway from the airport, but there is a shuttle bus that transfers passengers to it. Onceyou reach the train station, there is another 30 minutes until your reach the main trainstation Gara de Nord. The train service is available between 6 AM and 11PM. Counterintuitively, the train is the worst option you could go for...
  19. 19. Some facts about the locationBeach resortMamaia is the most popular beach resort in Romania.It is located in the immediate North-East of Constanta.Mamaia has almost no full-time residents, but itsurely gets populated during summer. It has sandybeaches and a wide opening to the Black Sea andLake Siutghiol.There are plenty of private beaches withchaise-longues and umbrellas that will keep you safe!TemperaturesPrepare for heat! The average temperature of thewater is of 25 degrees Celsius, while the airtemperature reaches a low of 25 degrees (by night)and a top of 40 degrees Celsius in the middle of theday. Don’t exaggerate with the sun of Thursday,avoid exposure to the sun between 11.30-15.00!PartiesMamaia is the most popular destination for parties insummer. It has awesome clubs and the parties startlate in the night and end in the break of dawn. Youthtravels even 300km+ in the weekends just to have afabulous time partying.RecommendationsBring sun cream! Have money (RON) in cash for clubbing(payments in euro can’t be made)!You’ll have access to free WiFi!
  20. 20. The hotelGolden Tulip, MamaiaYour participation fee covers accommodation for Thursday, Friday and Saturday eveningat Hotel Golden Tulip, a four star hotel. You will enjoy your stay here in a double room(so if you didn’t tell us who will be your roommate already, please do it ASAP!). If youneed extra accommodation, drop us an e-mail at and specify thenumber of nights you need extra.All workshops and conferences will be held at this location.Golden Tulip Mamaia is located right on the beach, in the northern part of Mamaiaresort, only few meters away from Black Sea, being the first hotel in Romania who givesattention not only of the youth and families with children but also to those travelling forbusiness reasons. Food Meals (lunch and dinner)will be served at “Pizza Sabroso”. We will have Italian food and traditional Romanain food. We will go by buses. Address: Bd. I.C. Bratianu, nr. 48 Constanta
  21. 21. PartiesBeach party, MamaiaOn the night of your arrival to the beach resort(19th of July), we will move to a private beach andcelebrate. Bring your international drink and be readyto share stories about JADE and your country!Friday & Saturday parties in BellagioRomanian parties are like no other. Bring with you some extra energy because you willbe facing big professional challenges by day and heavy partying by night! Bellagio is theplace to be on the Romanian seaside!
  22. 22. Travel TipsTransport within BucharestTaxisAgain, we recommend getting around by taxi, as it is very cheap. There are a lot of taxicompanies in Bucharest and youll easily find a cab here. Avoid taking independent cabdrivers, but use only the services of big taxi companies as these will be cheap andreliable. Some of the largest taxi companies are: Meridian, Leone, Cristaxi, Tess Taxi,Cobalcescu, Taxi AS, Taxi 2000, Taxi Total, Mondial, etc. Cars from these companies havethe rates displayed on the door, right under the rear view mirrors. These should rangebetween 1.3 and 1.8 RON per km. Independent taxis have significantly higher fees. If ataxi does not display these prices on the door, or if the price is 3.5 RON per km, it is bestnot to take it and find another, as youll probably be charged five to ten times higherthan usual. Also, most of the larger hotels (including the Novotel) have independenttaxi drivers loitering around the entrance - if you want to get somewhere, just getreception to call you a taxi from one of the large companies.Metro (Underground)The metro has four lines (M1, M2, M3, M4) and covers the city quite extensively. It isusually a cheap and easy way to get around. Maps of the subway can be found on theMetrorex official site (map on last page). Buses, trams and trolleybusesBucharest has a very complex network of buses, trams and trolleybuses which is, at firstglance, fairly confusing to the tourist. This is not because of any inconsistencies withinthe network, but rather due to the intricate web of hundreds of bus, tram andtrolleybus routes found in the city. Make sure you know the stop youre getting off at -even though in most trolleybuses and in some modern buses and trams, following stopsare announced automatically and displayed on a screen inside the vehicle. The ticketingsystem uses contact-less smart-cards, called Activ cards, which you can buy (you willneed some ID to do that).
  23. 23. Travel TipsB. Flying to ConstantaConstanta (Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport) is also a popular airport in Romania, with goodconnections accross Europe. It is located 25km away from Constanta. It has also theadvantage of being closer to the resort - it will take you about 30-40 minutes by bus toget to the resort.Resort transfer from Mihail Kogalniceanu airportMihail Kogalniceanu Airport is serviced by taxis. If you come on another day than therecommended one (19th of July), you will need such information (on the 19th there willbe cars picking you up).By taxi, the estimated cost of the journey is of 70 RON (15 euro). Try to visit an ATMbefore you get on the ride, because they accept only RON.
  24. 24. Contacts you need to know: sjm@jaderomania.org112 Emergency number+409466, +409425 Cabs in Bucharest (if needed, call one ofour team’s members for help)+40241.55.55.55, +4041.69.00.00 Cabs in MamaiaTeam: Andreea Pastinaru, Logistics Manager, +40744.556.320 Laura Bobb, Participants Responsible, +40744.533.886
  25. 25. Maps Subway in BucharestMeeting point in Bucharest on 19: House of Parliament (Izvor Metro station) A- Hotel Golden Tulip B – Bellagio Club (parties)