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10th grade girls 2014


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10th grade girls 2014

  1. 1. 10th Grade Girls A B 1. Memphis Dream 4. Memphis Elite-Pattie 2. Memphis Elite-Mathis 5. Memphis Lady All Stars 3. Lady M33M 6. Memphis Mamba 3 v 1 Fri. 8pm Gym 1 5 vs 6 Sat 12pm Gym 3 1 v 2 Sat 1pm Gym 2 4 v 6 Sat 2pm Gym 1 3 v 2 Sat. 3pm Gym 1 5 v 4 Sat 6pm Gym 1 2nd Pool A Sun 1pm 1st POOL A Gym 1 3rd place 2nd Pool B CHAMPIONSHIP Sun 6pm Gym 1 3rd Pool A 1st POOL B 11 Sun 10am Gym 1 5th place 3rd Pool B Lausanne Collegiate School-1381 West Massey Rd. Memphis, 38120 fv Gym 1 (Main Gym) -Turn right when entering the parking lot. Far building on the right side of campus Gym 2 -Turn left when entering the parking lot. Far building on the left side of campus. Gym 3-Collegiate School of Memphis-3353 Faxon Ave Memphis, 38122