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Productivity on your Android Mobile - Sara Rosso


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Productivity on your Android Mobile - Sara Rosso

  1. 1. Productivity on your AndroidMobile: 10 Tips, and Apps that make them possible Sara Rosso VIP Services per A t S i Automattic (W dP tti ( ) GGDMilano#18 – 14 ottobre 2011
  2. 2. Take notesEvernote (free)Astrid (free) Catch Notes (free)ColorNote Notepad(free) Note Everything (free)AK Notepad (free) Springpad (free)
  3. 3. Take notes...with your voice Evernote (with voice to text) (free) ReQall (free) Voice Recorder (free) Voice Calendar (paid)
  4. 4. Keep track of To Do Lists Remember the Milk (paid) GTasks (free) Astrid (free) Action Method (free) Taskos (free)
  5. 5. Edit your docs fromanywhere Google Docs (free) Quick Office Pro (paid) Documents to Go (free)
  6. 6. Communicate with groups,for freeBeluga (free)Facebook Messenger (free)Google+ Messenger (free)Whatsapp (free)
  7. 7. Get where youneed to goTripIt (free)Google Goggles (free)TripAdvisor (free)Yelp (free)PageOnce Travel (free)
  8. 8. Track yourappointmentsBusiness Calendar (paid)Jorte (free)Calengoo (paid)Android Agenda Widget (free)
  9. 9. Stay on taskRescue Time (free)Pomodroido (free)Now Do This (free)
  10. 10. Store and access your filesin the cloudDropbox (free)MyBackup (free)Sugar Sync (free)
  11. 11. Exchange contactinformationCamCard Lite (free)Document Scanner (paid)Scan to PDF (paid)
  12. 12. Thank you!Sara on Twitter