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Published in: Technology, Business
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  1. 1. l.e.i. pocket shape A P P R OV RL ED GI
  2. 2. Original l.e.i. pocket Plain, vertical align- ment is unflattering to a woman’s curves Straight lines flatten out a woman’s butt. Too angular; makes the butt appear square. O NPPRT A O VE RL GI D x
  3. 3. New l.e.i. pocket Slight tilt inward is compatible with a woman’s shape. Curved lines make butt appear flatteringly round. Curved cuttout is a new feature which provides optical lift to the butt and makes it look perky. IR L A P P R OV E G D
  4. 4. [waistband length] [pocket length] [pocket width] [pocket angle] [pocket to waistband]