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Published in: Technology, Education
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All Language

  1. 1. L.E.I. BRAND LANGUAGE 3iying
  2. 2. v. (el-ee-ay) lei is a verb 1. to rejuvenate; revitalize; invigorate 2. to polish, clean up the muck 3. to be curious; to think differently 4. to be authentic; free spirited; individual; to liberate from mediocrity 5. to inspire others; raise the standards; be a leader 6. to take risks; to innovate; to be adventurous; to surprise 7. to embody the spirit America was founded on 8. to think modern; to be youthful; to never stop being young at heart 3iying
  3. 3. industry slogans LE! your cash flow LE! your profit LE! your opportunities LE! your market LE! with me LE! your attitude LE! your perspective LE! your old-school LE! your product LE! your image LE! the industry 3iying
  4. 4. consumer slogans LE! your butt LE! your everything LE! your business LE! your booty LE! your noggin LE! your wildest dreams LE! your beat LE! your life LE! your step LE! your privates LE! your heart LE! your stuff LE! you’re late LE! your extras LE! your day LE! your unmentionables LE! your alibi LE! your goods LE! your view LE! your spirit LE! the system LE! your inner devil LE! your adventures LE! your pulse 3iying
  5. 5. on garment language Made to hypnotize Made with care Made for you Made to melt hearts Made with sass Made for us Made to show off Made with class Made for individuals Made to protect Made with love Made for originals Made to keep warm Made with originality Made for curves Made to snuggle Made with imagination Made for life Made to win dates Made with full flavor Made for adventure Made to impress Made with sugar and spice Made for girls! Made to break hearts Made with care Made for dancing Made to turn heads Made with you in mind Made for shouting Made to stop traffic Made with hot pockets Made for hip-hoppin’ Made to kiss Made with fun Made for eye-poppin’ Made to win Made with confidence Made for lip-lickin’ Made to tickle pink Made with a smile! Made to move mountains Made to perfection 3iying
  6. 6. wag your flag wag your flag ph.(wag y-ore flag) 1. to declare your independence 2. to shake your butt 3. to stick out your tongue 4. to be true to yourself; to speak up 5. to stand up for individualism and originality everywhere 3iying